Queensryche / Royal Empire / 2CDR

Queensryche / Royal Empire / 2CDR / Non Label

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Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK 4th November 1990


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Of Disc 2 × 2 bottles of large heyday can be at once enjoy the QUEENSRYCHE special planning gifts release decision! This work, once name recordings have been released from SHADES label “EYES OF ROCK CITY” “ROYAL EMPIRE” the Gatsu~tsu and coupling. This one, “THE RAGE FOR ORDER TOUR 1986-1987”, “THE OPERATION: MINDCRIME TOUR 1988-1989”, “THE BUILDING EMPIRES TOUR 1990-1992” it is of a super set overlooking a large representative audience recording.

So, let me explain recording one by one. First “EYES OF ROCK CITY”. The from the disk 1 has been recorded in 1-3 of disk 2, THE OPERATION: UK performance “November 8, 1988 Nottingham” of MINDCRIME TOUR 1988-1989 is the audience recording that contains the performance. It was recorded, the Kano metal master Crazy S. Mr.! The provided master again from him directly, I was re-digitized with the latest technology. As can be seen from the fact that it has been alone release, the sound is just Takumi of recording. About three songs from the beginning is sometimes vocal is over peak slightly, but later a jerk and is stable, is Crazy S. seems to direct preeminent sound continues to until the end!
Speaking of the features of this tour, super masterpiece concept: it (although not perfect) “OPERATION MINDCRIME” of reproduction performance. The Den the reproduction part in the middle! Is placed with, it is the configuration that solidify the back and forth classic group of other work. Shaw First, start from the initial ultra-classic “Queen Of The Reich”, go to the “RAGE FOR ORDER” 4 barrage, dramatic acoustic ballad of “THE WARNING”, “No Sanctuary”. And, up to about 46 minutes, “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” scissors Part, “The Lady Wore Black,” the essence of the debut EP then to Gyuu justified “Nightrider / Blinded”. Finally, it is the configuration you tighten in the ultra-classic of “THE WARNING”, “Take Hold Of The Flame”. If you say that reproduce live, Tomosureba only concept part attention is prone to it but, rather, the other part is what really delicious. taste of the concentrate in a limited time classics is exactly the taste of Tokuno!
And, caught between the “OPERATION: MINDCRIME,” but part is, “Suite Sister Mary” in this tour, “The Needle Lies”, “Waiting For 22” “My Empty Room” has been cut shortened version. Of course, it is why is superior full reproduction performance after the musical, attention Nanoha, enthusiasm for the first time touched the audience to super masterpiece concept in history here. While being at the mercy of the dazzling drama world, I am surprised, “I can not believe it!” Is witnessing a dense set up to go like. This document feeling, and promise of and reproducible live after is different from all.

And, from the “EYES OF ROCK CITY” track 4 of the disk 2, to St. Paul performances which took place in September of THE RAGE FOR ORDER TOUR 1986-1987. Because at that time was the undercard act, but is live as about 45 minutes, it has been recorded in vivid pole ball sound like a sound board.
On this day, we live for charging the five songs from “RAGE FOR ORDER” Among the short set list that 9 songs. If retrospect, undercard performances are many in this tour, then “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” reproduction was being emphasized. So, “RAGE FOR ORDER” Despite the name board of undisputed, and I in the live has continued to receive the misfortune of treatment. Although the only five songs here, the live which is focused on “RAGE FOR ORDER” is very valuable, it’s the part where you can enjoy historically unprecedented in other QUEENSRYCHE.

The last of the three first master, of the full 2-Disc “ROYAL EMPIRE”. Again in the masterpiece recording of Crazy S., than THE BUILDING EMPIRES TOUR 1990-1992, is the audience master that contains the same Nottingham performances and 1988. It has cut the tape change in the intro of “Resistance” chipping and at the beginning of “The Needle Lies”, but perfectly and recording otherwise. The first is the feeling of “kana pretty good sound,” but the sound is close a stretch where it was after about two minutes, and then turned into the best sound quality that is comparable to the sound board recording!
Highlight of this tour, Pamela Moore also to accompany, perfect what now “OPERATION: MINDCRIME” reproduction. Reproduce live itself, but is not also be seen in the official video, audience version this work even without any modification also replaced. Studio album that was made by kneading the dough, representation work of quality-oriented: Following the “OPERATION LIVECRIME”, actually rang the venue, it reaches the audience’s ears “third of the OPERATION: MINDCRIME” that I. And, also large enhancement other than reproduction part. Along with: “OPERATION MINDCRIME” blockbuster representing QUEENSRYCHE “EMPIRE” have also been showing off seven songs. The concept is the preceding prone band, but it is part of taste to fully a “sound side” of an easy catchy QUEENSRYCHE familiarity (from outside this two works is “Walk In The Shadows”, “Roads To Madness”, “Take Hold Of The 3 songs of Flame “only).

In this way, the individual while, masterpiece recording complete set representing any tour in tripartite three-way. Even if you do not know exactly the source of QUEENSRYCHE, is one set that’s where you can enjoy delicious place the as Maru~tsu. Always had opened up the horizons of heavy metal, of large heyday QUEENSRYCHE. Do you also, do not you jump into the new sound world in this film?

