Prince & The Revolution Prince / Yokohama Stadium 1986 2nd Night / 2CD

Prince & The Revolution Prince / Yokohama Stadium 1986 2nd Night / 2CD / Zion

Live at Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan 9th September 1986

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The last day of the 1986 Japan tour, which was the last stage of THE REVOLUTION as well as the legendary first visit to Japan. A super-famous board that vacuum-packed the whole story is now available in a brush-up, permanent storage press 2CD.

[The best recording of the legendary first visit to Japan] “September 9, 1986: Yokohama Stadium performance” is contained in this work. It is the transcendental audience recording. Yes, it is a refinement of the original recording “THE FINAL PARADE”, which was unearthed five years ago, with the latest and meticulous mastering. If you have experienced “THE FINAL PARADE”, you may have already decided, but for those who are not, let me explain from the beginning. Anyway, first of all, the position of the show. Let’s unravel the legendary first visit to Japan, which was also an incident in the history of Japanese Western music.

・ September 5: Osaka Castle Hall “COMPLETE OSAKA 1986”
・ September 6: Osaka Castle Hall “COMPLETE OSAKA 1986”
・ September 8: Yokohama Stadium
・ September 9: Yokohama Stadium ← ★ This work ★

This was the first visit to Japan realized in 1986. We also introduce the masterpiece “COMPLETE OSAKA 1986 (Zion-087)”, which is a record of the early days when Japan and Prince met for the first time. On the other hand, this work was the last day of my visit to Japan. In addition, this visit to Japan was also the final edition of Prince’s first world tour “PARADE TOUR 1986”, and this work was also a night of Chiakigaku all over the world. For that matter, THE REVOLUTION has been disbanded with this tour. In other words, this live is also their last concert.
By the way, the appearance of “THE FINAL PARADE”, which was recorded on such a special night, was just an incident. It was an original recording that was released for the first time in the world, but the sound is transcendent. Until then, it was known that a famous recording was left on the last day, but the existing group was completely wiped out. If the core is very thick, the details are super delicate, and above all, you can’t feel the sense of distance. I understand that it was an audience recording in terms of timbre, but in terms of sound quality, it was a super-famous recording of the sound board class.
There is also a reason why it was such a great recording. In fact, this recording was done by a legendary master who was touted as the best master in the history of Japanese recording. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, PINK FLOYD, Mick Jagger, THE ROLLING STONES, etc., who have left many historical recordings representing the time, and it is said that their skill even surpasses the prestigious Kinney. .. It was one of the products that was directly digitized from the Omoto cassette by a master who some enthusiasts called “Japanese mirrored”.

[Natural yet super dynamic upgrade sound] It’s been a long time, but what I’ve talked about so far is the last work “THE FINAL PARADE”. This work is the highest peak update board that goes even higher! The ups are amazing. Of course, we do not earn unreasonable sound pressure. I carefully analyzed the characteristics of each range and organized them. The first point is the lack of mid-high range and balance. The original sound was also the best sound like a sound board, but due to the PA system and recording equipment at that time, the mid-high range was recorded a little stronger. In this work, I tried to match the mid-high range with the deep low range …………, and when I tried to write it like this, it felt like “??”, but when I listened to it, the difference was obvious.
Compared to the last time, which was on the verge of kinkin, the chewy deep bass is closer, flashy, powerful, dynamic !! Actually, it is a haze that has not changed so much from the original sound, but it is completely reborn as a different thing in terms of hearing. ing. Digital mastering is by no means an all-purpose magic, and often cannot be changed depending on the personality of the original recording. However, this work was exactly the opposite, and it was a type that upgraded dramatically with just a little adjustment. Moreover, the important natural feeling and reality are not impaired at all because it has not been significantly remodeled.

[Historical THE REVOLUTION last gig] The ultimate sound is drawn on the last night of THE REVOLUTION after the legendary first visit to Japan. For the first four performances in Japan, the set changed little by little every day, so let’s organize the fixed songs / daily songs separately.

・ Dirty Mind: Head
・ Dreadful nobleman: Controversy / Do Me, Baby
・ 1999: Delirious / Lady Cab Driver / Automatic / D.M.S.R./Little Red Corvette / 1999
・ Purple Rain: When Doves Cry / Purple Rain
・ Around The World In A Day / Raspberry Beret / The Ladder (★) / Condition Of The Heart (★) / Pop Life / America (★)
・ Parade: Christopher Tracy’s Parade / New Position / I Wonder U / Do U Lie? (★) / Under The Cherry Moon / Anotherloverholenyohead / Girls & Boys / Life Can Be So Nice / Kiss / Sometimes It Snows In April (★)
・ Sign of the Times: It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (★)
・ Others: A Love Bizarre / (How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window? / Love Or $ (★)
* Note: The “★” mark is a daily song for the first visit to Japan.

