Queen / Elegance Is An Attitude / 2CD

Queen / Elegance Is An Attitude / 2CD / Wardour

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Live at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nagoya, Japan 23rd March 1976.


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Than the second time of the Japan tour with in 1976, “A Night At The Opera”, tour the second day of March 23, in a high-quality audience recording of the finest level across the Nagoya Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium performance in 1 hour 36 minutes complete recording. Nagoya performances of this year, in 2009, by the second half of the show has a different sound source of accrued and master “A NIGHT AT THE NAGOYA” has been released, the next 2010, different from the already issued, further excellent master show full version of “OPERATIC RHAPSODY” it is while CDR board, had been released from Uxbridge label. This board is, those which it can be said that the upper version of “OPERATIC RHAPSODY”, Omoto of the master is the same, from the difference of generation, has been upgraded in both sound quality and content. The sound quality is, compared to the already issued, the distance between the contracted impression of sound, the results, performance, especially vocal has come out on the whole surface. Furthermore, the White Queen 1: 22,2: 53,3: 36,4: 05,4: 50,5: 17, The Prophet’s 0 of Song: 56, Big sound by tape of analog deterioration of 0:44 of Spender fall even not in this board. In the Lap Of The Gods … different sound around recorder from 17 seconds through around 20 seconds of Revisited also gives the relief easier to listen to. The only loss of the middle of the member referral due to the tape change was a drawback of this sound source, its outstanding “OPERATIC RHAPSODY” Similarly, Yes to carefully compensated from another master “A NIGHT AT THE NAGOYA”. But it is the 1976 Japan tour upset was clearly Freddie, also in Nagoya performances of the tour the second day, already high band is painfully (pronounced in Doing All Right), though not as much as the Osaka after, overall place where the melody of the fake is attached to the ear it will be seen here and there. Still, in front of the enthusiastic fan, feel you are doing a show on your mood, you will be introduced from number to be locked to the MC and hard. Overall sound quality is also said to very best as a cassette recording of the time, thick sound is also quite nice with a spread, have been caught firmly in a stable sound image to the end of the God Save The Queen. 1976 Nagoya performance definitive sound source of an upgrade to both the sound quality and content, is the release decision than popular Wardour label in limited press CD.

1976年「A Night At The Opera」に伴う2度目の日本ツアーより、ツアー2日目の3月23日、名古屋市愛知県体育館公演を1時間36分に渡って極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。この年の名古屋公演は、2009年に、ショウ後半が未収の別音源をマスターとした「A NIGHT AT THE NAGOYA」がリリースされ、翌2010年には、既発とは異なる、更に優秀なマスターによるショウ完全版「OPERATIC RHAPSODY」がCDR盤ながら、Uxbridgeレーベルよりリリースされていました。本盤は、「OPERATIC RHAPSODY」のアッパー版と言えるもので、マスターの大元は同じですが、ジェネレーションの違いから、音質・内容ともにアップグレードしています。音質は、既発に比べ、音の距離間が縮まった印象で、結果、演奏、特にボーカルが全面に出ています。更にはWhite Queenの1:22、2:53、3:36、4:05、4:50、5:17、The Prophet’s Songの0:56、Big Spenderの0:44のテープのアナログ劣化による音落ちも本盤ではありません。In the Lap Of The Gods…Revisitedの17秒から20秒付近にかけてのレコーダー周りの異音も聴きやすく軽減してあります。本音源の唯一の欠点であったテープチェンジに伴う中盤のメンバー紹介の欠損は、既発「OPERATIC RHAPSODY」同様に、別マスター「A NIGHT AT THE NAGOYA」から丁寧に補填してあります。フレディの不調が明らかだった1976年日本ツアーですが、ツアー2日目の名古屋公演でも、既に高域は苦しそうで(Doing All Rightで顕著)、後の大阪ほどではないにせよ、全体的にメロディのフェイクが耳に付く箇所が散見されます。それでも、熱狂的なファンを前にして、ご機嫌にショウをこなしている感じは、MCやハードにロックするナンバーから伝わってきます。全体の音質も当時のカセット録音としては上々と言え、広がりのある厚めのサウンドも実に素晴らしく、安定した音像で最後のGod Save The Queenまでしっかりと捉えられています。音質・内容ともにアップグレードした1976年名古屋公演の決定版音源が、限定プレスCDにて好評Wardourレーベルよりリリース決定です。

Disc 1 (52:19)
1. Introduction 2. Bohemian Rhapsody 3. Ogre Battle 4. Sweet Lady 5. White Queen (As It Began)
6. Flick Of The Wrist 7. Bohemian Rhapsody 8. Killer Queen 9. The March Of The Black Queen
10. Bohemian Rhapsody (Reprise) 11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
12. Brighton Rock / Son And Daughter 13. Member Introduction 14. The Prophet’s Song
15. Stone Cold Crazy

Disc 2 (43:42)
1. Doing All Right 2. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon 3. Keep Yourself Alive 4. Liar
5. In the Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 6. Now I’m Here 7. Big Spender
8. Jailhouse Rock incl. Stupid Cupid, Be Bop A Lula 9. God Save The Queen


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