Queen / LA Forum 1977 2nd Night Mike Millard Original Master Tapes / 2CD

Queen / LA Forum 1977 2nd Night: Mike Millard Original Master Tapes / 2CD /Wardour

The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA 3rd March 1977

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Maniac shock of the whole world! Pia’s legendary taper “Mike Millard” is a completely unprecedented master of transcendence!
ミ ラ ー Not to mention LED ZEPPELIN’s “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE” as an example, the legend is a legend among the mirrored. The collection has produced a number of ultimate masterpieces for many bands / artists. The design has become a legend of music records beyond official / unofficial, but the situation has changed drastically recently. Millard himself died in 1994, but has been described as “the original master has been lost.” According to one theory, “it was burned by the person before his birth” or “it was disposed of by a bereaved family of unknown value.” But such a myth was wrong. Omoto masters of mirrored recordings were discovered one after another. The details are mentioned in the description of “LOS ANGELES 1975 4TH NIGHT: MIKE MILLARD ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES (Sigma 242)” released by PINK FLOYD the other day, but the contents are also overwhelming with Omoto sound. The ultimate sound of the ultimate recording is shook the mania of the whole world.

[The first appearance of the mirrored collection is shook the whole world] This work is a follow-up to such new excavation, but it is even more shocking. What a mirrored collection that has never appeared before. It’s not an upgrade, it’s the first recording the world hears. As a matter of fact, whether Millard was recording QUEEN has always been controversial. “It should exist,” “If it exists, it should have come out long ago,” “Is it lost?” After 43 years, the discussion was finally settled. Millard was still recording. The whole picture was exposed under the sun at a stretch.
マ ス タ ー What was inspired by such a miracle master was the “March 3, 1977 Los Angeles Performance”. Audience recording about 3 months ago with “THE FORUM” same as “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”. As I said earlier, “mirror recordings I hear for the first time,” the show itself was actually unveiled worldwide. In the past, incomplete recordings and partial images that were called “1977 Los Angeles” also appeared, but they were separate performances. “THE FORUM” has two consecutive performances of “March 2” and “March 3”, and the record known so far is “March 2”. On the other hand, this work is the second performance “March 3”.
Anyway, what kind of position was that show in QUEEN history? Speaking of 1977, “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” and “NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR” intersect, so let’s take a look at the schedule at that time and check it out.

● 1977
・ January 13-March 18: North America # 1 (40 performances) ← ★ coco ★
・ May 8-June 7: Europe # 1 (19 performances)
《October 28 “Dedicated to the World” Released》
・ November 11-December 22: North America # 2 (26 performances)
● 1978
・ April 12-May 13: Europe # 2 (20 performances)

QUEQUEEN, who released the “Splendid Race” at the end of 1976, started the tour from the beginning of the next year in 1977. The Los Angeles performance of this work was the 32nd concert of “North America # 1” which is the start dash.
本 This work that recorded such a show is “QUEEN’s Eddy” that I dreamed of. The sound is … I can’t speak words anymore. I tried to write “Ultimate …”, “The thickness of the core …”, “The beauty of the sound …” as usual, but it was empty for such words. Since there is no previous departure, it is not possible to compare, but even “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” as a whole … No, it may be No. 1 in the entire history of QUEEN. Currently, manias around the world are listening to them while they are in the middle of the battle, and detailed top competition is yet to come. So, I can’t say for sure, but I want to make sure. The performances and singing voices of the four people can be clearly felt to the utmost possible detail, and the natural and beautiful sound is full of dignity. Guitar orchestration vibes, clear and wide cymbal work, thick chorus that doesn’t mix well … For example, if you’re an official name board, you’ll search each country’s board for a master tape sound. The spine freezes and the thought stops because of too much beauty. Even if you want to say “sound board” in terms of quality, it’s a sound that doesn’t have such light words.
が Although it is such a work, if it is slightly different from “LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE”, is it the breath of the audience? Cheers and applause are subtle. There is a reason for this. In fact, Millard and his friends were not going to the show at the time, thinking of QUEEN as “the mess of ZEPPELIN.” However, after hearing his reputation overturning his prejudice, he bought a ticket, but turned into row 15 which was a bit far from his usual sweet spot (row 5). However, at the venue of QUEEN, which was a popular eel climb, fans flooded at the start of the performance (because of that, “A Day At The Races Intro.” Is not recorded in this work, and fade-in from “Tie Your Mother Down” To do). Millard and his friend in the wheelchair have returned to their seats, but the fuss has increased security, and security is next door!な ら If you were a regular mirrored, you would have asked the surrounding audience to grab the money and keep it quiet, but it may not have been possible to do so on this day. However, this is also an extremely high-level story. It must be a recording in which the performance and the singing voice play a prominent role, inconceivably in a normal audience recording.

