Bob Dylan / Berkeley 1988 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Bob Dylan / Berkeley 1988 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zion
Greek Theatre, University Of California, Berkeley, CA, USA 10th June 1988 Plus  Bonus DVDR ‘Berkeley 1988 The Video”

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A 1988 tour in which Bob Dylan, who had been released in recent years, gave a resurgence of screams, although it was very popular for enthusiasts. This time, after a long time of release, the Ultra Audience Album captures the early stages of the tour with superb sound quality. The beginning of this tour was part of the 88 year tour, where the quality of the performance was high on average, and it was fun for Dylan to stand on stage with his own renewal and the lively performance of the new band. A time when it can’t be helped. In addition, there was a surprise that Neil Young participated as a guest guitarist in the three shows since the tour started.
The reason why he decided to go on to Dylan’s stage in succession was not revealed, but Neil also ended the straying Geffen record era and was about to return to Furusu Ripley’s record and try to regain himself. It’s interesting to note that the two legends were strangely resurrected at the same time, and that they could co-star on stage.

Among the three shows that Neil Young joined, the best items were released on Concord on June 7 and Mountain View on 11th, but I was not blessed with CD items 10 Berkeley of the day. Ironically, it was the two-disc “SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES” that recorded Berkeley’s show that was the earliest to realize the record from the 1988 tour where Neil participated in the LP era. However, only the items dropped from this LP were released in the CD era. This is also in the early 1990s, and it is natural that maniacs didn’t take it seriously even at that time.
However, no new items have appeared since then. Audience recordings with much higher sound quality than the previous LP (with the exception of “different recording than bootleg “SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES”) are also widely distributed among traders by transfer from the master tape. It wasn’t strange, considering that. It’s been almost 30 years (!) since the release of the usual LP, and now it’s hard to work on the situation that new items don’t appear, and finally the best version is released.

▽ At the time of this release, the original recording was the audience recording that lightly surpasses the sound quality of the above-mentioned LP. This sound quality is just amazing. It’s a sound image that is on even for free, and it’s almost like a sound board as Dylan’s singing voice approaches. It’s such a high quality 88th year audience recording that has been overlooked. In fact, the sound quality was so high that there was no need to equalize it at the time of release. Even in 1988, when it was a mass production year of a famous performance, it was too attractive to be able to hear the performance of the early tour that was full of momentum with a sound quality like a sound board.
According to the opening “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, not only the bands such as GE Smith who is the protagonist of this tour but also Dylan fully opened the engine. Riding on this momentum, the songs that have never been related to the stage repertoire such as “Joey” and “Absolutely Sweet Marie” are performed with plenty of momentum. This is 1988.
Furthermore, “San Francisco Bay Blues” has appeared in the acoustic corner where only Dylan and GE Smith, who have been highly acclaimed since then, are playing only two people. A folk cover played by Paul and Clapton in “Unplugged” appearances. The Dylan version is also 88 years old, and there is a track record that Neil Young’s performance with Bridge Benefit was released on the sound board in the past, but this performance and Dylan’s song are definitely better here. ..
Then, when the acoustic part ends, the band Neil Young appears. I think the first song he played was the blues-like selection “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry”. In fact, Neil also played the guitar solo to the fullest, and the audience was also very excited. When this became “Like A Rolling Stones”, Dylan shouted too vigorously, as if inspired by his guitar.

Lastly, the 88 year tour takes less time to play on stage than the Dylan tours up until then, and there is usually space to put in a bonus track. I will. All are rare repertoires from the August leg, two months after Berkeley, but first of all, “Seeing The Real You At Last” in LA. From that time, this song was praised as “a song that is perfect for a band on the 1988 tour,” but it was played only so many times, and the take of the day will be the first CD.
The next “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)” is an R&B cover that was unveiled in 1986. It is familiar to enthusiasts. However, the bonus version this time was a rare acoustic version that was shown at Carlsbad in 1988. This is the last live performance to date, and it has been released before because it is rare, but due to its accurate pitch and improved sound quality, it is unmatched by past items.
Finally, “She’s About A Mover” is the representative song of Doug Therm, who had been associated with Dylan since the 1960s, and the theme of the Therm himself jumped into the stage at Edmonton in Canada. Dylan himself will sing this song in memory after Zam died, but this is a very valuable take that Zam himself sang with Dylan and the band in the background. Moreover, the tune is suitable for the 88 band, and it is recorded from a rare audience recording that is not readily available among traders. In this way, in addition to the finest sound source of the main part, if the precious performance is added to the bonus and it is too luxurious, this is definitely a masterpiece representing the 1988 tour. Maniah, thank you for waiting.


