Queen / Definitive Boston 1976 2nd Night / 2CD

Queen / Definitive Boston 1976 2nd Night / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA 30th January 1976 Truly Perfect Sound * Upgrade

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“QUEEN Bootleg’s best masterpiece” “The treasure of the 70’s audience” and the historical name recording which was highly acclaimed appeared brush up. It is not a super name board no more.

【Supernatural recording by legendary taper】
It is contained in its superstar “Boston Performance January 30, 1976”. It is a transcendent audience recording which captured the act of “A NIGHT AT THE OPERA TOUR”. This recording was just a shock. It was published ten years ago from now but it was the historic name taper of Dan Rampinski that I recorded. It is a legendary person who left a record of transcendence in the suburbs of Boston in the late 1970s, and yet it is a silo mono of his collection’s class. On, powerful core and super delicate details are equal to soundboard, glossiness of ringing is level to align shoulder with the official work precisely mixed. For a brilliant stereo feeling, Freddie and Brian ‘s solo partes also split the channels cleanly, even Freddie’ s tambourines are beautiful in ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ and ‘Liar’.

【Precise mastering that made mania’s dreams come true】
Its appearance shook the maniacs all over the world, even Completors even numbered the No.1 certification. Even at overseas specialized sites, “Even if it is official, things that exceed this will be difficult” “All rock fans should listen to it.” At that time, “A NIGHT AT THE ODEON: HAMMERSMITH 1975” was before the officialization, despite the existence of that BBC broadcast, this great praise. It is an absolute recording of QUEEN which is super high sound quality which no longer need the pillow such as “in the 70s” and still no more things.
This work is such a historical supernatural recording that was finished with the latest mastering. Based on the best version so far “A NIGHT AT BOSTON DEFINITIVE EDITION (hereinafter referred to as the previous work)” based on further refinement. Of course, at the stage of the previous work, it was clearly clear from the original sound, and adding further processing feeling from there was meaningless. Instead, this work aimed at “official feeling”.
Specifically speaking, the bass was made thicker at the critical level, which makes the sounding beautiful at the limit of the sharp edges and does not cloud the bright separation feeling. In other words, it carried out a process like making an official product from the official soundboard sound source (in other words, it is the transcendence of the recording itself as the process similar to the official item can be done). As a result, I was born slightly gorgeous and still sounded beautifully balanced. Rather than say a separate upgrade to the end it is realizing the mania’s dream of “if this recording was formulated”.

【70’s best live album】
It is terrible because it is a masterpiece far exceeding “A NIGHT AT THE ODEON” that is drawn with such sound! Let’s check the position of the show from the activity schedule of the time here.

● 1975
“November 21” Opera Night “released”
· November 14 – December 24: UK (26 performances) ← ※ Official
● 1976
· January 27 – March 12: USA (33 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· March 22 – April 4: Japan (9 shows)
· April 11 – 23: Australia (8 shows)

This is the outline of the time. The official ‘A NIGHT AT THE ODEON’ was the final performance of 1975, but this work was renewed in 1976. The 3rd performances of the legendary “US” leg. In other words, it was after three performances of “A NIGHT AT THE ODEON”. However, the difference in conditions across the year-end and new year is clear. Hammersmith ‘s performance, which became the official version, is affected by Freddie and Brian in addition to exhaustion on the final day of the tour. Although it was a phenomenal show in consideration of the circumstances, the enthusiasm shown at the beginning of the tour was not felt. In contrast, the Boston performance of this work has completely conditioned the condition for the whole month, and just got into the enemy territory to conquer. The singing voice is not stagnant and powerful. It is slightly different from tear-off tension that pierce the sky, but pushing with gui guitar with a feeling of fulfillment to the mind and body. It is said that the sense of euphoria of the singing voice of the heavenly singing voice of “Seven Seas Of Rhye” … ….
And the set also changed as I entered the US tour. You can also enjoy plenty of ‘Sweet Lady’, ‘Flick Of The Wrist’, ‘The Prophet’s Song’, ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ and ‘Doing All Right’ that can not be heard even at ‘A NIGHT AT THE ODEON’, but the extreme is “Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon “. It is a rare song with only Japanese performance and Hyde Park remaining, but I can enjoy it with the sound of the official name board class. Moreover, unlike the Japanese performance, it is the early version which is singing on vocal line & chorus similar to album.

