Rainbow / Osaka 1978 2nd Night / 2CD

Rainbow / Osaka 1978 2nd Night / 2CD / Rising Arrow

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Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 17th January 1978



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“The best show in 1978” “Concert loved by God” “Night where all went well” … A new excavation album of miraculous lives that has been acclaimed variously has appeared.
Such a performance in such a great performance is “January 17, 1978: Osaka Health Pension Center” performance. It is a concert that will be the sixth performance even on the second Japan tour. DEEP PURPLE in 1972 It was popular in Richie · Blackmore, which became huge every time he came to Japan since coming to Japan. It came in 1972 (3 performances) → 1973 (6 performances) → 1976 (9 performances), and in 1978 it increased to 16 performances at once. Let’s check it on a schedule by example as usual.

· January 11: Nagoya City Auditorium
· January 12: Hiroshima ken gymnasium
· January 13: Kumamoto prefectural gymnasium
· January 14: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· January 16: Osaka Health Pension Center
· January 17th: Osaka Health Pension Center 【this work】
· January 18th: Kyoto Hall
· January 20: Osaka Health Pension Center
(※ Note: only the first half of 8 performances)

Even this is only the first half. Although it is seen how popularity is high, this work is an audience album corresponding to the middle day of “Osaka Health Pension Center” which was three times. I think that there are also many people coming with pins, but today there are two types of representative recordings traditionally. Recording that one has been loved for many years as “ON TOUR 1978: STARSTRUCK (R 78011/78012)” and the other as “SUCCUBUS 78 (WLG – 121 R 3/4)”. In our shop, “STEEL BREEZE (Rising Arrow 026)” which summarizes the best versions of both recordings has received great popularity. This work is neither of them nor of · · · ·. It is the master of the “third” which was unexpectedly discovered in recent years.
Of course, I will not do permanent preservation press just by saying another recording. That quality is another splendor of special grade! Although both recordings so far are definitely wonderful just to say “I update the best masterpiece!” It can not be a bit of a noise, but I am not saying that I am not losing … but … I think that it is actually losing if written I was afraid that is not the case. Certainly, although it says that it is a half step to “ON TOUR 1978: STARSTRUCK” in the comprehensive point, it is said to be equal to “SUCCUBUS 78” master …. However, this work is superior in clearness and vividness. One stroke of Koji Powell struck with the sharpness as being described as “hitting drums”, and Ronnie James Dio’s singing voice is clear until the shaking of Kobushi. Of course, Ritchie’s guitar, which is the key point, also shines like a toning trait in a clear air feeling. When it reaches the bass of the synth, it is realistically transmitted that the floor of the welfare pension center is trembling. Depending on the detail of the tone detail, this work may be the number 1.
Although it is such a startle master, it is a favorable devil. The Omoto original sound source which is currently circulating is greatly out of pitch, and the turbidity of the middle to high tone was conspicuous. In this work, in order to maximize shining new excavation to the utmost, we perform elaborate mastering. We corrected the pitch exactly, adjusted the middle and high tone, and finished it to a sound with even more musical sound. Of course, we are not doing an intrinsic mane like to break the sound of the original sound and the natural feeling.
That ‘s the third master that was polished up, painted by the best night of 1978. After all, the concert on this day is perfect no matter how many times you listen. Although it seems that Richey is also in a good mood at the workmanship too much, although it may get angry at living in dozens of concerts in a year, even if it is slightly or quietly good, it does not change until the mood. Especially, this tour of Japan had a few performances at the beginning and even Ronnie was sick. That is one big reversal. Ronie’s voice regains the original power and beauty, Richie also overflows with enchanting phrases. Such as “16th Century Greensleeves”, proves the momentum that a long solo of ten minutes can be forever imple- mented. If so, the unity of “Kill The King” that charges all the bands and “Mistreated” where the drama explodes can also be awesome, all together becoming a furious tsunami swallowing the audience. In the upright “Man On The Silver Mountain” on Nori, “Night People” to show off in ad lib is emotional anywhere …. Encore’s “Do You Close Your Eyes” can only be heard on this day even in the 3 Osaka performances, even a flashy guitar crash will explode.
But the band alone will not be a “perfect night”. In this work, the energy of the audience in the place is also vacuum-packed. Of course, in a recording that is covered with a fuss (never!), It listens in a quiet part, in a heavy song it is a style that nose bands are clapped with hand clapping. I will not disturb the tone by all means, but wow! And there is explosive power when boiling. The reaction has a different heat from “ON TOUR 1978: STARSTRUCK” and “SUCCUBUS 78”.

