Roger Waters / The Dark Side Of The Moon Live In Santiago 2007 / 2CD WX OBI Strip

Roger Waters / The Dark Side Of The Moon Live In Santiago 2007 / 2CD WX OBI Strip /  Shakuntala

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Estadio Nacional Santiago De Chile March 14, 2007. Digitally Remastered


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From Roger Waters of 2007 solo tour, Chile performances March 14, 2007 will be the release. The dust performances there also was broadcast at the time, also the high-quality sound board sound source is left famous. High-quality complete recording of the title in the classic sound source new digital remastered will be this work. Or it has received noise riding in its outstanding board, or did a unique thing that imbalance is prominent, this work has been recorded from the pre-broadcast master, sound quality, undisputed to balance both, as this remains live album It has become the preeminent quality of-class.

Speaking of the 2007 Roger tour was called the topic that was completely reproduce the album “madness”. The first half from the “flame”, “Have A Cigar” What eyeballs that are playing the “Sheep” from the “Animals”. Particularly hear is “Sheep” is a this tour unique. “Leaving Beirut” is a song that has been released in only a single time, very rare number mean that the live take. And the second half which corresponds to the disk 2 full reproduction of the album “madness”. Gilmore’s Floyd version of “madness” has been released officially as a live album, but Roger version of “madness” full version is official because the unreleased, it is fun also to compare listening to the three parties, including the originator Floyd.

From Roger Waters 2007 tour, and complete recording than pre-FM master Chile performances March 14, 2007 in the high-quality sound board. Sound quality is, of course, including the balance and the like, high-quality live album much no more. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.


2007年ロジャーのツアーといえばアルバム「狂気」を完全再現したことで話題を呼びました。前半は「炎」から「Have A Cigar」、「アニマルズ」から「Sheep」を演奏しているのが目玉でしょうか。特に「Sheep」が聞けるのはこのツアーならではです。「Leaving Beirut」は当時シングルだけでリリースされた曲で、そのライブテイクということで非常にレアなナンバー。そしてディスク2に相当する後半はアルバム「狂気」の完全再現。ギルモアズフロイド版「狂気」は公式にライヴ盤としてリリースされていますが、ロジャー版「狂気」完全版は公式には未リリースなので、本家フロイドを含め三者を聴き比べるのも一興です。



01. In The Flesh
02. Mother
03. Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun
04. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
05. Have a Cigar
06. Wish You Were Here
07. Southampton Dock
08. The Fletcher Memorial Home
09. Perfect Sense part I
10. Perfect Sense part II
11. Leaving Beirut
12. Sheep

01. Speak to me – Breathe
02. On the Run
03. Time – Breathe reprise
04. The Great Gig in the Sky
05. Money
06. Us and Them
07. Any Colour You Like
08. Brain Damage
09. Eclipse
10. The Happiest Days of Our Lives – Another Brick in The Wall Part 2
11. Vera – Bring The Boys Back Home
12. Comfortably Numb

Shakuntala. STCD – 028/29

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