… And it looks like this. A wide selection of masterpieces from each album, centered on the large-scale behavior of 10 of the 12 songs in “PARADE”. There are so many precious songs only for this tour that you can’t name each one. Moreover, the performance of spinning such a set is wonderful. As I mentioned earlier, “PARADE TOUR” was Prince’s first world tour (until then, it was only in North America, and overseas performances were only a few European showcases). The tension of witnessing the enthusiasm of the whole world, the sense of accomplishment, and the daring goodness of not having to think about tomorrow’s condition … The beauty of the final day is fully utilized (on the contrary, the weakness of the final day). I’m tired of the tour, but in Japan there are only 4 performances, and I have a good rest before landing, so I don’t feel tired at all). The liveliness of THE REVOLUTION and the shout of Prince are in great shape, and there is a huge performance that makes me think that it is a career high.

A daimyo recording from Japan that recorded a historic night. It is a miracle super masterpiece upgraded by the original master who surprised enthusiasts all over the world five years ago. It is truly a treasure trove of Japanese Western music history and an unmistakable cultural heritage. Enjoy anytime, forever with Press 2CD, which leaves the brilliance of the highest peak forever!

★ Recording of a superb audience of “September 9, 1986: Yokohama Stadium Performance”. The original recording “THE FINAL PARADE”, which was unearthed five years ago, has been refined with the latest and meticulous mastering, and its sound is amazing. Traditionally, the sound board was a miracle recording that escaped barefoot, but this work is a flashy, powerful, dynamic show with a deep bass that is chewy, and the show is the final of the first world tour Chiakiraku (= THE REVOLUTION). (Performance), the tension of experiencing the world and the feeling of openness unique to the final day are fully open. It is a world-class cultural heritage from Japan that Japan is proud of!
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伝説の初来日にして、THE REVOLUTIONのラスト・ステージでもあった1986年のジャパン・ツアー最終日。その一部始終を真空パックした超名盤がブラッシュ・アップ、永久保存プレス2CDで登場です。

そんな本作に封じ込められているのは「1986年9月9日:横浜スタジアム公演」。その超絶級オーディエンス録音です。そう、5年前に発掘されたオリジナル録音『THE FINAL PARADE』を最新・細心マスタリングで磨き直したものなのです。『THE FINAL PARADE』をご体験の方ならすでに心を決められていると思いますが、そうではない方のためにイチからご説明しましょう。何はさておき、まずはショウのポジション。日本洋楽史の事件でもあった伝説の初来日のスケジュールから紐解いてみましょう。

・9月5日:大阪城ホール 『COMPLETE OSAKA 1986』
・9月6日:大阪城ホール 『COMPLETE OSAKA 1986』
・9月9日:横浜スタジアム ←★本作★

これが1986年に実現した初来日。当店では名作『COMPLETE OSAKA 1986(Zion-087)』もご紹介しておりますが、それは日本とプリンスが初対面を果たした序盤の記録。それに対して本作は来日最終日でした。また、この来日はプリンス初のワールドツアー“PARADE TOUR 1986”の最終盤でもあり、本作こそが全世界千秋楽の一夜でもあった。もっと言えば、このツアーをもってTHE REVOLUTIONは解散している。つまり、このライヴが彼らのラスト・コンサートでもあるのです。
さて、そんな幾重にも特別な夜で記録された『THE FINAL PARADE』の登場は、まさに事件でした。全世界初公開のオリジナル録音だったのですが、そのサウンドが超絶。それまでも最終日は名録音が残されている事で知られてきたのですが、完全に既発群を一掃。芯も極太ならディテールも超繊細で、何より距離感がまるで感じられない。音色的にオーディエンス録音なのは分かるものの、サウンド・クオリティ的には完全にサウンドボード級の超名録音だったのです。
それだけの名録音だったのにも理由がある。実は、この録音を手掛けたのは、日本の録音史上でも最高の名手と謳われた伝説の名手。エリック・クラプトンやジェフ・ベック、PINK FLOYD、ミック・ジャガー、THE ROLLING STONES等々、当時を代表する数々の歴史的な録音を残してきた人物で、その手腕はかの名門キニーも凌駕するとさえ言われる。それこそ「日本のミラード」と呼ぶマニアもいるほどの達人による大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化された銘品中の銘品だったのです。