There was a tragedy and a masterpiece in 1978 Japan tour. It is a new live album of “Osaka Day 2” that is told as a top point among them. No matter how many times we meet a miracle night, it is wonderful. Another one that you can re-experience “perfect night” from another new seat. This weekend, the best glow of 1978 will be handed to you.

それほどの名演中の名演とは「1978年1月17日:大阪厚生年金会館」公演。二度目のジャパンツアーでも6公演目となるコンサートです。1972年のDEEP PURPLE初来日以来、来日する度に巨大化していったリッチー・ブラックモア人気。1972年(3公演)→1973年(6公演)→1976年(9公演)と来て、この1978年には一挙に16公演にまで増加しました。例によって、ここで日程で確認しておきましょう。

・1月17日:大阪厚生年金会館 【本作】

これでも前半のみ。いかに人気絶頂かが窺われますが、本作は3回あった“大阪厚生年金会館”のうち、中日にあたるオーディエンス・アルバムです。もうピンと来られている方も多いと思いますが、この日には伝統的に代表録音が2種類ある。1つが『ON TOUR 1978: STARSTRUCK(R78011/78012)』として、もう1つが『SUCCUBUS 78(WLG-121R3/4)』として長年愛されてきた録音。当店では、その両録音のベスト・バージョンをまとめた『STEEL BREEZE(Rising Arrow 026)』も大好評を賜りました。本作は、そのどちらとも・違・う・も・の。近年になって突如として発掘された“第3”のマスターなのです。
もちろん、単に別録音というだけでは永久保存プレスはいたしません。そのクオリティがまた特級の素晴らしさなのです! これまでの両録音が決定的に素晴らしいだけに「最高傑作を更新!」と軽々に騒ぎ立てるわけにもいかないものの、かと言って負けているわけでもない………と書くと本当は負けていそうに思われてしまいまが、そうではない。確かに、総合点では『ON TOUR 1978: STARSTRUCK』に半歩及ばないものの、『SUCCUBUS 78』マスターとは互角……と言いますが、クリアさ、鮮やかさでは本作の方が勝っている。コージー・パウエルの1打1打は「ドラム缶をひっ叩くよう」と形容されるままの鋭さで轟き、ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオの歌声はコブシの揺れ具合までハッキリ。もちろん、肝心要のリッチーのギターも、透き通る空気感の中にトロけるようなトーンが輝く。シンセの低音に至っては、厚生年金会館の床を震わせているのがリアルに伝わってくる。楽音ディテールの細やかさでは、本作こそがナンバー1かも知れません。
そうして磨き上げられた“第3のマスター”が描く、1978年最高の夜。やはり、この日のコンサートは何度聴いても完璧です。あまりの出来映えにリッチーも上機嫌になったそうですが、1年間に数十のコンサートをこなす生活で不出来に腹が立つことはあっても、ちょっとやそっと良いくらいでは機嫌までは変わらない。特に、この日本ツアーは冒頭の数公演でロニーが不調でさえありました。それが一発大逆転。ロニーの声は、本来のパワーも美しさも取り戻し、リッチーも魅惑のフレーズが止めどもなく溢れ出す。「16th Century Greensleeves」など、10分にも及ぶロングソロが永遠にインプロヴァイズできそうな勢いを証明しています。そうかと思えば、バンド全員で突撃する「Kill The King」やドラマが爆発する「Mistreated」の一体感も凄まじく、一丸となって猛烈な津波となって観客を飲み込んでいく。ノリに乗ったアップ気味の「Man On The Silver Mountain」では、アドリブで披露する「Night People」はどこまでもエモーショナル……。3回の大阪公演でもアンコールの「Do You Close Your Eyes」が聴けたのはこの日だけですし、派手なギタークラッシュまでも炸裂するのです。
しかし、バンドだけでは“完璧な夜”にはならない。本作には、その場にいる観客のエネルギーもまた真空パックされています。もちろん、大騒ぎにまみれる録音では(決して!)なく、静かなパートでは聴き入り、激しい曲では手拍子でバンドをノセるスタイル。楽音を決して邪魔しませんが、ワッ!と沸いた時の爆発力がある。その反応は『ON TOUR 1978: STARSTRUCK』『SUCCUBUS 78』とも違う熱さがこもっているのです。


Disc 1 (60:29)
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow 7. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

Disc 2 (60:51)
1. Lazy Intro. 2. Man On The Silver Mountain 3. Blues 4. Starstruck
5. Man On The Silver Mountain(Reprise) 6. Keyboard Solo 7. Still I’m Sad
8. Beethoven 9th 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture
11. Still I’m Sad(Reprise) 12. Guitar Solo 13. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash
14. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards
Rising Arrow-054

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