Queen & Adam Lambert / Nagoya 2020 / 2CD

Queen & Adam Lambert / Nagoya 2020 / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Japan 30th January 2020 TRULY PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)*Remastered Version



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The “THE RHAPSODY TOUR” tour that attracts attention from all over Japan will be performed in Japan. The vertex collection has finally been completed. The best original recording that will be the last piece is a permanent preservation decision.
の What is engraved on this work is “January 30, 2020: Nagoya Dome” performance. It is the best audience recording. Following last week’s press CD “SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 1ST NIGHT (Wardour-401)” and “2ND NIGHT (Wardour-402)”, this week’s second half of the tour, “Western Japan Edition” is also permanently saved. All four performances were available. First, let’s organize the ultimate collection by date.

・ January 28 “OSAKA 2020”
・ January 30: Nagoya Dome ← ★ This work ★
* Note: Only representative press albums are available on each day.

[Large upgrade sound that has changed to the position] This is the Shitenno of the 2020 Japan Tour. This work is a live album on the last day. This work is a refined mastering of the original master of “NAGOYA DOME 2020 (Uxbridge 1210)” which was a preliminary release. This tour reflects the unprecedented popularity, and a number of famous recordings appeared immediately after the show and were offered to our shop. We released the best ones in the bulletin, but in Nagoya there were no masters who exceeded the bulletin record.
Of course, it’s not the same as the Uxbridge version …. It’s a big upgrade that has been reborn to the level of “another thing”. The transformation sounds different even up to the recording position. To tell the truth, this recording was taken from a stand seat with the stage looking straight ahead. The original sound of the Uxbridge board was a clear recording that cut through a space without obstructions, but this work has a much higher core density, and it is more on and powerful. If the Uxbridge board sounds like a real stand, it sounds like a balance, as if it were a drone, skipped and recorded from mid-air. It was possible to brush up that much because the original sound had a certain amount of extension. Remastering any recording does not always make it better, and it is not unusual for things to change depending on personality or to become unnatural enough to be poor. However, this recording is a type that can adjust the beautiful sound and the core individually, and it was possible to reduce the sense of distance while keeping the natural texture and beauty of the original sound as it is. This is a major upgrade that was realized only because the original recording was excellent.
ま し た While it was premised on “NAGOYA DOME 2020”, if you do not know the Uxbridge version, this recording is a masterpiece used to a huge venue. He has worked on a number of classics, and has recently become familiar with the latest recordings by Huey Lewis, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and others. In particular, Celine Dion and Tetailer Swift / Charlie XCX caught a great sound in spite of the Tokyo Dome, and received a very good reputation as “Really Dome !?” Particularly good is the extension of the treble. Adam’s high note stretched comfortably and the width and sway of the fine vibrato were clear. On top of that, the resounding spectacle is added, and even majestic. Singing up, of course, is even more wonderful, as in the first half of “Killer Queen”. Not only can you hear the rich sound and the subtleties of the voice that can be changed like an actor, but you can clearly see that the work is dominating the venue. It is a live album that has refined the original sound that draws the world of beauty because it is a great audience recording, and has a direct feeling like a sound board.

[Full show in Nagoya surrounded by enthusiasm for the first time in 15 years] の It is the last day of the Japan tour that has been heated throughout Japan drawn with such a reborn sound. As mentioned in the commentary on other works, this performance in Japan is almost common among the four performances in Tomeisaka. So, here, let’s organize the set based on successive Nagoya performances.

● Song played in the last Nagoya (QUEEN + Paul in 2005)
・ Hammer to Fall / I’m in Love With My Car / I Want It All / Love of My Life / ’39 / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / I Want to Break Free / Tie Your Mother Down / The Show Must Go On / Radio Ga Ga / Bohemian Rhapsody / We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions
・ Limited to Japan: Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) / I Was Born to Love You

● A song since QUEEN in Nagoya
・ Since 1985: Now I’m Here / Seven Seas of Rhye / Keep Yourself Alive / Killer Queen / Somebody to Love / Another One Bites the Dust / Under Pressure / Dragon Attack
・ Since 1979: Don’t Stop Me Now / Bicycle Race
・ Since 1976: In the Lap of the Gods … Revisited / Doing All Right
● Nagoya’s first song
・ Who Wants to Live Forever

… and it looks like this. This is QUEEN + Adam’s first performance in Nagoya, and last time is QUEEN + Paul Rogers. There was also a solo performance by Brian in 1998, but most of the songs played there were also featured on QUEEN + Paul. Before that, we go back to Freddie’s last “THE WORKS TOUR”. “Who Wants to Live Forever,” which did not play during the Paul era, was premiered in Nagoya.
And this work is also wonderful in Nagoya’s enthusiasm for the first time in 15 years since the pole era. There is only stand recording, and you can feel the enthusiasm of the arena burning the performance from below, which further heats the stage. Every time Adam walks on the stage, a ripple ripples to the right and left. And the heat spreads to the stand seats, and the nearby cheers have large grains, while the far cheers are small grains. You can feel the space of Nagoya Dome in three dimensions.
来 This visit to Japan was wrapped in a wind of great success that revived the heyday. It is a live album that you can enjoy the glorious final day with plenty of sound. This work itself is a masterpiece of musical difference that is packed with good sounds, good songs, and good performances, and it is also the end of the permanent preservation collection. One inevitable one. Please enjoy “Glory 2020” anytime and forever with Press 2CD.

