Roger Waters / Definitive Lucca 2018 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Roger Waters / Definitive Lucca 2018 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Sigma

Translated Text:
Live at Ex Campo Balilla, Mura di Lucca, Lucca, Italy 11th July 2018 plus Bonus DVDR ” Lucca 2018 The Video

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Ultra and superb live album that will be the best masterpiece of European version “US + THEM” appeared. It is determination to press 2CD making it full.
The highest masterpiece was born “July 11, 2018 Lucca performance”. It is an audience recording when I appeared at the Italian music festival “LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2018”. This event is a huge outdoor festival with a history that will be the 20th anniversary this year. This year will be held for a total of 14 days from June 23 to July 26, for a total of 14 days, including QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, Ringo Star, Nick Cave, KING CRIMSON, etc. . Among them, Roger Waters appeared as the main act on the sixth day.
We have always reported the latest situation of “US + THEM” with live album, but Sigma label’s press CD has been after a long absence. Some CDR titles will be through, so let’s first check the position of the show in the 2018 tour schedule.

· January 24 – February 20: Oceania (12 performances)
· April 13 – June 23: Europe # 1 (36 performances)
· June 26 – July 7: UK (8 shows)
· July 11 – August 31: Europe # 2 (15 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· October 9 – November 24: South America (15 shows)
· November 28 – December 9: Mexico (7 performances)

This is the schedule which has been published to date. In 2017 I was traveling around North America, but this year I will take a peekful tour of the rest of the area. In Europe, the home country of England is interposed, and this work ‘s Lucca performance was the first day of “Europe # 2” which returned to the continent.
This work which recorded such a show is the best recording in the very European version. Of course, although it can not be said to be the apex until the end of August, perhaps it can not be beyond this work … … It is such an abnormal high quality recording. That sound is on the brink and details are detailed too. If it says it is “type of sound board” going on the ground, but that alone can not explain the beautiful sound of this work. To be honest, “US + THEM” is the highest level of audiences as it is said to be the best in the rock world, and there are many soundboard-like recordings. Even with that too high standard, the sound of this work has penetrated.
What is superior than anything is clear and close. As mentioned earlier, “LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL” has only an outdoor venue, there is no wall or ceiling to bounce back, picking up the PA’s output sound with a straightball. It is a direct recording that can be said to be an official grade, but it is not only that. Although there is no response, the sense of “extending” towards the outdoor empty space is caught, which is a natural effect and it is amazing because it also produces spectacles. Of course, there is neither the original nor the child if it becomes a boneless distance feeling, but this work is different. Although I do not know how far the actual position is from the stage, I am sure that it is just the side of PA. Deep bass rocks the earth Do not forgive for a momentary bibi as it is powerful, glossy, the roar of the synth grows like a big spectacle as it extends to outer space. Even a number of SEs are supernoxious, for example in “Welcome to the Machine” the red sea is a crowd in the production, the noise SE is as delicate as if there were really every single person.
If this is an official live album, I will add a director to the sound board’s multitrack and polish it to finish it into beautiful sounds, but this work is amazing as it is a one-shot audience recording. Although it is an official-class sound, it also has the vividness of only the vibrations of the air at the site without any deeds. It is an elegant live album that exceeds even the official level.
The show drawn with that sound is also a complete form of “US + THEM” that was brushed. There was also a trial and error such as replacement up to “Europe # 1” in the above schedule, but it also gradually fixed. From July this year the set of steel walls has not shaken. Such completion forms have been reported on a live album such as “DEFINITIVE BERLIN 2018 2ND NIGHT (Amity 458)”, “MANCHESTER 2018 (Amity 462)” “HYDE PARK 2018 (Amity 461)” each time, but again the ultimate It is different when listening with beautiful sound. It is massive, magnificent, yet it is remembered the true value of the vast “US + THEM”.

Following last year, “US + THEM” is spreading the largest spectacle of the rock world to the world. It is a super masterpiece that contains European version which can be said its ultimate shape with abnormal high quality sound. It is probably the name of Miyoshi that will continue to reign as a masterpiece of 2018 for the future. Please enjoy with press 2CD forever.

