Queen & Adam Lambert / Osaka 2020 In Ear Monitor Recording / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Osaka 2020 In Ear Monitor Recording / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka, Japan 28th January 2020 STEREO IEM


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2020 The superb in-ear monitor (IEMs) album that recorded the performances in Japan that excited the archipelago of Osaka is the first appearance of a miracle. Of course, it is decided to permanently store it with Press 2CD!
The performance of “January 28, 2020: Kyocera Dome Osaka” is included in this work. The IEMs recording. Speaking of IEMs coming to Japan in 2020, our original “CLOSED SOUNDCHECK: SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 DAY 1 (Wardour-400)” became a hot topic, but this work is (naturally) a completely different performance. It’s a super-luxury item that has just been published online the other day and has become a hot topic. First of all, let’s review the schedule for coming to Japan, including the circumstances around it.

・January 25: Saitama Super Arena ←*CLOSED SOUNDCHECK
・January 26: Saitama Super Arena
・January 28: Kyocera Dome Osaka ←★Coco★
・January 30: Nagoya Dome

Above, all 4 performances. Our “CLOSED SOUNDCHECK” is a rehearsal album before the start of Tokyo performance on the first day. On the other hand, this work is a complete recording of the full show of the Osaka performance. It’s shocking to call full-show IEMs, but the real value of this work is far from that. The core enthusiast who worked on this work dared to intercept 10 types of IEMs. It has been finely re-edited and finished into a perfect and superb sound board album.
Even if you say “10 types of IEMs”, there may be some who do not come with a pin, so here is a general discussion. In the first place, IEMs recording is the sound that members and staff are listening with earphones, and it was recorded by intercepting radio waves that are wirelessly transmitted. The quality is excellent because it is a sound board sound, but the point is not the output sound of the venue, but the sound for work. The sounds required for each member / staff, such as the start of a performance, the progress of a show, and the voice of a staff member, are different, and each member / staff member is given a special mix and is sent to each person’s earphones. In other words, various kinds of radio waves are scattered around the venue. Generally speaking, “IEMs recording” is one of them. If there is a problem with the balance or reception, it is a common practice to use it as a matrix with audience recording.
However, there are 10 types of this work only for IEMs. I connect the best parts of each (although the details have not been revealed) and, if necessary, IEMs also form a matrix. The finish is amazing. It is clearly IEMs, such as hearing the piano playing at “Innuendo” that announces the start, but it is glossy and beautiful without the common reception noise, and the balance is natural. There is no cheers and it is extremely raw, so it is not like an official live album, but the quality itself is comparable to the official work. In addition, it seems that the conversational voice of the staff has been carefully erased …. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon for IEMs to hear staff instructions, but this work connects parts without instructions neatly. Although there is a little conversation in the introduction of the members and the part where the “Dragon Attack” follows, but other than that, you can enjoy it as if it were an official live album (although the behind-the-scenes feeling of the staff voice is also interesting).
Anyway, the Osaka full show drawn with such an official-class sound is irreplaceable. Speaking of officially, we are about to release the work “LIVE AROUND THE WORLD” following “LIVE IN JAPAN” for the first time in Japan. This is a good opportunity, so let’s organize it again while comparing here.

● 70’s (17 songs)

Queen of Dread : Keep Yourself Alive (★★) / Doing All Right (★★) ・ Queen II: Seven Seas of Rhye (★)
・ Sheer Heart Attack: Now I’m Here / Killer Queen (★) / In the Lap of the Gods … Revisited (★)
・ A Night at the Opera: I’m in Love With My Car (★★) / Love of My Life / ’39 (★★) / Bohemian Rhapsody
・ A Day at the Races: Somebody to Love / Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (★) / Tie Your Mother Down (★★)
・ Dedicated to the world: We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions
・ Jazz: Don’t Stop Me Now / Bicycle Race (★★)
● 80’s / 90’s (11 Song)
・ The Game: Another One Bites the Dust / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Dragon Attack
・ Hot Space: Under Pressure
・ The Works: Hammer to Fall / I Want to Break Free / Radio Ga Ga
・ Mr. Bad・Guy: I Was Born To Love You
・Kind of Magic: Who Wants to Live Forever
・The Miracle: I Want It All (★)
・Inuendo: The Show Must Go On
*Note: “★” indicates ” A song that cannot be heard in “Live Around The World”. Furthermore, the “★★” mark is a song that cannot be heard even in the official video “LIVE IN JAPAN” that came to Japan for the first time.