[The highest peak of the “brilliant race” era was finally born] And what is drawn in such a mirrored sound is “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”, which is the world’s first known “true March 3, 1977”. Here, let’s summarize the set.

・ Dream Princess: Keep Yourself Alive / Liar
・ Queen II: Ogre Battle / White Queen (As It Began)
Sheer Heart Attack: Killer Queen / Bring Back That Leroy Brown / Brighton Rock / Stone Cold Crazy / In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited / Now I’m Here
・ Opera Night: You’re My Best Friend / Sweet Lady / ’39 / The Prophet’s Song / Bohemian Rhapsody
・ A splendid race: Tie Your Mother Down / Somebody To Love / The Millionaire Waltz / You Take My Breath Away / White Man
・ Other: Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley

… and it looks like this. In this neighborhood, there are also the classic “DEFINITIVE HYDE PARK 1976 (Wardour-288)” and “ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977 (Wardour-246)”, but this work is a show like “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” in the middle. Compared to Hyde Park 76, the “Splendid Race” number was increased to 5 songs at a stretch, and “Ogre Battle”, “White Queen (As It Began)”, “Bring Back That Leroy Brown”, “In The Lap” that could not be heard at Houston 77 Of The Gods … Revisited “. “Sweet Lady” which was not even in “DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977 (Wardour-322)” which has been the representative of the tour so far has been shown.
And QUEEN himself who spells the set is wonderful. As a matter of fact, “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR” had a terrible wave of Freddie’s ups and downs, and it was hardly the best in “DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977”. However, this work is in good condition. Even on the previous day, “March 2”, I heard a singing voice and a sharp show that was incomparable to the Seattle performance, but the next day, this work is not only losing its tension, but also burning up hotter.

Anyway, it is a new excavation of a wonderland that will be “Mirard’s QUEEN” and “QUEEN’s Eddy”. What’s more, the legendary taper recorded “A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”, which had no decision board. Even if you aren’t interested in ZEP or taper, you’ll be able to sympathize with the joy of touching the “brilliant race” era with such a sound.
ラ イ A live album that is too shocking in every sense. Please witness the birth of a historic super famous board with permanent preservation press 2CD!

全世界のマニア震撼! あの伝説テーパー“マイク・ミラード”による超絶の完全初登場マスターが新発掘です!!
LED ZEPPELINの『LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE』を例に挙げるまでもなく、伝説中の伝説であるミラード。そのコレクションは数多くのバンド/アーティストの究極名盤を数多く生み出してきました。その意匠は公式/非公式を超えて音楽記録の伝説となってきたわけですが、その事情が最近になって激変しました。ミラード自身は1994年に亡くなったわけですが、これまで「オリジナル・マスターは失われた」とされてきた。一説によれば「生前に本人が焼き捨てた」、または「価値を知らない遺族が処分した」等々。しかし、そうした定説は誤っていた。ミラード録音の大元マスターが次々と発見されたのです。その詳細は先日リリースされたPINK FLOYDの『LOS ANGELES 1975 4TH NIGHT: MIKE MILLARD ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES(Sigma 242)』の解説で触れられておりますが、その中身も大元サウンドが圧倒的。究極録音の究極の音が全世界のマニアを震撼させているのです。

そんな奇跡のマスターに吹き込まれていたのは「1977年3月3日ロサンゼルス公演」。『LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE』と同じ“THE FORUM”で約3ヶ月前に記録されたオーディエンス録音です。先ほど「初めて耳にするミラード録音」と申しましたが、実はショウ自体も全世界初公開。かつて、「1977年ロサンゼルス」とされる不完全録音や部分的な映像も出回ってきたのですが、それらは別公演だった。“THE FORUM”では“3月2日”・“3月3日”の2連続公演であり、これまで知られてきた記録は“3月2日”。それに対し、本作は二公演目“3月3日”なのです。
ともあれ、そんなショウがQUEEN史ではどんなポジションだったのか。1977年と言えば“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”と“NEWS OF THE WORLD TOUR”が交錯する時期でもありますので、当時のスケジュールを紐解いて確認してみましょう。