★ This sound is truly amazing. Very unprecedented. I will release the latest Roger suddenly by pressing, so please show me how great it is.

ヨーロッパ編“US + THEM”の最高傑作となるであろう超・極上ライヴアルバムが登場。満を持してのプレス2CD化決定です。
その最高傑作が生まれたのは「2018年7月11日ルッカ公演」。イタリアの音楽祭“LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2018”に出演した際のオーディエンス録音です。このイベントは今年で20周年となる歴史を持つ巨大な野外フェス。今年は6月23日から7月26日までの約1ヶ月間で合計14日間開催され、QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEやHOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES、リンゴ・スター、ニック・ケイヴ、KING CRIMSON等々、錚々たるアーティストが参加。その中でロジャー・ウォーターズは6日目のメイン・アクトとして出演しました。
当店では常に“US + THEM”の最新状況をライヴアルバムでレポートしてきましたが、SigmaレーベルのプレスCDは久しぶり。CDRタイトルはスルーされている方もいらっしゃるでしょうから、まずは2018年のツアー日程の中でショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。


そんなショウを記録した本作は、まさしくヨーロッパ編のベスト録音。もちろん、8月末まで頂点とは言い切れないわけですが、恐らく本作を超えることは出来ないんじゃないか……そんなレベルの異常なハイクオリティ録音なのです。そのサウンドは猛烈にオンでディテールも超詳細。言ってしまえば「まるでサウンドボード」を地で行くタイプなのですが、それだけでは本作の美音を説明し切れていない。正直なところ、“US + THEM”はロック界随一と言っても良いほど客録のレベルが高く、サウンドボードっぽい録音も多数ある。その高すぎる基準でも本作のサウンドは突き抜けているのです。
何よりも素晴らしいのは、クリアさと近さ。先述した通り、“LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL”は野外会場だけあって音を跳ね返す壁や天井がなく、PAの出力音を直球で拾っているのです。まさにオフィシャル級とも言えるダイレクト録音ですが、それだけでもない。反響はないものの、野外の虚空へ向けて“伸びる”感覚は捉えられており、それが自然なエフェクトとなってスペクタクルも演出しているから凄い。もちろん、それが骨抜きな距離感になってしまっては元も子もありませんが、本作は違う。実際のポジションがステージからどれだけ離れているかはちょっとわからないものの、PAのすぐ側なのは間違いない。重低音は地を揺るがすド迫力ながら一瞬のビビりも許さず艶やかで、シンセの轟きは宇宙へと伸びていくような一大スペクタクル。数々のSEさえもが超克明で、例えば「Welcome to the Machine」では赤い海が群衆となる演出では、ざわめきSEはまるで本当に1人ひとりがいるかのように繊細なのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、磨き込まれた“US + THEM”の完成形とも言えるもの。上記日程の「欧州#1」までは入れ替えなどの試行錯誤もありましたが、それも徐々に固定。今年7月からは鉄壁のセットが揺るがなくなりました。そうした完成形は『DEFINITIVE BERLIN 2018 2ND NIGHT(Amity 458)』『MANCHESTER 2018(Amity 462)』『HYDE PARK 2018(Amity 461)』といったライヴアルバムでその都度レポートして参りましたが、やはり究極的な美音で聴くと違う。重厚にして壮麗、それでいて広大な“US + THEM”の真価を思い知らされるのです。

昨年に続き、ロック界最大のスペクタクルを世界に振りまいている“US + THEM”。その究極形とも言えるヨーロッパ編を異常なハイクオリティ・サウンドで封じ込めた超傑作です。恐らく、将来にわたって2018年の代表作として君臨し続けるであろう美音の銘品。どうぞ、プレス2CDでいつまでもお楽しみください。



Disc 1 (79:56)
1. Soundscape 2. Speak to Me 3. Breathe 4. One of These Days 5. Time 6. Breathe (Reprise)
7. The Great Gig in the Sky 8. Welcome to the Machine 9. Deja Vu 10. The Last Refugee
11. Picture That 12. Wish You Were Here 13. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
14. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 15. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
16. Intermission