長くなってしまいましたが、ここまでお話ししたのはあくまで前回作『THE FINAL PARADE』の事。本作はさらに上を行く最高峰更新盤なのです! そのアップぶりは、目を見張る。もちろん、無闇矢鱈な音圧稼ぎなどは行っておりません。丁寧に各音域の特性を分析しつつ、整理していった。一番のポイントは、中高音の抜けとバランス。原音もサウンドボード的な極上サウンドではありましたが、当時のPAシステムや録音機材の関係もあってやや中高音が強めに記録されていました。本作では、そうした中高音と重低音の整合を取ったのです…………と、こうして文字にしてみると「??」という感じですが、聴いてみると違いは歴然なのです。
キンキン寸前だった前回に比べ、コシのある重低音がグッと迫り、ド派手・大迫力・ダイナミック!! 実のところ、原音からそれほど大きく変えていないハズなのですが、聴覚上はまるっきり別物に生まれ変わっている。デジタル・マスタリングは決して万能の魔法ではなく、元録音の個性によっては変えようがない事もしばしば。しかし本作はまったく逆で、ちょっと整えるだけで格段にアップグレードするタイプだった。しかも、大改造していないからこそ大事なナチュラル感も現実感も一切損なわれていないのです。

【歴史的なTHE REVOLUTIONのラスト・ギグ】
そんなアルティメイト・サウンドで描かれるのは、伝説の初来日にしてTHE REVOLUTION最後の夜。初来日4公演は、毎日少しずつセットが変化してもいましたので、固定曲/日替わり曲を分けて整理してみましょう。

・戦慄の貴公子:Controversy/Do Me, Baby
・1999:Delirious/Lady Cab Driver/Automatic/D.M.S.R./Little Red Corvette/1999
・パープル・レイン:When Doves Cry/Purple Rain
・アラウンド・ザ・ワールド・イン・ア・デイ:Around The World In A Day/Raspberry Beret/The Ladder(★)/Condition Of The Heart(★)/Pop Life/America(★)
・パレード:Christopher Tracy’s Parade/New Position/I Wonder U/Do U Lie?(★)/Under The Cherry Moon/Anotherloverholenyohead/Girls & Boys/Life Can Be So Nice/Kiss/Sometimes It Snows In April(★)
・サイン・オブ・ザ・タイムズ:It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night(★)
・その他:A Love Bizarre/(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?/Love Or $(★)

……と、このようになっています。『PARADE』の全12曲中10曲という大盤振る舞いを軸としつつ、各アルバムの名曲を幅広くセレクト。このツアーだけの貴重曲もいちいち曲名を挙げられないほど盛りだくさんです。しかも、そんなセットを紡ぐ演奏こそが素晴らしい。前述もしましたが、“PARADE TOUR”はプリンス初のワールドツアー(それまでは北米ばかりで、海外公演は欧州のショーケースが数回だけでした)。全世界の熱狂を目の当たりにしたテンションとやり切った達成感、それに明日の調子を考えなくて済む思い切りの良さ……そんな最終日の美点が最大限に活きている(逆に最終日の弱みはツアー疲れですが、日本は4公演だけですし、上陸前にしっかり休みも入れてあり、まったく疲れを感じさせません)。THE REVOLUTIONが奏でる躍動感もプリンスのシャウトも絶好調で、キャリア・ハイなんじゃないか……と思うような大熱演が繰り広げられているのです。


★「1986年9月9日:横浜スタジアム公演」の超絶級オーディエンス録音。5年前に発掘されたオリジナル録音『THE FINAL PARADE』を最新・細心マスタリングで磨き直したもので、そのサウンドは驚異的。従来からサウンドボードも裸足で逃げる奇跡の録音でしたが、本作はコシのある重低音がグッと迫り、ド派手・大迫力・ダイナミック!! ショウは初のワールドツアー千秋楽(=THE REVOLUTIONの最終公演)でもあり、世界を体験したテンションと最終日ならではの開放感が全開。日本が誇る世界に誇る日本発の文化遺産です!


Disc 1 (57:22)
1. Intro
2. Around The World In A Day
3. Christopher Tracy’s Parade
4. New Position
5. I Wonder U
6. Raspberry Beret
7. Delirious
8. It’s Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
9. Controversy
10. A Love Bizarre
11. Do Me, Baby
12. (How Much Is) That Doggy In The Window? / Lady Cab Driver
13. Automatic
14. D.M.S.R.
15. When Doves Cry
16. Little Red Corvette
17. Do U Lie?
18. The Ladder
19. Condition Of The Heart
20. Under The Cherry Moon
21. Anotherloverholenyohead

Disc 2 (61:14)
1. Love Or $
2. Head (incl. Hot Thing)
3. Pop Life
4. Girls And Boys
5. Life Can Be So Nice
6. 1999
7. America
8. Kiss
9. Sometimes It Snows In April
10. Purple Rain


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