そんなショウを記録した本作は、夢にまで見た「QUEENのエディ」。そのサウンドは……もう、言葉は言い尽くせない。「極上の……」「芯の太さが……」「鳴りの美しさが……」といつも通りに書きかけみたものの、そんな言葉に空しくなる。既発が存在しないので比較する事もできませんが、“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”全体でも……いえ、QUEEN全史でもNo.1になるかも知れない。現在、世界中のマニアがド肝を抜かれつつ聴きまくっている段階で、詳細なトップ競争はこれから。ですので、断言はしかねるものの、思いっきり断言したい。4人の演奏も歌声も、考え得る限りの微細部まで克明に感じ取れ、自然で美しい鳴りは気品さえ湛えている。ギター・オーケストレーションのヴァイヴ、シンバルワークのクリアさと広がり、厚くても混じり合わないコーラス……やはりキリがない。例えば、オフィシャル名盤ならマスターテープ・サウンドを求めて各国盤を探ったりしますが、その感覚。あまりの美しさに背筋が凍って思考も止まってしまう。クオリティ的に「まるでサウンドボード」と言いたくても、そんな軽々しい言葉を向けられないサウンドなのです。
そんな本作ではありますが、『LISTEN TO THIS EDDIE』とわずかに違うと言えば、観客の息吹でしょうか。歓声や拍手が微妙に近いのです。これには理由がある。実は、当時ミラードと友人たちはQUEENの事を「ZEPPELINの紛い物」と思ってショウには行かない予定でした。しかし、その先入観を覆す評判を耳にしてチケットを買ったものの、いつものスウィート・スポット(5列目)よりちょっと離れた15列目になったのです。ところが、人気がうなぎ登りだったQUEENの会場では開演時にファンが前に殺到(そのせいか、本作では「A Day At The Races Intro.」が録音されず、「Tie Your Mother Down」からフェイドインします)。車椅子のミラードと友人は席に戻ったものの、この騒ぎでセキュリティが増員されており、なんと隣がセキュリティだった! 普段のミラードなら周囲の観客に金を掴ませて静かにしてもらったそうですが、この日はさすがにそこまではできなかったのかも知れません。もっとも、これも極めて高い次元の話。通常のオーディエンス録音では考えられないほど演奏と歌声が堂々と主役を張る録音には違いないのです。

そして、そんなミラード・サウンドで描かれるのは、世界が初めて知る「本当の1977年3月3日」……と言いますか、至高サウンドの“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”。ここで、そのセットもまとめておきましょう。

・戦慄の王女:Keep Yourself Alive/Liar
・クイーンII:Ogre Battle/White Queen (As It Began)
・シアー・ハート・アタック:Killer Queen/Bring Back That Leroy Brown/Brighton Rock/Stone Cold Crazy/In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited/Now I’m Here
・オペラ座の夜:You’re My Best Friend/Sweet Lady/’39/The Prophet’s Song/Bohemian Rhapsody
・華麗なるレース:Tie Your Mother Down/Somebody To Love/The Millionaire Waltz/You Take My Breath Away/White Man
・その他:Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley

……と、このようになっています。この付近というと大定番『DEFINITIVE HYDE PARK 1976(Wardour-288)』や『ULTIMATE HOUSTON 1977(Wardour-246)』もありますが、本作はその中間となる“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”らしいショウ。ハイドパーク76に比べると『華麗なるレース』ナンバーが一気に5曲まで増量され、ヒューストン77では聴けなかった「Ogre Battle」「White Queen (As It Began)」「Bring Back That Leroy Brown」「In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited」といった初期ナンバーも盛りだくさん。これまでツアーを代表してきた『DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977(Wardour-322)』にもなかった「Sweet Lady」まで披露されています。
そして、そのセットを綴るQUEEN自身まで素晴らしい。実のところ、“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”はフレディの好不調の波が激しく、『DEFINITIVE SEATTLE 1977』ではベストとは言い難かった。ところが本作は快調そのもの。前日“3月2日”でもシアトル公演とは比較にならない歌声とキレのあるショウを聴かせてくれましたが、翌日である本作もそのテンションが衰えるどころか、一層熱く燃え上がっているのです。

とにもかくにも、“ミラードのQUEEN”・“QUEENのエディ”となる驚天動地の新発掘です。しかも、その伝説テーパーが記録したのは、これまで決定盤の無かった“A DAY AT THE RACES TOUR”だった。たとえ、ZEPやテーパーに興味がない方でもこれほどのサウンドで『華麗なるレース』時代に触れられる喜びは共感してくださることでしょう。

Disc 1 (49:09)
01. Tie Your Mother Down
02. Ogre Battle
03. White Queen
04. Somebody To Love
05. Killer Queen
06. The Millionaire Waltz
07. You’re My Best Friend
08. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
09. Sweet Lady
10. Brighton Rock
11. ’39

Disc 2 (57:27)
01. You Take My Breath Away
02. White Man
03. The Prophet’s Song
04. Bohemian Rhapsody
05. Stone Cold Crazy
06. Keep Yourself Alive
07. Liar
08. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
09. Now I’m Here
10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley incl. Big Spender, Jailhouse Rock, Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting
11. God Save The Queen



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