Pink Floyd / Carnegie Hall 1972 Stereo Master /1CD

Pink Floyd / Carnegie Hall 1972 Stereo Master / 1CD / Sigma

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Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY, USA 2nd May 1972.


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New excavation sound source appeared !! the end of the year the last Pink Floyd in 2015 of Floyd final work is first appearance, Hatsune board of title startle the label has its own availability decorate the last hurray !!

This Sigma label Floyd specialty was Furimaki the topic to fans in a variety of masterpiece title this year. Among them, ’44 pretend to Hakone Aphrodite of new excavation treasured reel sound source who viewed yang eye “HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored (Sigma 139)” Although it was the largest, as the other in Floyd’s first boot leg LP board also 72 the ’70 Santa Monica performance, which has been known, label it was revived in the reel-to-reel from another source of ultra superb sound that you own available “SANTA MONICA OCTOBER 1970 (Sigma 130)”, also it has been popular for many years year Sapporo performances reel master, recorded person himself tailoring directly provide us gotten was kind tape from the sound quality superb direct transfer board “SAPPORO 1972: Direct Reel Master (Sigma 137)”, etc., fans in a number of title a I was making headlines. And on the other hand conspicuous of the “CHICAGO 1973 (Sigma 132)” and “DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134)” It is the presence of the label first appearance Bootleg Hatsune board of title to be representative in. And of a final last month even 75 years Landover performances June 9 was the world Hatsune bunker using the finest treasured source of label own available “DEFINITIVE LANDOVER 1975 (Sigma 142)” has been released, had a major impact on fan It is a place still fresh in our memory.

Such folding, those label other day we get a treasured source that once again becomes the label’s first appearance, Hatsune Banka. This May 2, 1972, New York in the recording at Carnegie Hall, is the sound source, which has been known as a very bad monaural sound source of the sound quality until now. But it can be said this time take a person Sigma have obtained what realistic stereo, yet floating around the inferior mono version was (it is assumed that the ※ probably Omoto master of this mono version) completely different thing and, boasts a super superb sound quality shocking hyper-upgraded version of I !! By the way, this sound source is originally also known as a sound source that there is only the second half, the second part only of the show, also, but is there a the emergence of only the small the second half this time, however Its sound quality is simply the sound would be only of large excitement strongest realistic stereo because sound of I of the Special A class of different dimensions and AUD recording good! Moreover encore wait long intermission and MC, tuning, etc., all of the second part There has been full uncut recording from its onset, and I have just become a worthy sensational title to round out Floyd in 2015 !!

The impact appears from the front “One Of These Days” performance start, first from the left channel “… It’s Pink Floyd, Carnegie Hall”, from followed by the right channel as “… May 2nd 1972”, and perhaps recording’s how a person that seems has blown the live data in the field will come out in stereo. Although this by I suggesting that it is playing and stereo recording of the day without this recording mistake, performance starts to move and the visibility good excellent sense of stereo spread at once, guitar with a good gloss of Tsubudachi the range full such as the diffusion to Yuku appearance or keyboard sharply resounding how to, is certain that all of the sound output is overwhelmed by the extensive sound out the strong clarity. To floating feeling and depth of sound emanating from each part in the rhythm-less scene from the vicinity of 3 minutes 37 seconds will pop out in a special grade of super superb stereo sound, scene of musical driving force Yuku further increased (※ 6 minutes near to 34 seconds) are also out very sharp DRIVE feeling is accompanied by close of the sound, this may be fainted when first listening. Also after finale it contains about 2 minutes about tuning scene, but this is also vividly very sound up close, in a tone adjusted so many spectators felt so in Hakone Aphrodite of ’71 gloss of turbid tone even likely would think that part of the song in the sound has alive. “Eugene,” It is a magnificent and enjoy the sound can be one song that fulfilling even, but rare scene continued, Nick also beat this day to show the movement of base rich in highly variable over the vicinity of 3 minutes and 22 seconds to 4 minutes 39 seconds was expedited by such responsive to this includes the approach of this day unique, yet the other day playing in that can also be confirmed Pyro’s explosion sound and at the same time Scream begins you will be able to enjoy a different impression To much. After playing I here also about 2 minutes a little tuning scene has been recorded full, but air feeling is also vivid preeminent out with actual sound equivalent of dense is located on the margin of sound in this tuning.

“Echoes” also appeared in high-quality clear sound as the introductory part seems this time of ’72 to shudder, a state leading the music guitar with beautiful sound to sew the skin spreads exquisite realistic stereo. Also not shake-Zu completely shake what sound image because these spacious songs, perfectly well understand that you have come up with the focused sound, good state of preservation of the master tape also will who can be felt to the full extent. Chorus by Gilmour and Rick also get to listen to perfect from the onset, how the lyrics you have finished singing flies in one after another space then you Yuki flowing at high resolution sound of ultra-grade, guitar in the second half is coming again part ( ※ 20 minutes and 33 seconds to) in it, such as stand up while putting the run-up specific arpeggio rather than stand up to slip like the other day performances, this day will appear in vivid sound dazzling also unique approach so please stay tuned. And after playing the end of it is as it is about 6 minutes (!!) what encore wait and uncut recording, of course the enthusiasm and cheers of the day of the hall, how to sound out, which also serves as the tuning back to members stage a whole that they listen in full scale is also a big topic. “Mystery” is Shimiwatari in Ariston sound decoration is full of moisture of melody and sound full of inspiration from its onset, is sure that the guitar and distorted bizarre single melody of the keyboard is pulled out of the soul to the glare that intersects . scene that Roger guitar by the crash cymbal and a slide bar that hit up squeal in response (※ 3 minutes 07 seconds to 31 seconds) is also in the tremendous force, is in then the hustle and bustle of scenes portrayed in the free and open sound of each instrument it should be nailed the ear is vividly stands out. Although in about 5 seconds until the second half 12 minutes 06 seconds to 11 seconds is the trouble will not appear suddenly the sound of the organ has occurred, and Annals documentary than here also sound is called only to equipment trouble has come out at close range such as the image has come out bleeding, it has become a vivid outstanding performance.

