Riot / Kawasaki 2009 1st Night / 2CD

Riot / Kawasaki 2009 1st Night / 2CD / Zodiac
Live at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan 24th October 2009 STEREO SBD

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A shocking event!!! The 2009 “THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION JAPAN TOUR” was the last time Mark Liari came to Japan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first visit to Japan. The super-superb stereo sound board recording is really unearthed! Moreover, all 3 performances were completely leaked. It will be released all at once with three consecutive preservation works!!
Of the three such incidents, this work will be the second stage in the Kanto first day “October 24, 2009: Club Citta Kawasaki” performance. It is the super-superb stereo sound board recording. This week’s release will be three performances at the same time, so check the schedule one by one to avoid confusion.

・October 23 “OSAKA 2009”
・October 24: Club Citta Kawasaki ←★This work★
・October 25th “KAWASAKI 2009 2nd Night”

Above, all 3 performances. Speaking of “Club Citta Kawasaki,” it can be said that they are a standard home for their arrival in Japan, but more than that, the venue was also the site of the legendary first visit to Japan. It’s a live album recorded on the night when the same 5 people returned to the stage. And the quality is ridiculous again. This is common to all the trilogy, but it is completely unprocessed with a mix desk direct connection type sound board leaked by people concerned. The ultra-lively playing sound pops out with the core exposed, and the strings of the guitar and bass and the skin of the drum are poured into the brain miso so closely that vibration is noticeable. It is too raw to call it an “official work style”, and the cheers of the audience can only be heard in the distance. Therefore, the presence of the concert may not be real, but the presence of the band and the synchronization with the performance are unprecedented. Rather, it is much better than the official traditional board “RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!”, which was processed by the whitish cheers and echo processing that took care of the large venue. Unlike the audience recordings and official works, this is a transcendent live album where you can enjoy the umami of a direct sound board at the highest level.
“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION” drawn with such an official transcendental sound is truly a heavy metal Togenkyo. Actually, the set is the same for all three performances, but the Kanto first day of this work is also the day with the most broadcast sound boards. Let’s compare and organize here.

● Guy Speranza era (6 songs)
・ROCK CITY: Tokyo Rose (★)/Rock City (★)/Warrior
・NARITA: Narita (★)
・FIRE DOWN UNDER: Outlaw (★)/Swords and Tequila (★)
● Tony Moore (11 songs)
・THUNDERSTEEL: Fight or Fall (★)/Johnny’s Back (★)/Sign of the Crimson Storm (★)/Flight of the Warrior/Bloodstreets (★)/Thundersteel
・THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER: On Your Knees/Metal Soldiers (★)/Storming the Gates of Hell (★)/Dance of Death
・IMMORTAL SOUL: Wings Are for Angels
*Note: “★” indicates songs that cannot be heard on the FM sound board.

…And this is how it looks. Even though there are many broadcast sound boards, there are 6 songs in the end. As you can see from the large number of “★” marks above, the power of the full set including 11 unbroadcast songs is enormous.
Furthermore, the performance of this work is quite good. In fact, in RIOT class, I couldn’t expect to go on a tour around the world, and the performance in Japan was the first time in a few months. The situation in Osaka was so transparent that it could only be seen on the first day, but in Kawasaki it evolved. In particular, Tony Moore’s vocals are wonderful, they grow comfortably, and their stability is outstanding. Yes, but it may have affected the vocals).
Speaking of Tony, you can also listen to that Japanese MC on the sound board directly connected to the brain. When introducing the new song “Wings Are for Angels,” he said, “A new record will come out in the spring. Really! Do you want to hear more? Excuse me, do you want to hear more? Again! Again, please!” Apart from that, Tony can’t speak Japanese, and whether his ears are good or his tongue is dexterous… Anyway, he can enjoy the foreign pronunciation that was talked about 30 years ago on the direct sound board.

A shocking outflow sound board trilogy that allows you to taste “THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION” with the highest peak quality of the direct connection system that exceeds the official. It is the first day of the club Citta Kawasaki. The same scene as the legendary first visit to Japan, which is suitable for re-establishing dreams. Please enjoy it with the permanent preservation press 2CD!

