Rolling Stones / Dodger Stadium 2006 / 2CD

Rolling Stones / Dodger Stadium 2006 / 2CD / Non Label
Live at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA 22nd November 2006

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I was also impressed when I released “ATLANTIC CITY 2006″ before, but the momentum of the Rolling Stones at the end of the tour this year was exceptional. Moreover, it is the strongest level of performance in November. It is the previous title that made mania reaffirm such charm. The fact that this was also released when it was released was that it was a time when there was extremely little greasy staging, but the number of items was extremely low. Of course there is a definitive existence called the movie “ SHINE A LIGHT ”, but it is frustrating that there are few items that tell the splendor because it was a period when continuous performances were repeated after finishing the heavy responsibility of shooting it .
Two years from such a masterpiece “ATLANTIC CITY 2006”, a new masterpiece will be released again. The stage in November 2006, which will appear for the first time on the limited press CD, is Dodger Stadium on the 22nd. This is the day when no items have ever existed.

Although it is this sound source, perhaps the taper was kept in a state of taper and the recording was continued. That’s why I want to recommend playback for speakers rather than headphones. However, that doesn’t mean that the sound quality of the label “for enthusiasts” is affixed (at all!). The extremely clear texture and freshness are superb and can be enjoyed by people who are used to Odins to some extent. Rather, there is even a mysterious level that no items have ever appeared.
With that release, equalization has been added to further enhance the audience recording that has now appeared on the net. As expected, the problem that the sound oscillates left and right and subtly cannot be adjusted, but as a result of alleviating the situation where the bass sounded all over the whole, the overall clearness improved and it became easier to hear. That alone guarantees a big upper feeling, but the outline of Mick’s vocal, which was originally on balance, has been raised more clearly and has been reborn.

And all of the charms of Stones in November 2006 are fully packed, including performance and music selection. From the opening “Jumping Jack Flash”, Mick is so intense that he quickly slams “Gas Gas Gas!”. That’s right, the show at Dodger Stadium, which was originally scheduled for the 17th, was repartitioned on the 22nd due to Mick’s sore throat (instead of going to Atlantic City on the 17th). I was). As much as he apologizes for that.
Furthermore, “She Was Hot” unique to November is a performance that is as good as movies and Atlantic City. Bonnie Raitt, the predecessor, appeared in “Dead Flowers”, which was performed following this masterpiece. Although the lead vocal was slightly delayed in the second, her husky voice was addicted to the song and it was a good performance.
The problem is “Streets Of Love” that will be treated as a new song at that time. When it starts, the surroundings start talking all at once. The scene that was typical of the audience at the Stones Show in the United States was truly captured. That’s why Mick is reluctant to play a new song. This scene is unfortunate only for the songs he sings with all his feelings.
Since then, the audience has been listening to the development of Stones Classic, and it is now fresh that Keith Corner plays “Connection” just like movies and Atlantic City. I don’t think it’s a repertoire covered by the current Stones and Keith, so it’s even more valuable.
As expected, the sound image is blurred when it comes to the three songs on the B stage, but the performance is still energetic and the surroundings become noisy. However, unlike “Streets Of Love”, it was a very happy excitement. In the same way, even the new song “Oh No, Not You Again” at that time is exciting. What is the difference (laughs)? What’s more, from the “Start Me Up” to the “Honky Tonk Woman”, their performance is 20% faster than usual. In this way, the first appearance sound source that this time also highlights the best performance at the time. That’s why the November 2006 Stones are interesting!

以前「ATLANTIC CITY 2006」をリリースした時にも痛感させられたことですが、この年のツアー終盤におけるローリング・ストーンズの勢いは格別でした。ましてや11月の演奏たるや最強レベル。そんな魅力をマニアに再認識させたのが先のタイトルでしょう。これがリリースされた際にも述べた事実として、それほどまでに脂がのったステージングが披露されていた一方でアイテムの数が極端に少ない不遇の時期だったという。もちろん映画「SHINE A LIGHT」という決定的な存在がある訳ですが、その撮影という重責を終えた後で伸びやかな名演を連発していた時期だからこそ、素晴らしさを伝えてくれるアイテムが少ないのがもどかしい。
そんな名盤「ATLANTIC CITY 2006」から二年、再び新たな名演がリリースされます。限定プレスCDにて今回初登場となる2006年11月のステージは22日のドジャー・スタジアム。今まで一切のアイテムが存在しなかった日です。


そして演奏や選曲など、全体を通して2006年11月のストーンズの魅力がたっぷり詰まっている。オープニングの「Jumping Jack Flash」からしてミックが「ガスガスガスガス!」と早口でまくし立てるほどの激しさ。それもそのはず、ドジャー・スタジアムでのショーは本来であれば17日に行われる予定だったものがミックの咽頭炎によって22日に仕切り直しで行われた(代わりにアトランティック・シティで17日に行われました)からなのです。そのことについて彼がさっそく謝罪しているほど。
さらに11月ならではの「She Was Hot」は映画やアトランティック・シティに負けない演奏で、ここでも勢いに乗った素晴らしい出来映え。この名演に続いて披露された「Dead Flowers」では前座を務めたボニー・レイットが登場。二番で少し遅れ気味にリードボーカルをとったものの、彼女のハスキーボイスが曲にハマっていてイイ感じの共演となりました。
問題は当時の新曲という扱いになる「Streets Of Love」。それが始まると周囲が一斉にお喋りを始めてしまう。いかにもアメリカのストーンズ・ショーにおけるオーディエンスの典型と言った光景がリアルに捉えられてしまった。これだからミックが新曲を演奏することに消極的になってしまうのだな…というドキュメント。彼が気持ちを込めて歌い上げている曲だけに、なおさらこの場面は残念。
さすがにBステージの三曲になると音像がぼやけてしまうのですが、演奏は相変わらず気合が入っていて、なおかつ周囲が騒がしくなる。ところが「Streets Of Love」の時と違って大変ハッピーな盛り上がり。同じように当時の新曲であった「Oh No, Not You Again」ですら盛り上がる。この違いは何なんでしょうか(笑)。それに何と言っても「Start Me Up」から「Honky Tonk Woman」にかけて、いつもより演奏のスピードが二割増しになるという彼らの走りっぷりが最高。こうして今回もまた当時の絶好調ぶりが浮き彫りになった初登場音源。これだから2006年の11月のストーンズは面白い!


Disc 1 (70:06)
01. Introduction
02. Jumping Jack Flash ★1:22「ガスガスガスガス!」
03. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll ★終演後、延期の謝罪
04. Let’s Spend The Night Together
05. She Was Hot
06. Dead Flowers (with Bonnie Raitt)
07. Streets Of Love
08. All Down The Line
09. Midnight Rambler
10. Tumbling Dice
11. Band Introductions
12. You Got The Silver
13. Connection

Disc 2 (51:30)
01. Under My Thumb
02. Oh No, Not You Again
03. Start Me Up ★凄い演奏
04. Honky Tonk Women ★凄い演奏
05. Sympathy For The Devil
06. Paint It Black
07. Satisfaction
08. Brown Sugar

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