QUEENSRYCHEの大全盛期を一気に満喫できる2枚組×2本の特別企画がギフトリリース決定です! 本作は、かつてSHADESレーベルよりリリースされていた名録音「EYES OF ROCK CITY」「ROYAL EMPIRE」をガツッとカップリング。これ1つで、「THE RAGE FOR ORDER TOUR 1986-1987」「THE OPERATION: MINDCRIME TOUR 1988-1989」「THE BUILDING EMPIRES TOUR 1990-1992」を大代表オーディエンス録音で一望できるスーパーセットなのです。

それでは、録音を1つずつご説明しましょう。まずは「EYES OF ROCK CITY」。ディスク1からディス2の1-3に収録されているのは、THE OPERATION: MINDCRIME TOUR 1988-1989の英国公演「1988年11月8日ノッティンガム」公演を収めた客席録音です。収録したのは、かのメタル達人Crazy S.氏! 彼から直接提供されたマスターを再度、最新技術でデジタル化し直しました。単独リリースされたことからも分かる通り、そのサウンドはまさに匠の録音。冒頭から3曲ほどはヴォーカルがオーバーピーク気味になることもありますが、それ以降はグッと安定し、Crazy S.らしいダイレクト感抜群のサウンドが最後まで続くのです!
このツアーの特徴と言えば、超名作コンセプト「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」の(完全ではないものの)再現演奏。その再現パートを中盤にデン!と配置し、その前後を他作の名曲群で固める構成です。ショウはまず、初期の超名曲「Queen Of The Reich」から始まり、「RAGE FOR ORDER」4連発、「THE WARNING」のドラマチックなアコースティックバラード「No Sanctuary」へと進みます。そして、約46分間に及ぶ「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」パートを挟み、その後にはデビューEPのエッセンスを「The Lady Wore Black」「Nightrider/Blinded」でギュウ詰め。最後に「THE WARNING」の超名曲「Take Hold Of The Flame」で締める構成です。再現ライヴというと、ともすればコンセプト・パートだけが注目されがちなのですが、むしろ、それ以外パートこそが実に美味しい。限られた時間に濃縮還元された名曲の旨味は、まさに特濃の味わいなのです!
そして、間に挟まる「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」パートですが、このツアーでは「Suite Sister Mary」「The Needle Lies」「Waiting For 22」「My Empty Room」がカットされた短縮版。もちろん、音楽的には後の完全再現公演の方が優れているわけですが、ここで注目なのは、歴史に残る超名作コンセプトに初めて触れる観客の熱狂。めくるめくドラマ世界に翻弄されつつ、緻密に組み上がっていく様を目の当たりにして「信じられない!」と驚いている。このドキュメント感は、後のお約束化した再現ライヴはまったく違うのです。

そして、「EYES OF ROCK CITY」ディスク2のトラック4からは、THE RAGE FOR ORDER TOUR 1986-1987の9月に行われたセント・ポール公演。当時は前座アクトだったため、約45分ほどのライヴですが、サウンドボードのようなビビッド極まりないサウンドで録音されています。
この日は、9曲という短いセットリストの中でも「RAGE FOR ORDER」から5曲を投入するライヴ。思い返せば、このツアーでは前座公演が多く、その後は「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」再現が重視されていました。そう、「RAGE FOR ORDER」は文句なしの名盤であるにも関わらず、ライヴでは不遇の扱いを受け続けてきたのです。ここでもわずか5曲とは言え、その「RAGE FOR ORDER」に焦点を絞ったライヴは非常に貴重で、歴史的にも他に類を見ないQUEENSRYCHEが楽しめるパートなのです。

最後の3本目マスターは、フル2枚組の「ROYAL EMPIRE」。再びCrazy S.の傑作録音で、THE BUILDING EMPIRES TOUR 1990-1992より、1988年と同じノッティンガム公演を収めたオーディエンスマスターです。「Resistance」冒頭の欠けや「The Needle Lies」のイントロでテープチェンジのカットありますが、それ以外は完璧に収録。最初は「なかなか良い音かな」という感じなのですが、2分ほど経ったところで一気に音が近くなり、サウンドボード録音に匹敵する最高音質に変貌します!
このツアーの目玉は、パメラ・ムーアも同行して、今度こそ完全なる「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」再現。再現ライヴ自体は、オフィシャル映像でも観られるわけですが、本作は差し替えも修正も一切ないオーディエンス・バージョン。練りに練って作られたスタジオ・アルバム、クオリティ重視の表現作品「OPERATION: LIVECRIME」に続き、実際に会場に鳴り響き、観客の耳に届いた“第3のOPERATION: MINDCRIME”なのです。そして、再現パート以外も大充実。「OPERATION: MINDCRIME」と並んでQUEENSRYCHEを代表する大ヒット作「EMPIRE」も7曲披露されている。コンセプトが先行しがちなバンドですが、親しみやすくキャッチーなQUEENSRYCHEの“音サイド”を存分に味わえるパートです(この2作以外からは「Walk In The Shadows」「Roads To Madness」「Take Hold Of The Flame」の3曲だけ)。



Disc 1
1. Resistance 2. Walk In The Shadows 3. Best I Can 4. Hand On Heart 5. Empire 6. The Thin Line
7. Jet City Woman 8. Roads To Madness

Operation: Mindcrime
9. I Remember Now 10. Anarchy-X 11. Revolution Calling 12. Operation: Mindcrime 13. Speak
14. Spreading The Disease 15. The Mission

Disc 2
1. Suite Sister Mary 2. The Needle Lies 3. Electric Requiem 4. Breaking The Silence
5. I Don’t Believe In Love 6. Waiting For 22 7. My Empty Room 8. Eyes Of A Stranger/Anarchy-X

9. Silent Lucidity 10. Take Hold Of The Flame

Geoff Tate – Lead Vocals Chris Degarmo – Lead Guitar, Vocals Michael Wilton – Guitars
Eddie Jackson – Bass Scott Rickenfield – Drums Pamela Moore – Background Vocals

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