…And this is how it looks. “LIVE AROUND THE WORLD” has a significantly different set only for the edited version that was assembled from the show for 6 years from 2014, and there is a heap of delicious repertoire that can not be heard even with “LIVE IN JAPAN”. All of that can be enjoyed with the finest sound board.
QUEEN has regained its prime as it was in the 1980s with the big hit of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. And, looking back from now on, it was also a miracle visit to Japan that was realized to slip in just before being struck by the new corona vortex. IEMs album where you can enjoy the full show with super quality… No, it is a sound board album. Experience the amazing quality that makes full use of 10 types of IEMs, and experience it with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ You can enjoy it with the best sound that is comparable to the official live version.

2020年大阪の群島を盛り上げた日本でのパフォーマンスを記録した見事なインイヤーモニター(IEM)アルバムが奇跡の初登場。もちろんPress 2CDで永久保存することに決定!
この作品には「2020年1月28日京セラドーム大阪」の公演が含まれています。 IEMの記録。 2020年に来日するIEMといえば、オリジナルの「CLOSED SOUNDCHECK:SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 DAY 1(Wardour-400)」が話題になりましたが、この作品は(当然)全く違うパフォーマンスです。先日オンラインで公開されて話題になった超高級アイテムです。まずは、日本を取り巻くスケジュールとその事情を振り返ってみましょう。


以上、全4公演。 「CLOSED SOUNDCHECK」は初日の東京公演が始まる前のリハーサルアルバムです。一方、この作品は大阪公演の全編を完全収録したものです。フルショーIEMと呼ぶのは衝撃的ですが、この作業の真の価値はそれとはかけ離れています。この作業に取り組んだ中心的な愛好家は、10種類のIEMをあえて傍受しました。細かく再編集され、完璧で素晴らしいサウンドボードアルバムに仕上げられました。
とにかく、オフィシャル級のサウンドで描かれた大阪フルショーはかけがえのないものです。正式に言えば、「LIVE IN JAPAN」に続く作品「LIVE AROUND THE WORLD」を日本で初めてリリースする予定です。これは良い機会なので、ここで比較しながらもう一度整理しましょう。


・オペラ座の一夜:車に恋してる(★★)/人生の愛/ ’39(★★)/ボヘミアンラプソディ
・レースの一日:誰かが愛する/ Teo Torriatte(Let Us Cling Together)(★)/ Tie Your Mother Down(★★)
・世界に捧げる:We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions
●80年代/ 90年代(11曲)
・The Miracle:I Want It All(★)
※注:「★」は「Live Around The World」では聞こえない曲、さらに「★★」マークは公式ビデオ「LIVE IN JAPAN」でも聴けない曲日本が初めて。

…そして、これはそれがどのように見えるかです。 「LIVE AROUND THE WORLD」は2014年から6年間のショーからアセンブルされた編集版のみのセットが大きく異なり、聞こえない美味しいレパートリーが盛りだくさん

Disc 1 (73:48)
1. Checking Microphones
2. Pre-Show / Soundcheck
3. Innuendo
4. Now I’m Here
5. Seven Seas of Rhye
6. Keep Yourself Alive
7. Hammer to Fall
8. Killer Queen
9. Don’t Stop Me Now
10. Somebody to Love
11. In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited
12. I’m in Love With My Car
13. Bicycle Race
14. Another One Bites the Dust
15. I Want It All
16. Brian MC
17. Teo Torriatte
18. Love of My Life
19. ’39
20. Doing All Right

Disc 2 (70:48)
1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2. Under Pressure
3. Band Introductions / Dragon Attack
4. I Was Born To Love You
5. I Want to Break Free
6. You Take My Breath Away
7. Who Wants to Live Forever
8. Guitar Solo
9. Tie Your Mother Down
10. The Show Must Go On
11. Radio Ga Ga
12. Bohemian Rhapsody
13. Ay‐Oh
14. We Will Rock You
15. We Are the Champions
16. God Save the Queen

Wardour 434


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