それら三回のニール・ヤングが加わったショーの内、6月7日のコンコードと11日のマウンテン・ビューはそれぞれベストなアイテムがリリースされているのですが、CDアイテムに恵まれなかったのが10日のバークレー。皮肉なことに、LPの時代でいち早くニール参加の88年ツアーからの音盤化が実現したのがバークレーのショーを収録した二枚組「SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES」でした。ところがCD時代を迎えてリリースされたのは、このLPから落としたアイテムのみ。これも1990年代前半のことで、当時ですらマニアから真剣に扱われなかったのも当然かと。
ところがそれ以降、新たなアイテムが一切登場しません。トレーダー間には、先のLPよりはるかに音質の優れたオーディエンス録音(トレーダー間にも「different recording than bootleg “SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES”」という但し付き)が、なおかつマスターテープからのトランスファーで広く出回っていたことを考えると、何とも不思議でなりませんでした。もはや例のLPのリリースから30年近い(!)歳月が経とうとしている中、未だに新たなアイテムが現れない状況に業を煮やし、ようやくベストバージョンのリリースが実現します。

オープニングの「Subterranean Homesick Blues」からしてこのツアーの立役者であるGE・スミスを始めとしたバンドはもちろん、ディランもエンジン全開。この勢いに乗って「Joey」や「Absolutely Sweet Marie」といった、それまでステージ・レパートリーに縁のなかった曲がたっぷりの勢いとともに演奏される。これが1988年。
さらに当時から評価の高かったディランとGE・スミスの二人だけで演奏されるアコースティック・コーナーでは「San Francisco Bay Blues」が登場。ポールやクラプトンがそれぞれに「アンプラグド」出演で演奏していたフォーク・カバー。ディランのバージョンはこれまた88年でなおかつニール・ヤング絡みのブリッジ・ベネフィットでの演奏が過去にサウンドボードでリリースされた実績がありましたが、演奏もディランの歌も確実にこちらの方が良い出来。
そしてアコースティック・パートが終わるとバンドがニール・ヤングが登場。彼が加わった中で最初に演奏されたのがブルース調の「It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry」という選曲は最適な選択だったのではないでしょうか。実際にニールも存分にギターソロを弾き、それに対して観客も大いに盛り上がっている。これが「Like A Rolling Stones」になると、彼のギターに触発されたかのごとく、ディランも元気すぎるくらいにシャウト。

最後に、88年ツアーはステージの演奏時間がそれまでのディランのツアーよりも短く、たいていはボーナストラックを入れるべきスペースが生じるのですが、それを活かして同時期のレアな演奏を収録しています。どれもバークレーから二か月経過した8月のレグからのレアなレパートリーなのですが、まずはLAでの「Seeing The Real You At Last」。当時からこの曲は「88年ツアーのバンドに打ってつけな曲」と絶賛されましたが、その割に数えるほどしか演奏されず、この日のテイクは初CD化となります。
次の「We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)」は先月リリースされた「BUDOKAN 1986 2ND NIGHT、さらには「MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1986 FINAL NIGHT」でも聞かれるなど、86年に披露されたR&Bカバーとしてマニアにはおなじみ。しかし、今回ボーナスに採用されたのは88年カールスバッドで披露されたレアなアコースティック・バージョン。これが現在に至るまで最後のライブ演奏で、レアなだけに以前にもリリースされたことがありましたが、正確なピッチと音質の向上で過去のアイテムとは比べ物になりません。
そして最後を締めくくる「She’s About A Mover」は60年代からディランと付き合いのあったダグ・ザームの代表曲で、カナダはエドモントンでのステージでザーム本人が飛び入りしたもの。ディラン自身もザームが亡くなった後でこの曲を追悼で歌うことになるのですが、こちらはザーム本人がディランとバンドをバックに歌ってみせたという非常に貴重なテイク。しかもその曲調は88年のバンドにぴったりで、なおかつトレーダー間にもなかなか出回っていない貴重オーディエンス録音から収録。こうして本編の極上音源に加え、貴重な演奏がボーナスに加えられた豪華すぎる内容となれば、これはもう88年ツアーを代表する名盤間違いなし。マニアの皆様、お待たせしました。


Disc 1 (50:58)
1. Intro
2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
3. Joey
4. Absolutely Sweet Marie
5. Watching The River Flow
6. Tangled Up In Blue
7. Masters Of War
8. San Francisco Bay Blues
9. Boots Of Spanish Leather
10. Lakes Of Pontchartrain

Disc 2 (57:54)
1. The Times They Are A-Changin’
2. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (with Neil Young)
3. In The Garden (with Neil Young)
4. Gates Of Eden (with Neil Young)
5. Like A Rolling Stone (with Neil Young)
6. Applause
7. Rank Strangers To Me
8. Everybody’s Movin'(with Neil Young)
9. Maggie’s Farm (with Neil Young)

Bonus Tracks

Greek Theatre, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA 3rd August 1988
10. Seeing The Real You At Last

Sammis Pavilion, Batiquitos Lagoon, Carlsbad, CA, USA 6th August 1988
11. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)

