Queen & Adam Lambert / Closed Soundcheck Saitama Super Arena 2020 Day 1 / 1CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Closed Soundcheck : Saitama Super Arena 2020 Day 1 / 1CD / Wardour

Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan 25th January 2020


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THE RHAPSODY TOUR” by QUEEN and Adam Rampart, who are excited about the classic recording rush. An original IEMs album of the super exquisite & shock is appeared!
Anyway, I’m surprised. Currently, QUEEN + Adam has the best recordings and images appearing one after another, but they are all concert records. Despite the difference in quality, the content of the performance can only be heard somewhere. However, this work is completely different. It is not a concert main part, but a treasure album in which the sound check performed on the day before that was contained.

[Official quality super-excellent IEMs] This work was recorded at “Saitama Super Arena on January 25, 2020”. At present, countless live albums are crowded, and a definitive press title also appears. To avoid confusion, first check the recording date on the Japan Tour schedule.

・ January 25: Saitama Super Arena ← ★ coco ★
・ January 26: Saitama Super Arena
・ January 28: Kyocera Dome Osaka
・ January 30: Nagoya Dome

More than 4 performances. The recording date of this work was the first day of “Tama Ali” which was a two consecutive performance. This work records the sound check on that day, but in fact, IEMs recording that our shop got on its own route. It is an original master that is never heard on the internet or elsewhere and can never be heard except in this work. And the quality is also superb with “super”. Speaking of IEMs, earphone sound that members and stakeholders listen to for work. It is not unusual for the sound to be thin because it is not supposed to be heard outside, but this work is thick and super clear. Although there is no disruption in reception, there are only a few places in the phone, and the raw sound of a glossy and secret sound check flows into the ears. Of course, there is no polishing stage because it is a backstage sound, but it is an official sound board without complaint in terms of sound quality (conversations between staff are recorded at a fair volume, so when listening with headphones, Please note the volume).

[Sound check on the day when a shocking performance pops out] And the contents are amazing. It starts with “Drums Check” where Roger himself sings and hits the drums, but the main ones are “I Was Born To Love You (6 takes)” and “Hand holding (3 takes)”. Both are limited numbers that can only be played in Japan, and they practice on the day. Especially amazing is “I Was Born To Love You”. At first, practice the phrase while matching the guitar and keyboard halfway (2 takes). After that, the whole band will perform (4 takes). This is real enough to make me dizzy. He hasn’t played for four years since he last visited Japan, but Brian’s guitar is very dangerous. Phrases are sloppy, and the song composition is awesome. On this day, in this state, it can be finished well in the actual production … It is a full play that memorizes strange impressions.
の It is Adam who is pulling the rehearsal site. In addition to listening to the wonderful live vocals, we encouraged them to chat and talk (we talked about their first visit to Japan, “SUMMER SONIC”). When Brian’s tone came out, “Huu!” He excused himself and finished his performance. Brian and Roger call Adam Adam a “gift from God,” but it was not just a singer / performer, but also an organizer to drive the band. It is transparent to such a backstage.
Brian also practiced “holding hands”, “Love of My Life” and “’39” by himself, and also checked “Doing All Right” in the band. In the final stage of “Love of My Life”, there was a production where Freddie’s video and Brian’s performance were synchronized, but we also confirmed that part.

Anyway, precious and super-excellent. A sound check that is much more vivid than the public sound check of a fan service, and is transparent to the back of the band. It is a treasure album where you can peek at the scene with official-level line sound. Currently, the best live albums that keep a record of a wonderful show are appearing one after another, but this work will be talked about at once. Although it has just begun in 2020, you may not be able to hear such titles anymore … A press CD that permanently stores such a shock of such a class. Please pay attention and enjoy!

★ Paul McCartney’s “Major Master”, who is familiar with transcendent earmony recording, has done it again! This is amazing! Almost official sound board! Both content and sound are valuable and exquisite. Just a miracle record!

名作録音ラッシュで大いに盛り上がっているQUEEN+アダム・ランパートの“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”。その超極上&衝撃のオリジナルIEMsアルバムが登場です!


・1月25日:さいたまスーパーアリーナ ←★ココ★


そして、その中身が凄い。ロジャー自身が歌いながらドラムを叩く「Drums Check」から始まりますが、メインとなるのは「I Was Born To Love You(6テイク)」と「手をとりあって(3テイク)」。どちらも日本でしか演奏しない限定ナンバーであり、当日でも練習しているのです。特に凄いのは「I Was Born To Love You」。最初はギターやキーボードが半分合わせつつフレーズを練習(2テイク)。その後はバンド全員で演奏していきます(4テイク)。これがもう目眩がするほどリアル。前回の来日から4年間一度も演奏していなかったのでしょうが、ブライアンのギターが非常に危なっかしい。フレーズもたどたどしく、曲構成もあやふや。当日にこの状態で、よくまあ本番であそこまで仕上げられる……と、妙な感動まで覚えるような弾きっぷりなのです。
そんなリハーサル現場を引っぱっているのはアダム。素晴らしい生声ヴォーカルを聴かせるだけでなく、談笑しながら(彼らの初来日だった“SUMMER SONIC”についても話しています)も励ますように繰り返し、ブライアンの調子が出てくると「Huu!」と感嘆を漏らしてノセては演奏を仕上げていく。ブライアンやロジャーはアダムを「神からの贈り物」と言っていますが、それは単にシンガー/パフォーマーとしてだけでなく、バンドを突き動かすオーガナイザーでもあった。そんな裏舞台まで透けるのです。
さらにはブライアン独りで「手をとりあって」「Love of My Life」「’39」も練習し、バンドで「Doing All Right」もチェックする。本番では「Love of My Life」のラストでフレディの映像とブライアンの演奏がシンクロする演出がありましたが、そのパートも確認しています。



1. Drums Check
2. Drums, Keyboards Check
3. I Was Born To Love You #1 (Guitar, Keyboards)
4. I Was Born To Love You #2 (Guitar, Vocal)
5. I Was Born To Love You #3 (All)
6. I Was Born To Love You #4 (All)
7. I Was Born To Love You #5 (All)
8. I Was Born To Love You #6 (All)
9. Teo Torriatte #1 (Keyboards)
10. Teo Torriatte #2 (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal)
11. Teo Torriatte #3 (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal)
12. Love of My Life (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal, Freddie Vocal Tape)
13. ’39 (All)
14. Doing All Right (Guitar, Vocal)


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