Rainbow / Nagoya 1978 / 2CD

Rainbow / Nagoya 1978 / 2CD / Rising Arrow

Translated Text:
Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan 11th January 1978

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Japan tour of 1978 which became the most extensive performances even in Richie Blackmore’s visit to Japan. That new masterpiece appears in permanent preservation press 2CD.
What is supposed in this work is “Nagoya City Public Hall on January 11, 1978” performance. It is the first 100% recorded live album in its history. This tour was also a visit to the waves of raging that glorious and disappointing attacked at the same time, but let’s confirm the position of the show with that schedule.

· January 11: Nagoya City Auditorium 【this work】
· January 12: Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium
· January 13: Kumamoto Prefectural Gymnasium
· January 14: Fukuoka Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
· January 16th + 17th: Osaka Health Pension Center
· January 18th: Kyoto Hall
· January 20th: Osaka Health Pension Center
(※ Note: only the first half of 8 performances)

In 1978 it was a top tour to count up to 15 performances, but the Nagoya performance of this work was a concert to be its first day. We have archived popular hiking tours with numerous live albums and this Nagoya has also delivered as “TRIUMPHANT RETURN (Rising Arrow 015)” “BACK TO FRONT (Calm & Storm 020)”. However, this work is completely different recording from the two books. It is the third best master cassette brought by our own route.
That sound is exquisite. Although two of the two already felt like “freshness TRIUMPHANT RETURN” “clear BACK TO FRONT”, although this work is rather close to “BACK TO FRONT”, it is even clearer and heavy! Although it is a bone, details are clearer and vibrant and beautiful to the detail, thick sounds to deep basses feel a feeling of touch. Moreover, even if it approaches to deep power, it is the best up to a sense of stability that does not bite at all. Especially great …… No, everything is wonderful. Ronnie’s vocals are glossy everywhere, and the synths are so subtle that they can be seen to shake the floor of the venue. And Cozy ‘s drumming is distinctive attack sound distinctively vivid and contoured. Of course, Richie, the key point of necessity, is also beautiful with trekking tones. Although the three types are unique name recordings including the past episodes which have been made so far, this work is outstanding in the beauty and power when listening softly.
In addition, this work is 100% complete recording of the first show ever. Of course, since it is a cassette recording, there was a cut point such as a tape change, but there was also not recorded the opening scene, inter-track songs, ending of the final song “Do You Close Your Eyes”. However, such a point was different from the previous episode. Take advantage of it and complement all lacks with masterpiece “TRIUMPHANT RETURN”. I finished it as a live album that can seamlessly enjoy everything on the day, from waiting for encore to overtaking “Over The Rainbow”.
That ‘s a wonderful thing about the first day of 1978 …. This Japan tour had a mountain and a valley in a long schedule, but this work is the first masterpiece. Especially wonderful is Ronnie’s departure. Perhaps, the hospitality of 1976, which had been tasted for the first time in my life, may have revived. Anyway, the fight of “Wow, Japan!” Is terrible, complete burning of full power running from the beginning to the last. Romantically fill the vintage space of the Nagoya city public hall if singing to Mellow, intense as a thick singing voice hits the face when screaming to the fast. Nevertheless it is not evil like BLACK SABBATH, and where RAINBOW is not extreme like DIO. To tell the truth, due to the enthusiasm being too much on this day, several performances will become sick at a later date, but the recitation of this work is terrible.
Cozy and Ritchie are all so powerful as to be pulled by such Ronnie. For the first time in Koji ‘s demon spirit is tremendous enough to be taken amazing, Ritchie is also full of spirit. “Kill The King” gathers momentum, guitar solo goes ahead and stops playing once and playing it, but it is a show where passion flies as much as it can.

A tragedy waiting in the latter half of the tour, such as a tragedy, I was not able to imagine, just the first time in 1978 Nagoya performance which I enjoyed “Japan who loves the world’s best RAINBOW”. It is the “third best recording” that stands on the scene. Completely recorded album that can taste from the corner to the corner from the corner to the corner with more vibrant sound than “the performing performances during the performance”. A powerful, unrivaled one suitable for the 40th anniversary, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

★ There is no doubt, 1978 Nagoya public performance sound source of the best sound quality ever. It is amazing first appearance master.


