Bruce Springsteen / Born To Run Half Speed Mastered Edition / 1CDR

Bruce Springsteen / Born To Run Half Speed Mastered Edition / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated text:

Taken from US LP(Columbia HC 43795)


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80 years in the Born To Run was released Springsteen as one of the half-speed mustard-series in the United States from Columbia Records is glad reprint of using the original disk.
This series was cut in a number Mobil board as well as of 33 rpm and a half speed of the name board is in-house each record company in response to the success of Mobil board, more high-quality sound by playing in the normal 33 rotation at the time of reproduction it is thought to have been produced as aims to analog board of the sound of.
Compared to the Original or will not become in you can see that the bass has been reborn as a pleasant Womi sound.
I think that was in you can see if the person who was to listen to gift items of the Original, it Original is by no means has been said in the world “Misty sound” is should have been able to understand your but, I think that it is the features of this half-speed mustard Series panel is finished in the very warm sound.
Of course disk used was a thing of the mint condition.
Since it has soared sharply the price of these high-quality sound board series in recent analog boom, it will be a sure glad gift items to those who have never been to listen to. I recommend! Is a gift item that comes down to the word! ! !


HC 43795

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