Raspberries / Don Kirshners Rock Concert 1973 / 1DVDR

Raspberries / Don Kirshners Rock Concert 1973 / 1DVDR / Non label

Live at the Palace Theatre in NYC September 1973 PRO-SHOT

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RASPBERRIES, the original power pop band that became a legend with exhilarating rock songs and sweet and sour melodies in the 70’s. The best multi-camera pro shot is the gift release decision.
Two types of TV programs are included in this work. One is the American “DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT” recorded in 1973. The other is “HANGIN’WITH” in 2005, which appeared in the reunion.

[DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT (1973)] The first thing that appeared was a valuable professional shot from the 70’s. It appeared in conjunction with the release of “SIDE 3”, and while focusing on the new songs “Tonight”, “I’m A Rocker” and “Last Dance” at that time, the debut works “Go All The Way” and “I Can Remember” , And a total of 6 songs of “Drivin’Around” of “FRESH” are recorded. The quality is truly exquisite. Of course, it doesn’t illuminate the modern standards of digital heyday, but the master freshness is outstanding and the visual beauty that revives the scene itself at that time.
The performance drawn with that quality is really wonderful. Of course, because it is a famous program “DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT”, shooting is perfect. Eric Carmen’s facial expressions are often used, and the appearance of singing while playing the piano is beautiful. And the mellotron, which sounds modestly and fantastically, adds to the mood of the 70’s. And a yellow roar that boiled every time one song was finished. Rather than a live performance of nostalgic numbers, the scent of the times itself is projected as a picture.

[HANGIN’WITH (2005)] Next is the VH1 CLASSICS TV program “HANGIN’WITH” pro shot recorded on “July 22, 2005” after the reunion. While focusing on interviews with members, they also performed live performances of the two big hits “I Wanna Be With You” and “Go All The Way”. This is a 21st century broadcast, and the quality is even better, and you can enjoy the perfect professional shot.
32 years have passed at a stretch and the appearance of the members has changed, but the charm of the beautiful melody has not changed. Originally, it is not the type of music that you can listen to with playing power, but you can fully enjoy the mood of the reunion era that Bruce Springsteen was also surprised.

Above, 8 songs live and interview. This is a piece that contains a total of 55 minutes of valuable professional shots. Not only can you immerse yourself in the nostalgic “moving masterpieces”, but the sense of the times is wonderful because it is a TV program. The air of 1973, which swept the era, and the scent of 2005, when the United States boiled for more than 30 years. It’s an hour to look back on it with the finest multi-camera pro shots. Please enjoy this opportunity to your heart’s content.
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本作に収められているのはテレビ番組2種。1つは1973年に収録されたアメリカの“DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT”。もう1つは、再結成に出演した2005年の“HANGIN’ WITH”です。

まず登場するのは70年代の貴重なプロショット。『SIDE 3』のリリースに合わせて出演したもので、当時の新曲「Tonight」「I’m A Rocker」「Last Dance」を軸としつつ、デビュー作の「Go All The Way」「I Can Remember」、それに『FRESH』の「Drivin’ Around」の計6曲を収録しています。そのクオリティは、まさに絶品。もちろん、デジタル全盛の現代基準には照らせませんが、マスター鮮度はバツグンで当時そのものの光景が蘇る映像美です。
そのクオリティで描かれるパフォーマンスが実に素晴らしい。もちろん、名物番組“DON KIRSHNER’S ROCK CONCERT”ですから、撮影も完璧。エリック・カルメンの表情アップが多用され、ピアノを弾きながら歌う姿が美しい。そして、ささやかにそして幻想的に鳴り響くメロトロンが70年代のムードをいやが上にも盛り立てる。そして1曲終える毎に沸き立つ黄色い嬌声。懐かしいナンバーの生演奏という以上に、時代の薫りそのものが画になって映し出されていくのです。

【HANGIN’ WITH(2005)】
続いては、再結成後の「2005年7月22日」に収録されたVH1 CLASSICSのテレビ番組“HANGIN’ WITH”プロショット。メンバーへのインタビューが中心ながら2大ヒット曲「I Wanna Be With You」と「Go All The Way」の生演奏も披露。こちらは21世紀の放送だけにクオリティはさらに素晴らしく、完璧なプロショットが楽しめます。


1. Go All The Way
2. Tonight
3. I Can Remember
4. Drivin’ Around
5. I’m A Rocker
6. Last Dance

Classics Hangin’ with Raspberries (22nd July 2005)

7. Interview
8. Interview
9. I Wanna Be With You
10. Interview
11. Go All The Way


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