日本中の注目を集めた“THE RHAPSODY TOUR”来日公演。その頂点作コレクションがついに完成しました。最後の1ピースとなる極上オリジナル録音が永久保存決定です。
そんな本作に刻まれているのは「2020年1月30日:ナゴヤドーム」公演。その極上オーディエンス録音です。先週のプレスCD『SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 2020 1ST NIGHT(Wardour-401)』『同 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-402)』に続き、今週はツアー後半となる“西日本編”も一気に永久保存。全4公演が出揃いました。まずは、その究極コレクションを日程で整理しておきましょう。

・1月28日『OSAKA 2020』
・1月30日:ナゴヤドーム ←★本作★

これが2020年ジャパンツアーの四天王。本作は、最終日のライヴアルバムなのです。そんな本作は速報リリースだった『NAGOYA DOME 2020(Uxbridge 1210)』のオリジナル・マスターを細心マスタリングで磨き上げたもの。今回のツアーはかつてないほどの人気ぶりを反映してショウの終了直後から名録音の数々が登場し、当店にもご提供いただきました。その中でベストなものを速報でリリースしてきたわけですが、名古屋に関してはその後も速報録音を超えるマスターが登場しなかったのです。
すっかり『NAGOYA DOME 2020』を前提にしてしまいましたが、Uxbridge盤をご存じない方のために付け加えますと、この録音は巨大会場に慣れた名手の作。これまでも幾多の名作を手掛けており、最近ではヒューイ・ルイスやマライア・キャリー、ジャネット・ジャクソン等の最新録音でお馴染み。特にセリーヌ・ディオンやテテイラー・スウィフト/チャーリーXCXでは東京ドームにも関わらず素晴らしいサウンドで捉え、「本当にドーム!?」と大好評を賜りました。特に素晴らしいのが高音の伸び。アダムのハイノートがどこまでも気持ちよく伸び、その細かなヴィヴラートの幅も揺れも鮮明。その上で響き渡るスペクタクルが上乗せされ、荘厳ですらあるのです。歌い上げは勿論、さらに素晴らしいのが「Killer Queen」前半のように柔らかな歌唱。そのたっぷりとした響きや役者のように変幻自在な声色の機微だけでなく、その業が会場を支配していくもさえしっかりと分かる。絶品オーディエンス録音だからこその美の世界を描く原音を磨き上げ、サウンドボード的なダイレクト感まで宿ったライヴアルバムなのです。


・Hammer to Fall/I’m in Love With My Car/I Want It All/Love of My Life/’39/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/I Want to Break Free/Tie Your Mother Down/The Show Must Go On/Radio Ga Ga/Bohemian Rhapsody/We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions
・日本限定曲:Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)/I Was Born to Love You

・1985年以来:Now I’m Here/Seven Seas of Rhye/Keep Yourself Alive/Killer Queen/Somebody to Love/Another One Bites the Dust/Under Pressure/Dragon Attack
・1979年以来:Don’t Stop Me Now/Bicycle Race
・1976年以来:In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited/Doing All Right
・Who Wants to Live Forever

……と、このようになっています。QUEEN+アダムとしては今回が初の名古屋公演であり、前回はQUEEN+ポール・ロジャース。1998年にはブライアンのソロ公演もありましたが、そこで演奏された曲はほとんどQUEEN+ポールでも取り上げられていました。その前となるとフレディ生前最後の“THE WORKS TOUR”まで遡ります。曲単位で見るとポール時代に演奏しなかった「Who Wants to Live Forever」が名古屋での初演となりました。

Disc 1 (64:56)
1. Intro
2. Innuendo
3. Now I’m Here
4. Seven Seas of Rhye
5. Keep Yourself Alive
6. Hammer to Fall
7. Killer Queen
8. Don’t Stop Me Now
9. Somebody to Love
10. In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited
11. I’m in Love With My Car
12. Bicycle Race
13. Another One Bites the Dust
14. I Want It All
15. Brian MC
16. Teo Torriatte
17. Love of My Life
18. ’39
19. Doing All Right

Disc 2 (75:30)
1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
2. Under Pressure
3. Band Introductions
4. Dragon Attack
5. I Was Born To Love You
6. I Want to Break Free
7. You Take My Breath Away
8. Who Wants to Live Forever
9. Guitar Solo
10. Tie Your Mother Down
11. The Show Must Go On
12. Radio Ga Ga
13. Bohemian Rhapsody
14. Ay Oh
15. We Will Rock You
16. We Are the Champions
17. God Save The Queen


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