Robert Plant / San Diego 1990 Mike Millard Master Cassettes / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Robert Plant / San Diego 1990 Mike Millard Master Cassettes / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Wardour

Live at Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA 9th August 1990 Plus Bonus DVDR ‘Immigrant Song’


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Led Zeppelin is a band that cannot be separated from Mike Millard. There is no doubt that his outstanding recording of ZEP’s live recordings established Millard’s fame as a taper. However, he recorded the members’ shows even after the group disbanded, and this sound source is the perfect sampler. JEMS, which has become a fun mania every week, is the release of Millard Master, but the latest work was Robert Plant’s 1990 San Diego performance.
The plant of this year released the second work “MANIC NIRVANA” with the band led by Phil Johnston who was working together from “NOW AND ZEN” which was very successful. Unlike the previous work, which had been successful due to the combination of ZEP’s taste and synth-pop sound, which had been completely sealed by the plant until then, it exudes a bone-like band sound and an oriental atmosphere that is the center of the subsequent plant style. As an album, it was quite successful, though not as much as its predecessor.
Of course, the tour was a great success every time in the arena class, but the only real time release was Knebworth’s radio broadcast with Jimmy Page, and some leaked stereo soundboards long after. Excavated extent. One of them is the masterpiece “SWEDISH NIRVANA” from the WARDOUR label. After all, I was able to discover the pattern of the “MANIC NIRVANA” tour before Knebworth with a perfect stereo sound board recording, and it was a shock that shocked maniacs all over the world. In addition to this, the basic 1990 tour such as the LA forum in November has few items and the weight of the sound board is large (except for the Philadelphia audience recording item in July, which is an exceptional time). But also.
The various sound boards were certainly outstanding in terms of clearness, but it was hard to convey the excitement of the live place because they were leaked sound source sound boards. It was a frustrating situation that there was no item that could only be recorded by the audience who documented the excitement of the tour, which was the first peak of the solo career in terms of sales. The 1988 “NON STOP GO” tour was released as a number of items on LP, and when the “FATE OF NATIONS” tour in 1993 came, many items appeared in real time due to the spread of DAT. The “MANIC NIRVANA” tour was like an air pocket sandwiched between them.

As if to throw a stone in such a situation, the San Diego performance of Millard recording appeared on the net last week. The balance that captures his unique “image and presence” is also wonderful this time, and it is a superb audience album that conveys plenty of concert enthusiasm and performance momentum that could not be felt with the sound boards mentioned above, The mirrored quality explodes here as well. In this recording, the singing voice of the plant is especially captured nearby. This is also a balance that he should bring to recreate his solo stage.
However, the original recording has a reverberant sound and a low-pitched fuzzy part that are often found in arena recordings, and it feels a little different from the mirrored recording of the 70’s. Therefore, when this limited press CD was equalized, the voices and performances of the plant were pushed further forward, and the mirrored recording, which is easy to hear even when tapped, is finally upgraded to an invincible state that you can enjoy with peace of mind. There may be enthusiasts who have already obtained it from the internet, so I think this point is definitely a point to compare.

And the sounds from the stage below the plant and the fun of the repertoire can only be enjoyed on this tour. There was no doubt that he was confident about “MANIC NIRVANA”, which was released as a plant following the tailwind of the success of the previous work, and the songs on the album occupy the set list. Still, among his solos, “Little By Little”, which belongs to an old song, reflects the live sound of the “MANIC NIRVANA” period, and the presence of the original synth diminishes, and the arrangement that suddenly pushed the guitar forward Is attractive.
As a bonus, I just ran out of ZEP in the previous work, and here again, I sing a verse of “That’s The Way” repeatedly at the ending of “Tie Dye On The Highway”, or “Hurting Kind (I’ve At the ending of “Got My Eyes On You)”, “In My Time Of Dying” “oh, my jesus” is repeated and there is plenty of room. In addition, the ZEP number “Wearing and Tearing”, which had not been played at the beginning of “MANIC NIRVANA”, was unveiled. Of course, it was a regular repertoire because the performance at Knebworth was a great success, but this song has a very good compatibility with the band at the time, and it was a convincing performance that it was promoted to regular.

The “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)” that was subsequently shown was a ZEP number only for this tour that was not shown at Knebworth, which was a shortened set for festivals. It was a hot topic among enthusiasts at the time, but there weren’t many people who heard it because it wasn’t included in Knebworth items. Now that I’ve heard it on the LA Forum soundboard I touched on earlier, the mirrored recording captures the joy that wasn’t fully transmitted there. The plant puts the “down” of “so you better lay your money down” in the audience and sings to them. This sense of presence and the excitement of excitement can only be enjoyed with mirrored recording.
And this sound source has another historical value. That is the last sound source for the audience recording related to ZEP by Millard. It is a record because he did not lose his passion for them even 10 years after the dissolution of ZEP. In the first place, its value is very high just because it captures the “MANIC NIRVANA” tour with extremely few items in the best audience, but especially if it becomes a recording of Millard later years. A limited press CD will release a famous sound source that I would like to confidently recommend to maniacs who have never heard of the “MANIC NIRVANA” tour because there are too few items!