Northlands Coliseum, Edmonton, AB, Canada 24th August 1988
12. She’s About A Mover (Doug Sahm on lead vocal)

Bob Dylan – vocal, guitar, harmonica
G.E. Smith – guitar, backup vocal
Kenny Aaronson – bass
Christopher Parker – drums

*Neil Young – guitar, backing vocal on “Like A Rolling Stone”

Zion 168


Bob Dylan / Berkeley 1988 The Video /1DVDR/ Non label
Greek Theatre, University Of California, Berkeley, CA, USA 10th June 1988

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There is a video shot by the audience at the Berkeley performance, which was the second stage with Neil Young joining as a guitarist on the 1988 tour. It has been around in real time and was sold to Hutu as a boot video. So if you’re a core Dylan maniac, you can think of it as “Oh, that image.” It is an audience video shot from the theater balcony with a single camera, and it is not possible to capture a close-up view of Dylan and below on the stage. Because of that, even though it was a valuable image even among the core enthusiasts, I think it had a strong impression that it would end once it was seen.
However, the “DVDylan” project that swept across Dylan’s traders obtained the master video of this video and made it into a DVD carefully. It’s true that each person’s facial expression isn’t at an angle that can be seen, but the upper feel that only the master can record is terrible. If you’re a maniac watching boot videos at the time, you’ve been promoted to clear image quality that scales off your eyes. If the image quality is improved to this level, it is interesting because you can see through even a distant video angle.
This ease of viewing is further decisively improved by the Erai of the “DVDylan” project. The original audience sound with a narrow range and poor sound quality is exactly the same audience recording used for “BERKELEY 1988” this time. The post-recording makes it easier to see. It’s literally a video version of “BERKELEY 1988”.

Despite the distant angle, the image quality has improved and there are plenty of highlights. Among them, GE Smith’s “Bunmouth first time” is very interesting to watch, and from the opening “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, the appearance of Smith giving directions while playing to both the band and Dylan is captured, and from now on Never・There is a glimpse of the importance of his role that will support the peak period called the ending tour.
However, it is after “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry” that Neil Young appears that it is entertaining with the persuasive power unique to the image. Unlike his own stage, he is a guitarist and keeps playing his favorite phrases. When it became “Like A Rolling Stone”, a microphone stand was prepared for him, and you can see him singing alongside Dylan.
And when it comes to Encore’s cover song “Everybody’s Movin'”, GE Smith is playing with giving instructions not only to Dylan and the band, but also to Neil, and it’s really thrilling to turn solo between him and Smith.
The “DVDylan” video project, which was very popular among traders, has also ceased activities, and it became a rare video that is difficult to obtain on the Internet, but it is attached only to the first version with a numbered sticker, Released as a rare and gorgeous bonus. Mania must not miss this first delivery!

この見やすさがさらに決定的に向上しているのが「DVDylan」プロジェクトのエライところで、レンジ狭めで貧弱な音質のオリジナル音声から、今回「BERKELEY 1988」に使われたのと同じオーディエンス録音をきっちりとアフレコさせたことで、さらに見やすくなったという。文字通り「BERKELEY 1988」のビデオ版ということになるでしょう。

そして遠めのアングルとはいえ、画質も向上して見どころは盛りだくさん。中でもGE・スミスの「バンマスぶり」は見ていて非常に面白く、オープニングの「Subterranean Homesick Blues」からしてバンドとディランの両方に演奏しながら指示を与えるスミスの姿が捉えられており、これからネバー・エンディング・ツアーと呼ばれる絶頂期を支えることになる彼の役割の重要さが垣間見られます。
しかし何といっても映像ならではの説得力で楽しませてくれるのがニール・ヤングの登場する「It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry」以降。彼は自分のステージと違いギタリストに徹してお得意のフレーズを連発。それが「Like A Rolling Stone」になると彼用のマイクスタンドが用意され、ディランの横で一緒に歌っている姿もばっちり見られます。
そしてアンコールのカバー曲「Everybody’s Movin’」になると、GE・スミスはディランやバンドだけでなく、ニールにも指示を与えながら演奏しており、彼とスミスの間でソロ回しする様は実にスリリング。

1. Intro
2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
3. Joey
4. Absolutely Sweet Marie
5. Watching The River Flow
6. Tangled Up In Blue
7. Masters Of War
8. San Francisco Bay Blues
9. Boots Of Spanish Leather
10. Lakes Of Pontchartrain
11. The Times They Are A-Changin’
12. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (with Neil Young)
13. In The Garden (with Neil Young)
14. Gates Of Eden (with Neil Young)
15. Like A Rolling Stone (with Neil Young)
16. Rank Strangers To Me
17. Dylan Introduces Neil Young
18. Everybody’s Movin’ (with Neil Young)
19. Maggie’s Farm (with Neil Young)

COLOUR NTSC Approx.93min.

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