Eric Clapton / Seattle 1985 / 2CDR

Eric Clapton / Seattle 1985 / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA 26th July 1985


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The complete recording of the Seattle performance of July 26, 1985 in the ultra-high-quality audience recording. “Seattle 1981” and “Seattle 1983”, the 1985 version of Seattle sound source of JEMS, which announced the highest quality board of ultimate level has been recorded remastered, this board also two titles the same in the previous, as the audience recording of the time recorded in full exceptional, unprecedented ultra-high sound quality. In first appearance it is finished in one piece to represent the 1985 North American tour. (Sound quality, a result of the pressing sound pressure medium bass from the bass was adjusted, was changed to the sound quality of the separation preeminent from treble to bass. This is really amazing!) But, in ’81 and ’83 the perfect content Seattle the difference, there is a problem with this recording take the early, SE at the beginning (1 minute 20 seconds) so sound out the master of the stage is intense listening painful place intermittently occurs (microphone trouble because the noise is also heard is presumed.), this part I was cut. (This impression of this recording edition only should change now.) Music, even since the start, in the future at the beginning where there is a fire in the REC level, but is slightly by the input excess from Tulsa Time, distorted sound is. and (I’m not at a level that does not hear, but I think I slightly listen spicy.) noticed JEMS side is a problem in the 21 th second of the second song of Motherless Children, the sound quality will be at once clear. And later in the ultra-clear high-quality sound to the end, you can enjoy high-quality performances of this time of Clapton band. Sound image also from beginning to end, stable, and you can listen as possible without any of the stress to last. Although there is a failure of the recording at the beginning, which is a considerable high-level recording take, fans are must listen.

This performances Upon the end of the North American tour due to “Behind The Sun”, long and band ensemble of iron-clad that has been completed through the tour, a play full of intense groove of Clapton to volley the sharpness sharp solo, more than this You can enjoy a great audience recording of thinking about not. In addition to this high-quality sound, this day Clapton tone is very well, “I Shot The Sheriff,” “Same Old Blues”, “White Room”, a particularly excellent sharpness of slow-hand playing the solo in such as “Layla” it is possible to taste to fully, value to get this board to just listen to this transcendent solo there is plenty. Lionel Richie at the time popular peak in the special guest in the encore of the day appeared, you can listen to co-star in the Knock On Wood and You Do not Know Like I Know. (Lionel Richie is played with Clapton in the month of large events prior to this day, “Live Aid”, where it is of a great favorite play of Clapton. Richie was flying into even to this day of performances, concerts Exit rear two production Nakano their field solo album “DANCING ON THE CEILING” fart Roh participation wo Clapton similar request to the other door said to hand have increased. Anyway, that dark, Clapton Roh play moth like other field Desho cormorant.) Anti said other historical subject one also with excellent and can experience in sound story. Super must listen take to represent the 1985 North American tour, it is the appearance in the bonus title.

1985年7月26日のシアトル公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。「Seattle 1981」「Seattle 1983」と、究極レベルの最高音質盤を発表したJEMSの1985年版シアトル音源をリマスター収録しており、本盤もまた、先の2タイトル同様に、当時のオーディエンス録音としては完全別格・破格の超高音質で収録。初登場にして1985年北米ツアーを代表する一枚に仕上がっています。(音質は、低音から中低音を押さえ音圧を調整した結果、高音から低音まで分離感抜群の音質に変りました。これは本当に凄いです!)ただ、完璧な内容の81年と83年シアトルと違い、今回の録音テイクには序盤に問題があり、冒頭のSE(1分20秒)はマスターの段階で音切れが激しく聴き辛い箇所が断続的に発生するので(ノイズも聞こえるのでマイクトラブルと推測されます。)、この部分はカットしました。(これだけで本録音版の印象ははなり変わるはずです。)楽曲がスタートしてからも、冒頭箇所に今後はRECレベルに難があり、Tulsa Timeから入力過多により若干ですが、音が歪んでいます。(聞けないレベルではないですが、やや聴き辛いかと思います。)2曲目のMotherless Childrenの21秒目でJEMS側が問題に気付き、音質は一気にクリアーになります。以降は最後までウルトラ・クリアーな高音質で、この時期のクラプトン・バンドの高品質な演奏を楽しむことができます。音像も終始、安定しており、ラストまで一切のストレスなく聴き切ることができます。冒頭の録音の失敗はあるものの、これは相当ハイレベルな録音テイクであり、ファンは必聴です。

本公演は「Behind The Sun」に伴う北米ツアーの終盤にあたり、長いツアーを経て完成された鉄壁のバンド・アンサンブルと、切れ味鋭いソロを連発するクラプトンの強烈なグルーブに満ちたプレイを、これ以上は考えられない程の素晴らしいオーディエンス録音で楽しむことができます。この高音質に加え、この日はクラプトンの調子が非常に良く、「I Shot The Sheriff」、「Same Old Blues」、「White Room」、「Layla」のソロなどでは特に切れ味抜群のスローハンド奏法を存分に味わうことができ、この超絶ソロを聴くだけでも本盤を入手する価値は十分にあります。この日のアンコールにはスペシャル・ゲストに当時人気絶頂のライオネル・リッチーが登場、Knock On WoodとYou Don’t Know Like I Knowでの共演を聴くことができます。(ライオネル・リッチーはこの日に先立つ当月の大イベント「ライブ・エイド」にてクラプトンと共演しており、そこでクラプトンのプレイを大いに気に入ったとのこと。リッチーはこの翌日の公演にも飛入りし、コンサート終了後に制作中の自分のソロ・アルバム『DANCING ON THE CEILING』への参加をクラプトンに要請したと言われています。とにかく、そのくらい、クラプトンのプレイが気に入ったのでしょう。)こういった歴史的ストーリーも音で体感できる優れた一枚。1985年北米ツアーを代表するスーパー必聴テイクが、ボーナスタイトルで登場です。

Disc 1 (60:16)
1. Tulsa Time 2. Motherless Children 3. I Shot The Sheriff 4. Same Old Blues 5. Tangled In Love
6. White Room 7. Steppin’ Out 8. Wonderful Tonight 9. She’s Waiting 10. She Loves You

Disc 2 (45:47)
1. Badge 2. Let It Rain 3. Double Trouble 4. Cocaine 5. Layla
6. Knock On Wood (with Lionel Richie) 7. You Don’t Know Like I Know (with Lionel Richie)

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Tim Renwick – Guitar Chris Stainton – Keyboards
Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn – Bass Jamie Oldaker – Drums Marcy Levy – Vocals Shaun Murphy – Vocals

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