この年のプラントは大きな成功を収めた「NOW AND ZEN」から活動を共にしていたフィル・ジョンストン率いるバンドとの二作目「MANIC NIRVANA」をリリース。それまでプラントが完全に封印していたZEPのテイストとシンセポップ的なサウンドが合わさって成功を収めた前作と違い、骨っぽいバンド・サウンドと以降のプラントの作風の中心となるオリエンタルな雰囲気を押し出したアルバムとして、前作ほどでないにせよ十分な成功を収めました。
当然ツアーもアリーナ・クラスで毎回大盛況だったのですが、リアルタイムでリリースされたのはジミー・ペイジも加わったネブワースのラジオ放送くらいで、ずっと後になってからいくつかの流出ステレオ・サウンドボードが発掘された程度。その内の一つがWARDOURレーベルからの名作「SWEDISH NIRVANA」でしょう。何しろネブワースよりも前の「MANIC NIRVANA」ツアーの模様を完璧なステレオ・サウンドボード録音で捉えてみせたことで世界中のマニアを大いに驚かせた衝撃に発掘でした。この他に11月のLAフォーラムなど、基本1990年のツアーはアイテムが少ない上にサウンドボードの比重が大きい(例外的に7月のフィラデルフィアのオーディエンス録音のアイテムもありましたが)のが面白い時期でもある。
そうした各種サウンドボードは確かにクリアネスという点では群を抜いていたのですが、どれも流出音源サウンドボードゆえにライブの場の興奮というものが伝わりづらかった。ましてやセールス的にもソロ・キャリアの中で最初の絶頂とも言える時期のツアーです、その盛り上がりをドキュメントしてくれたオーディエンス録音ならではのアイテムと言うのが皆無だったのがもどかしい状況だったのです。1988年の「NON STOP GO」ツアーはLPでいくつものアイテムが出され、1993年の「FATE OF NATIONS」ツアーになると今度はDATの普及によってリアルタイムで多くのアイテムが登場。「MANIC NIRVANA」ツアーはそれらの間に挟まれたエアポケットのような存在だったのです。


そしてプラント以下、ステージから発するサウンドやレパートリーの面白さはこのツアーでしか味わえないもの。プラントとしても前作の成功という追い風を受けてリリースした「MANIC NIRVANA」に対しての自信があったことは間違いなく、同アルバム収録曲がセットリストを占めている。それでいて彼のソロの中では古い曲に属する「Little By Little」なども「MANIC NIRVANA」期のライブ・サウンドを反映し、オリジナルにあったシンセの存在感が薄まり、俄然ギターを前面に押し出したアレンジが魅力的。
おまけに前作でZEPに対して吹っ切れただけのことはあり、ここでも「Tie Dye On The Highway」のエンディングで「That’s The Way」の一節を繰り返し歌ってみせたり、あるいは「Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes On You)」のエンディングでは「In My Time Of Dying」の「oh, my jesus」を繰り返すなど余裕たっぷり。さらに「MANIC NIRVANA」開始当初には演奏されていなかったZEPナンバー「Wearing and Tearing」が披露されている点も聞き逃せません。もちろんネブワースでの披露が大成功に終わったことからレギュラー・レパートリーとなった訳ですが、この曲は当時のバンドとの相性が非常に良く、なるほどレギュラーに昇格したのも納得の名演。

それに続いて披露された「Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)」に至ってはフェス用短縮セットだったネブワースでは披露されなかった、このツアーだけのZEPナンバー。当時マニアの間では非常に話題となったのですが、ネブワースのアイテムには収録されなかったせいで聞いたことのある人は思いのほか多くなかった。今でこそ先に触れたLAフォーラムのサウンドボードで聞けるようになったものの、そこでは伝わり切らなかった楽しさを捉えてくれているのがミラード録音。プラントは「so you better lay your money down」の「down」の所をオーディエンスに振り、彼らに合唱させているのです。この臨場感と盛り上がりの楽しさは絶対にミラード録音でしか味わえない。
そして今回の音源には別の歴史的な価値がある。それはミラードによるZEP関連のオーディエンス録音としては、これが最後期の音源であるという事。ZEPの解散から10年を経ても彼らへの情熱を失わなかったからこその記録。そもそもアイテムが極端に少ない「MANIC NIRVANA」ツアーを極上オーディエンスで捉えているという点だけでもその価値は非常に高いのですが、これがミラード晩年の録音ともなればなおさら。アイテムが少なすぎて「MANIC NIRVANA」ツアーを聞いたことがないマニアにも自信を持って推したい名音源を限定プレスCDにてリリース!

Disc 1 (43:53)
1. Watching You
2. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
3. Billy’s Revenge
4. Tie Dye On The Highway
5. In The Mood
6. No Quarter

Disc 2 (59:36)
1. Liar’s Dance
2. Going To California
3. Little By Little
4. Nirvana
5. Immigrant Song
6. Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes On You)
7. Ship Of Fools
8. Wearing And Tearing
9. Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)
10. Band Introductions
11. Tall Cool One

Robert Plant – Vocal
Doug Boyle – Guitar
Charlie Jones – Bass
Phil Johnstone – Keyboards
Chris Blackwell – Drums



Robert plant / Immigrant Song / 1DVDR / Non Label

Phillipshalle , Dusseldorf, Germany 4th May 1990.

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