Disc 2 (79:49)
1. Intermission 2. Battersea Power Station Rising 3. Dogs 4. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
5. Money 6. Us and Them 7. Smell the Roses 8. Brain Damage 9. Eclipse
10. Roger’s Speech / Band Introductions 11. Comfortably Numb

Sigma 219



Roger Waters / Lucca 2018 The Video / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Ex Campo Balilla, Mura di Lucca, Lucca, Italy 11th July 2018

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The main press 2CD is an ultimate audience album that will be the top of “US + THEM” that went to Europe. Originally, it is unnecessary such as a bonus to that super masterpiece, but the European version has a different view from the American edition. So I prepared a video work that will let you experience the same show as the main press press 2CD at 100% of your life.
In this work, three audience shots of Lucca performances. Let me introduce each in detail.

First of all, highlight footage following the digest of the flow of the Lucca performance. Each song is short and runs through the show in about 27 minutes in total. It is a distant view on the left side of the stage, but it captures the screen in its entire view so it can enjoy plenty of skillful image production.
It is more delicious than the summer mood of Europe. I mentioned in the commentary of this volume, “LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL” is an outdoor festival. Starting from dusk, the more darkness grows deeper each time one song is played. Because it is a distant view, it seems like the fantasies come to my hands, and because it is a digest, I feel the passage of time vividly. Although it is a highlight, it is a masterpiece picture that can not be minded.

It is the main long video that will appear next. It is from the second song “Breathe”, but it is an audience shot where you can experience most of the show on site. Just not just a long time, it’s exceptionally spectacular. Roger ‘s West Up occupies the screen, capturing the center of the stage straight from the front while zooming in boldly, if you subtract it quietly you can see a horizontally long huge screen. Of course, the visual beauty of the latest digital equipment is terrible, and the sound is wonderful (although it does not match the main press 2CD). It is a perfect picture to taste the mood of the meeting place.
And the angle depicted by that angle is a sight of the European version “US + THEM” which was quite different from the American version. That point is outdoors. In the North American leg, a huge stadium space was a three-dimensional director in which the screen curtain cuts vertically and horizontally, but in Europe many outdoors are going around the summer festival. There, instead of being able to do stereoscopic rendering that will traverse the audience seats, the screen of the stage is super huge. This makes the audience shot easy to see. Most of the images and directing are oriented towards the stage, and the Battersea power plant also rises behind Roger and pigs fly over it. Therefore, the camera does not look around three-dimensional space here and there, it keeps staring carefully in the direction of the stage, and there is no possibility that the sense of direction will not be known through the monitor. You can relax and enjoy plenty of contemporary image production. I have dealt with numerous “US + THEM” pictures, but this feeling of restlessness has never existed. You can still enjoy the true value of the contemporary image production.
It is a really wonderful picture, but unfortunately there was a lack. As mentioned earlier, there was not “Speak to Me” at the beginning of the show, but also from the second half of “Pigs” to the “Money” intro, the beginning part of “Comfortably Numb” was also cut. Of these, “Pigs second half – Money intro” was complemented with another best image.

After experiencing the show with such a magnificent scenery, there is a further bonus. I recorded the complete version of “Comfortably Numb” which was missing at the beginning in another angle. Although there is a distance a little compared with the main part, it is good that you can taste the huge spectacle of the screen accordingly. Moreover, because of the distant view, you can see clearly the design of the magnificent fireworks that can be launched in a large circle. Originally this was also planned to be connected seamlessly, but this scene itself is wonderful, plenty of mood of the festive finale drifts. I recorded it with the form of a bonus so that I can taste it carefully in one song in total.

Japan does not have to look “US + THEM”. I think that the enclosed stereoscopic directing like North America is the main road, but because of the impossibility of stereoscopic feeling it is easy to see, the quality of pushing just by the quality of the image is also excellent. In addition to teaching “the other side” of the main press live album which is the best masterpiece live album, it is a masterpiece picture that makes us realize the summer of Europe standing on the scene. Please, please enjoy it to your heart ‘s content.

