Van Morrison / Live At Dominion 1982 / 1CDR

Van Morrison / Live At Dominion 1982 / 1CDR / Project Zip

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Live At Dominion Theatre, London, England March 21st 1982. Soundboard

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Singer of Ireland’s leading soul, Van Morrison sound board live of 82 years appeared! February 82, 1982 recorded a performance at the London · Dominion Theater, a unique performance that was unveiled at the time the number from the album “Beautiful Vision” of that time who was overwhelmed by New Age Music was demonstrated It is a highly recommended title recorded with high sound quality sound board sound source!


01. Into The Mystic / Moondance

02. Wavelength
03. Full Force Gale
04. Bright Side Of The Road
05. It’s All In The Game / You Know What They’re Writing About
06. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
07. Beautiful Vision
08. Cleaning Windows
09. Make Love To You (Bianca Thornton on vocal)
10. Help Me
11. Dweller On The Threshold
12. Haunts Of Ancient Peace
13. She Gives Me Religion
14. Vanlose Stairway
15. Summertime In England
16. Cyprus Avenue
◆Live At Dominion Theatre, London, England March 21st 1982


Project Zip. PJZ-684

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