・1月11日:名古屋市公会堂 【本作】

1978年は最多15公演を数える頂点ツアーでしたが、本作の名古屋公演はその初日となるコンサートでした。当店では、人気絶頂のツアーを数多くのライヴアルバムでアーカイヴしており、この名古屋も『TRIUMPHANT RETURN(Rising Arrow 015)』『BACK TO FRONT(Calm & Storm 020)』としてお届けしてきました。しかし、本作はその2本とはまったくの別録音。独自ルートでもたらされた、第3の極上マスター・カセットなのです。
そのサウンドは、まさに絶品。既発2本は「鮮度のTRIUMPHANT RETURN」「クリアなBACK TO FRONT」という感じでしたが、本作はどちらかというと『BACK TO FRONT』に近いものの、さらにクリアで重厚! 骨太でありながらディテールは細部までクッキリと鮮やかで美しく、重低音まで肉厚な鳴りは手触り感覚。しかも、ド迫力に迫ってもまったくビビらない安定感まで最高なのです。特に素晴らしいのは……いや、すべてが素晴らしい。ロニーのヴォーカルはどこまでも艶やかで、シンセは会場の床を振るわせるのが分かるほどに繊細。そして、コージーのドラミングは独特なアタック音が異様に鮮やかで輪郭クッキリ。もちろん、肝心要のリッチーもトロけるようなトーンがえらく美しいのです。これまでの既発も含め、3種が3種とも個性的な名録音ではあるものの、パッと聴いた際の美しさと迫力は本作が群を抜いています。
さらに、本作は史上初となるショウの100%完全収録。もちろん、カセット録音ですからテープチェンジ等のカットポイントはあったのですが、開演シーンや曲間、最終曲「Do You Close Your Eyes」のエンディング等が未収録でもありました。しかし、そうしたポイントが既発とは異なっていた。それを活かし、すべての欠けを名作『TRIUMPHANT RETURN』で補完。アンコール待ちや終演の「Over The Rainbow」に至るまで、当日のすべてをシームレスに堪能できるライヴアルバムに仕上げたのです。
そうして甦った“1978年の初日”の素晴らしい事……。このジャパンツアーは長い日程の中で山も谷もありましたが、本作は最初の名演。特に素晴らしいのはロニーの絶唱。恐らくは、人生で初めて味わったでろう1976年の歓待が甦ったのでしょう。とにかく「さぁ、日本だ!」の気合いが凄まじく、初っぱなからラストまで全力疾走の完全燃焼。メロウに歌えば名古屋市公会堂のヴィンテージな空間をロマンティックに埋め尽くし、ファストに叫べば極太の歌声が顔面をひっ叩くように強烈。それでいてBLACK SABBATHのような邪悪でもなく、DIOのように過激でもないところがRAINBOWならでは。実のところ、この日あまりにも気合いが入ってしまったせいか、後日数公演は調子が悪くなってしまうのですが、それだけ本作の絶唱が凄まじいのです。
そんなロニーに引っ張られるようにコージーもリッチーも全力。コージーの鬼神ぶりは呆気にとられるほど凄まじいですし、リッチーも気合い十分。「Kill The King」では勢いあまってギターソロが先走ってしまい、一旦止めて弾き直したりもしますが、それだけパッションが弾け飛ぶショウなのです。




Disc 1 (47:39)
1. Intro. 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Kill The King 4. Mistreated 5. 16th Century Greensleeves
6. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (61:00)
1. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 2. Lazy 3. Man On The Silver Mountain 4. Blues
5. Starstruck/Man On The Silver Mountain(Reprise) 6. Keyboard Intro. 7. Still I’m Sad
8. Beethoven 9th 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Drum Solo feat. 1812 Overture
11. Still I’m Sad (Reprise) 12. Do You Close Your Eyes incl. Guitar Crash
13. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Ronnie James Dio – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums
Bob Daisley – Bass David Stone – Keyboards


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