本編プレス2CDは、ヨーロッパへ渡った“US + THEM”の頂点となる超極上のオーディエンス・アルバムです。本来、それだけの超傑作にボーナスなど不要なのですが、ヨーロッパ編はアメリカ編とは違った光景がある。そこで、本編プレス2CDと同じショウを本生100%で体験させてくれる映像作品をご用意しました。

それ以上に美味しいのがヨーロッパの夏ムード。本編の解説でも触れましたが、“LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL”は野外フェス。夕暮れからスタートし、1曲1曲を重ねるごとにどんどん闇が深くなっていく。遠景だからこそその幻想感が手に取る様に分かり、ダイジェストだからこそ時間の経過を鮮やかに感じる。ハイライトとは言っても侮れない傑作映像なのです。

そして、そのアングルで描かれるのはアメリカ編とはだいぶ変わったヨーロッパ編“US + THEM”の光景。そのポイントは野外にある。北米レッグでは巨大なスタジアム空間をスクリーン幕が縦横に分断する立体演出でしたが、ヨーロッパは夏フェスを巡るために野外が多い。そこでは客席を縦断するような立体演出が出来ない替わりに、ステージのスクリーンが超巨大なのです。これがオーディエンス・ショットを見やすくしてくれる。映像も演出もほとんどがステージ向きにあり、バタシー発電所もロジャーの背後にせり上がり、その上空に豚が飛ぶ。そのため、カメラは三次元空間をあちこち見渡すのではなく、ステージ向きでじっくりと見つめ続け、モニター越しに方向感覚が分からなくなることもない。当代きっての映像演出を落ち着いてたっぷりと楽しめる。数々の“US + THEM”映像を扱ってきましたが、この落ち着き感はこれまでになかったもの。当代きっての映像演出の真価をこれでもかと堪能できるのです。
実に素晴らしい映像なのですが、残念ながら欠けもありました。前述の通りショウの冒頭の「Speak to Me」がないだけでなく、「Pigs」後半から「Money」イントロにかけて、さらに「Comfortably Numb」の冒頭部分もカットされていたのです。このうち、「Pigs後半ーMoneyイントロ」は別の極上映像で補完しました。

そんな絶景でショウを体験した後には、さらにボーナス。冒頭が欠けていた「Comfortably Numb」の完全版を別アングルで収録しました。本編に比べるとやや距離もあるのですが、その分スクリーンの巨大スペクタクルも味わえるのが良い。さらに遠景だからこそ大団円で打ち上げられる盛大な花火の意匠もハッキリ見える。当初はこちらもシームレスに繋げる予定だったのですが、この光景自体が素晴らしく、フェスらしい終演のムードがたっぷりと漂ってくる。1曲トータルでじっくりと味わっていただきたくボーナスというカタチで収録いたしました。

日本は臨むべくもない“US + THEM”。北米のような囲まれる立体演出こそが本道だとは思いますが、立体感が不可能だからこその見やすさ、映像の質だけで押し切るクオリティも絶品なのです。最高傑作ライヴアルバムである本編プレス2CDの”向こう側”を教えてくれるだけでなく、その現場に立ってヨーロッパの夏も実体験させてくれる傑作映像。どうぞ、併せて心ゆくまでお楽しみください。


1. Intro 2. Breathe 3. One Of These Days 4. The Great Gig in the Sky 5. Welcome to the Machine
6. The Last Refugee 7. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 8. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
9. Battersea Power Station Intro 10. Dogs 11. Pigs (Three Different Ones) 12. Eclipse

Almost Complete

13. Breathe 14. One of These Days 15. Time 16. Breathe (Reprise) 17. The Great Gig in the Sky
18. Welcome to the Machine 19. Deja Vu 20. The Last Refugee 21. Picture That
22. Wish You Were Here 23. The Happiest Days of Our Lives 24. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
25. Another Brick in the Wall Part 3
26. Battersea Power Station Intro 27. Dogs 28. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
29. Money 30. Us and Them 31. Smell the Roses 32. Brain Damage / Eclipse 33. Comfortably Numb

Bonus Tracks
34. Roger’s Speech 35. Comfortably Numb (Complete)

COLOUR NTSC Approx.158min.

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