Rolling Stones / Dusseldorf 2014 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Dusseldorf 2014 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Esprit Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany 19th June 2014


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Latest European Tour has earned a high reputation among fans from the playing content, but recorded Dusseldorf concert June 19, 2014 this time. And sound source is at a special little, what was allowed to flow through the fan is allowed to mix the audience recording of two has been a source. The finish is quite stunning. It is a thing is allowed to obscure the shortcomings of the sound source of both by this configuration, yet that has greatly improved the ease of listening overall. Upsurge enthusiastic and seems to live in Europe seems to have happened on this day in particular, I had a jarring part is the cheer and excitement in one sound source. But it was put together to routing through listening without stress by cutting that part, to match the sound of another in that part instead. This is has a configuration in which instead of the editing part, to mix through full-length sound source two, and of removing only the undesirable portions of sound either. For example, if you listen to and the beginning part of the “Start Me Up”, you will be for me to understand the concept of editing this time.

It is the sound quality, but by the sound image on a powerful, we are caught in a real-packed performances far from listening to this day, even while wrapped in a reasonable hall echo. It is interesting this day anyway! Makes skip seems Stones of Europe 2014, in a best condition of momentum always early. A masterpiece to surpass lightly the version at that time was played next to Zurich First “Worried About You”, but rather that it reminds me When I was playing every day in the tour of 2003 and 2002. Those that tend to play would be absolutely stumbled and this year does not heal followed it “Doom And Gloom”. But playing in the band of the day this is excellent, where it was expecting “momentum of the days of the United States last year? Whether finally back,” said Possibly, regrettable anything Mick is from being mistaken for the structure of the song at the end! From the scene that the way to end a wild Ronnie and Keith is unusual in each ending, chagrin of “! Though it was perfect a little more” was as if comes through even them. However, this mistake Mick it was a calm before the storm.

Thing from the play that was heard in the ending, spirit has muffled guitar Keith this day. He will be Yarakashi flashy when it comes to the interlude but but (laughs) still momentum of Keith does not fit most began with such momentum, “Honky Tonk Women”. When it comes to “Sympathy For The Devil” live the second half, it rolled to play intense anymore. Scene Keith spree play will be the highlight in this song always, but I do not think that’s also quite sore play so far make me feel the “spirit” clearly.

Come on, it began with such momentum was “Brown Sugar”, but the happening that followed by awkward indescribably space Mick would be to forget soil lyrics of the third wheel was whether that, he would just blast the song title will awake directly below. It is not continued after playing followed somehow intact after all, but this was the scene, such as want to cover the eyes indeed. You laugh honest … messed up (laughs). The more you hear playing music by request of “Street Fighting Man” is paying calm in front of this catastrophe. A masterpiece overnight to enjoy the contrast Mick you earnestly skip and lyrics Keith rolled skip such that (laughs) release is also determined at this time press CD of limitation, release of Stones latest European tour from our shop still continues!


最新ヨーロッパツアーはその演奏内容からファンの間で高い評価を得ていますが、今回は2014年6月19日のデュッセルドルフ公演を収録。しかも音源がちょっと特殊なもので、二種類のオーディエンス録音をファンがミックスさせて流通させたものが元となっています。その仕上がりがなかなか見事。この構成によって両方の音源の欠点を目立たなくさせ、それでいて全体の聴きやすさを大幅に向上させているというものです。特にこの日もヨーロッパでのライブらしい熱狂的な盛り上がりが起きていたようで、片方の音源ではその盛り上がりや歓声が耳障りな部分があったのです。しかしその部分をカットし、代わりにその部分にもう一つの音源を合わせることでストレスなく聴き通せるようにまとめました。これは部分的な編集ではなく、二種類の音源を全編通してミックスしたことで、音源どちらかの不都合な部分だけを取り除くという構成となっているのです。例えば「Start Me Up」の冒頭部分などを聴けば、今回の編集コンセプトが理解してもらえることでしょう。

 音質ですが、程よいホール・エコーに包まれつつも迫力のあるオンな音像によって、この日の聴きどころ満載な演奏をリアルに捉えています。何しろこの日は面白い!序盤はヨーロッパ2014のストーンズらしい、いつもの絶好調な勢いで飛ばしてくれます。まずチューリッヒに次いで演奏された「Worried About You」はその時のバージョンを軽く凌駕する名演で、2002年や2003年のツアーで連日演奏していた頃を思い起こさせるものです。それに続いた「Doom And Gloom」は今年に入って演奏がどうしてもつまずいてしまう傾向が治らないもの。しかしこの日のバンドの演奏は素晴らしく、もしかすると「遂に昨年のアメリカの頃の勢いが復活か?」と期待していたところ、終盤でミックが曲の構成を間違えてしまうのが何とも惜しい!エンディングでキースとロニーがそれぞれにいつもと違うワイルドな終わり方をしている場面からは、彼らですら「もうちょっとで完璧だったのに!」という悔しさが伝わってくるかのようでした。しかし、このミックのミスは嵐の前の静けさだったのです。

 そのエンディングで聴かせたプレイからというもの、この日のキースのギターは気迫がこもっています。もっともそんな勢いで始まった「Honky Tonk Women」は間奏になると彼が派手にやらかしてしまいますが(笑)しかしそれでもキースの勢いは収まりません。ライブ後半「Sympathy For The Devil」になると、それはもう強烈な弾きまくり。いつもこの曲ではキースが弾きまくる場面が見せ場となりますが、ここまではっきり「気迫」を感じさせてくれる弾きっぷりというのもなかなかないと思います。

 さあ、そんな勢いで始まった「Brown Sugar」でしたが、どうしたことかミックが三番の歌詞をど忘れしてしまい、彼が曲名を連呼するだけという何とも気まずい空間が続くハプニングが起きてしまいました。結局そのまま演奏が何となく続いて終わってしまうのですが、これはさすがに目を覆いたくなるような場面でした。正直…めちゃめちゃ笑えます(苦笑)。この大惨事の前ではリクエスト曲「Street Fighting Man」の演奏が落ち着きを払って聴こえるほど。飛ばしまくりなキースと歌詞を飛ばしまくったミック(苦笑)というコントラストも楽しめる傑作な一夜が限定のプレスCDにて今回もリリース決定、当店からのストーンズ最新ヨーロッパツアーのリリースはまだまだ続きます!

Disc 1 (77:01)
1. Intro 2. Jumping Jack Flash 3. Let’s Spend The Night Together 4. It’s Only Rock’n Roll 
5. Tumbling Dice 6. Worried About You 7. Doom And Gloom 8. Street Fighting Man 9. Out Of Control
10. Honky Tonk Women 11. Band Introductions 12. You Got The Silver 13. Can’t Be Seen
14. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

Disc 2 (54:35)
1. Miss You 2. Gimme Shelter 3. Start Me Up 4. Sympathy For The Devil 5. Brown Sugar
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Hochschulchor Pop-Up) 7. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)
Mick Jagger – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Keith Richards – Guitars, Vocals
Charlie Watts – Drums Ronnie Wood – Guitars

Mick Taylor – Guitars Darryl Jones – Bass, Vocal Bobby Keys – Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Leavell – Keyboards, Backing Vocals Lisa Fischer – Backing Vocals, Percussion
Bernard Fowler – Backing Vocals, Percussion Tim Ries – Horns, Organ Matt Clifford – French Horn

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