Ringo Starr / The Best With A Little Help From My Friends / 1CDR

Ringo Starr / The Best With A Little Help From My Friends / 1CDR / Beatfile

New Compilation 2019 Collectors Edition

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2019 apple star latest compilation appearance! In collaboration with John, Paul and George in solo activities after the Beatles disbanded, “Act Naturally” played with Back Owens, “Match Box” with Carl Perkins, and “Drift of Steven Tyler’s participation” “Away”, Stevie Nicks’s “Lai Down Your Arms” and a collection of interesting collaborations from the 2014 Grammy Special and the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Paul. It is the 2019 latest edition best collection! !


01. IT DON’T COME EASY (George Harrison 1971)
02. I AM THE GREATEST (John Lennon 1973)
03. PHOTOGRAPH (George Harrison 1973)
04. SIX O’CLOCK (Paul & Linda McCartney 1973)
05. GOODNIGHT VIENNA (John Lennon 1974)
06. NO NO SONG (Smothers Brothers 1975)
07. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Medley 1984)
08. PRIVATE PROPERTY (Paul McCartney 1982)
09. DON’T BE CRUEL (Elvis Cover 1992)
10. MY LITTLE GRASS SHACK (Leon Redbone 1993)
11. LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS (Stevie Nicks 1995)
12. HONEY DON’T (Carl Perkins 1985)
13. MATCHBOX (Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton 1985)
15. DRIFT AWAY (Steven Tyler 1998)
16. WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR (Disney 1988)
17. ACT NATURALLY (Buck Owens 1989)
18. SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN (Jerry Lee Lewis 2006)
19. MATCHBOX (Tribute To The Beatles 2014)
20. BOYS (Tribute To The Beatles 2014)
21. YELLOW SUBMARINE (Tribute To The Beatles 2014)
22. RINGO INTO HALL OF FAME (Paul McCartney 2015)
23. I WANNA BE YOUR MAN (Hall Of Fame All-Stars 2015)

Beatfile. BFP-142CDR

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