Anyway the overwhelming daimyo board. There is an audience recording that rarely rides officially in lock history, but this work is its QUEEN version. Large masterpiece that came with the highest condition and sound of the dimension which loses its meaning such as another recording method no longer. It is one of the highest peaks of supernumbering recorded as “QUEEN Bootleg’s best masterpiece”. I do not recommend it for those who refuse the customer record by some belief, but it is absolutely unavoidable top plate for others. Please enjoy it forever with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ Super name sound source of A + rating at the queen special site. “This version of Ogre Battle is perhaps its definitive delivery from Freddie Mercury”

★ Queen’s Best Boot Leg is this work.
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その超名盤に収められているのは「1976年1月30日ボストン公演」。かの“A NIGHT AT THE OPERA TOUR”の一幕を捉えた超絶オーディエンス録音です。この録音は、まさに衝撃でした。今から10年ほど前に公開されたものなのですが、録音したのはかの歴史的な名テーパー:ダン・ランピンスキー。70年代後期にボストン近郊で幾多の超絶録音を残した伝説的な人物で、しかも彼のコレクションのド級のシロモノ。オンで強力な芯も超繊細なディテールもサウンドボードに匹敵し、鳴りの艶やかさは精緻にミックスしたオフィシャル作品と肩を並べるレベル。鮮やかなステレオ感はフレディとブライアンのソロパートでも綺麗にチャンネルが分かれ、「Keep Yourself Alive」や「Liar」ではフレディのタンバリンでさえ美しいのです。

その登場は世界中のマニアを震撼させ、コンプリーター達でさえ諸手を挙げてNo.1認定。海外の専門サイトでも「オフィシャルであっても、これを超えるものは難しいだろう」「すべてのロックファンが聴くべきだ」と激賛。当時は『A NIGHT AT THE ODEON: HAMMERSMITH 1975』が公式化される前だったわけですが、あのBBC放送があるにも関わらず、この大絶賛。もはや「70年代にしては」等という枕詞も必要ない超高音質であり、今なお超える物のないQUEENの絶対録音なのです。
本作は、そんな歴史的な超名録音を最新マスタリングで仕上げ直したもの。これまでのベスト・バージョンである『A NIGHT AT BOSTON DEFINITIVE EDITION(以降、前作)』をベースにしつつ、さらに細心に磨き込み。もちろん、前作の段階で原音から大幅にクリアになっていましたし、そこから更に加工感を加えたのでは意味がない。そうではなく、本作が目指したのは「オフィシャル感」なのです。

そんなサウンドで描かれるのが、『A NIGHT AT THE ODEON』を遙かに超える名演だから凄い! ここで当時の活動スケジュールからショウのポジションを確認してみましょう。


これが当時の概要。公式『A NIGHT AT THE ODEON』は1975年の最終公演でしたが、本作は年の改まった1976年。その冒頭である「米国」レッグの3公演目。つまり、『A NIGHT AT THE ODEON』の3公演後でもあったわけです。しかし、その年末年始を挟んだコンディションの差は歴然。公式盤となったハマースミス公演はツアー最終日の疲れに加えてフレディとブライアンがインフルエンザに罹患。その事情を考えれば驚異的なショウではあったものの、ツアー冒頭に見せた熱気は感じられませんでした。それに対し、本作のボストン公演は丸1ヶ月の間にコンディションを完全に整え、征服すべき敵地アメリカに乗り込んだばかり。その歌声は淀みなく、そして力強い。天を突くブチ切れテンションとはちょっと違いますが、心身に漲る充実感でグイグイと押しきる。「Seven Seas Of Rhye」の天翔る歌声の高揚感と言ったら……。
そして、米国ツアーに入ったことでセットも変化。『A NIGHT AT THE ODEON』でも聴けない「Sweet Lady」「Flick Of The Wrist」「The Prophet’s Song」「Stone Cold Crazy」「Doing All Right」もたっぷりと楽しめるわけですが、極めつけは「Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon」。日本公演とハイドパークくらいしか記録の残っていないレア曲ですが、それをオフィシャル名盤級のサウンドで楽しめてしまう。しかも日本公演とは異なり、アルバム同様のボーカルライン&コーラスで歌っている初期バージョンなのです。


★クイーン専門サイトでA+評価の超名音源。「This version of Ogre Battle is perhaps its definitive delivery from Freddie Mercury」


Disc 1(54:56)
1. Intro 2. Bohemian Rhapsody 3. Ogre Battle 4. Sweet Lady 5. White Queen 6. Flick Of The Wrist
7. Bohemian Rhapsody 8. Killer Queen 9. The March Of The Black Queen
10. Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) 11. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 12. Brighton Rock
13. Guitar Solo 14. Son And Daughter 15. The Prophet’s Song 16. Stone Cold Crazy

Disc 2(46:07)
1. MC 2. Doing All Right 3. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon 4. Keep Yourself Alive
5. Seven Seas Of Rhye 6. Liar 7. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited
8. Now I’m Here 9. Big Surrender 10. Jailhouse Rock 11. Stupid Cupid / Be-Bop-A-Lula
12. Jailhouse Rock 13. God Save The Queen



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