★First appearance in the world! Original sound board master leaked by all parties!

衝撃の大事件!!! 伝説の初来日から20周年にして、マーク・リアリ最後の来日となった2009年の“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION JAPAN TOUR”。その超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音がまさか、まさかの発掘! しかも、全3公演が完全流出。永久保存3連作で一挙リリース決定です!!

・10月23日『OSAKA 2009』
・10月24日:クラブチッタ川崎 ←★本作★
・10月25日『KAWASAKI 2009 2nd Night』

以上、全3公演。“クラブチッタ川崎”と言えば彼らの来日では定番のホームとも言えるわけですが、それ以上に伝説の初来日の現場でもあった会場。そのステージに同じ5人で帰ってきた夜に記録されたライヴアルバムなのです。そして、そのクオリティがまたとんでもない。これは三部作すべてに共通するのですが、関係者流出のミックス卓直結系サウンドボードで完全無加工。超生々しい演奏音が芯も丸出しで飛び出し、ギター&ベースの弦もドラムの皮も振動が目に浮かぶほど超ド密着で脳味噌に直接流し込まれるのです。「オフィシャル作品風」と呼ぶにはあまりにも生そのもので、観客の喝采も遠くに聞こえるのみ。そのため、コンサート現場の臨場感はまるでなかったりもしますが、バンドの存在感や演奏とのシンクロ感は空前絶後。むしろ、白々しい大歓声や大会場を気取ったエコー処理で加工していたオフィシャルの伝統盤『RIOT IN JAPAN: LIVE!!』よりも遥かに良いくらい。オーディエンス録音やオフィシャル作品とも違う、直結サウンドボードだけの旨味が最上級で味わえる超絶のライヴアルバムなのです。
そんなオフィシャル超越のサウンドで描かれる“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION”は、まさに重金属の桃源郷。実のところ、3公演ともセットは同じなのですが、本作の関東初日は放送サウンドボードが一番多い日でもある。ここでは比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・ROCK CITY:Tokyo Rose(★)/Rock City(★)/Warrior
・FIRE DOWN UNDER:Outlaw(★)/Swords and Tequila(★)
・THUNDERSTEEL:Fight or Fall(★)/Johnny’s Back(★)/Sign of the Crimson Storm(★)/Flight of the Warrior/Bloodstreets(★)/Thundersteel
・THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER:On Your Knees/Metal Soldiers(★)/Storming the Gates of Hell(★)/Dance of Death
・IMMORTAL SOUL:Wings Are for Angels

またトニーといえば、あの日本語MCも脳みそ直結サウンドボードで聴ける。新曲「Wings Are for Angels」を紹介する際に「新しいレコード、春に出ます。本当! もっと聞きたい? すみません、もっと聞きたい? もう一度! はい、どうぞ」とやけに流暢。別にトニーは日本語が話せるわけではなく、耳がいいのか舌が器用なのか……ともあれ、30年前にも話題になった外人離れした発音もド直結サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

オフィシャルをも超える卓直結系の最高峰クオリティで“THE THUNDERSTEEL REUNION”を味わえる衝撃の流出サウンドボード三部作。そのクラブチッタ川崎・初日編です。夢の再結成に相応しい、伝説の初来日と同じ現場。永久保存プレス2CDで存分にお楽しみください!



Disc 1 (61:05)
1. Intro
2. Narita
3. Fight or Fall
4. On Your Knees
5. Metal Soldiers
6. Outlaw
7. Johnny’s Back
8. Sign of the Crimson Storm
9. Swords and Tequila
10. Wings Are for Angels
11. Tokyo Rose
12. Rock City (incl. Bass solo)
13. Drum Solo

Disc 2 (45:31)
1. Flight of the Warrior
2. Storming the Gates of Hell
3. Guitar Solo
4. Dance of Death
5. Warrior
6. Bloodstreets
7. Thundersteel

Tony Moore – Vocal
Mark Reale – Guitar
Mike Flyntz – Guitar
Don Van Stavern – Bass
Bobby Jarzombek – Drums



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