This work because the recording has been song is Omagari of exceeding all 10 minutes but is there more than 70 minutes total, not be wiped the image of incomplete recording of only the second half of the show just by looking at the package and the number of songs Credit award. But the sound quality of this extraordinary best realistic stereo also in view it has become a thing that more than makes up for it, if the apex of all of ’72 sound source definitely if there is a show the first half part in this recording There is no difference to has been a crucial source of reigning. Even though the cracks, even though the collapse shape, really good coffee beans even in pieces that were cut also a exactly the same sweet as tickle the nose of the quality, integrity as a recording material is also missing This meet and listen to the astounding sound will keep carved deep lingering enough to tremble out of his heart. We have prima facie remastering to consult the release, recording original sound Yes bear almost noise removal and about pitch adjustment of the point where noticeable because was the more need there is no high-quality ones, and charm that source has power has become a disc out in refreshing about de fastball. Since it was to hear us by passing the sound even in our shop, if you can call out to the clerk, this weekend, and New Year’s Eve, please check your its realistic stereo of power by all means to take this title in hand. Exactly would listen and leaned, is the last grade Hatsune board of title Floyd in 2015 !!

年内最後のピンク・フロイドに新発掘音源が登場!! 2015年のフロイド最終作はレーベルが独自入手した驚愕の初登場・初音盤化タイトルが有終の美を飾ります!!

フロイド専門の当Sigmaレーベルは今年も様々な傑作タイトルでファンに話題を振り撒きました。中でも44年振りに陽の目を見た箱根アフロディーテの新発掘秘蔵リール音源『HAKONE APHRODITE 1971: Remastered & Restored (Sigma 139)』はその筆頭でしたが、その他にもフロイド初のブートレッグLP盤として知られていた70年サンタモニカ公演を、レーベルが独自入手した超極上サウンドの別ソースからリール・トゥ・リールで甦らせた『SANTA MONICA OCTOBER 1970 (Sigma 130)』、また長年親しまれてきた72年・札幌公演のリールマスターを、録音した御本人から直接御提供戴いた現物テープで仕立てた音質極上のダイレクト・トランスファー盤『SAPPORO 1972: Direct Reel Master (Sigma 137)』等、数々のタイトルでファンを賑わせました。そしてその一方で目立ったのが『CHICAGO 1973 (Sigma 132)』や『DORTMUND 1981 3RD NIGHT (Sigma 134)』に代表されるレーベル初登場・ブートレッグ初音盤化タイトルの存在です。つい先月も75年6月9日のランドーバー公演をレーベル独自入手の極上秘蔵ソースを使って世界初音盤化した『DEFINITIVE LANDOVER 1975 (Sigma 142)』がリリースされ、ファンに大きな衝撃を与えたのはまだ記憶に新しいところです。

そんな折、先日当レーベルはまたもやレーベル初登場・初音盤化となる秘蔵音源を入手致しました。これは1972年5月2日、米国ニューヨークはカーネギーホールでの録音で、今までは非常に音質の悪いモノラル音源として知られていた音源です。しかし今回当Sigmaが入手したテイクは何とリアル・ステレオ、しかも出回っていた粗悪なモノラル版とは完全に別物(※恐らくこのモノ版の大元マスターと思われます)と言える、超極上音質を誇るショッキングなハイパー・アップグレード版なのです!!ちなみにこの音源は元々ショウの後半・第二部のみしか存在しない音源としても知られており、今回もそのショウ後半部分だけの登場ではあるのですが、しかしその音質は単に音が良いだけのAUD録音とは次元の違う特Aクラスの最強リアル・ステレオ・サウンドなのですから大興奮でしょう! そのうえアンコール待ちの長い幕間やMC、チューニングなど、第二部の全てがその出だしから完全ノーカット収録されており、まさにフロイド2015年を締め括るに相応しいセンセーショナル・タイトルとなっているのです!!

その衝撃は「One Of These Days」演奏開始前から現れ、まず左チャンネルから「…It’s Pink Floyd, Carnegie Hall」、続いて右チャンネルから「…May 2nd 1972」と、恐らく録音者と思われる人物が現場でライブデータを吹き込んでいる様子がステレオで出てきます。これによって本録音が間違いなくこの日の演奏とステレオ録音である事が伺えるのですが、演奏が動き出すとその視界良好な抜群のステレオ感が一気に広がり、粒立ちの良い艶のあるギターが音域一杯に拡散してゆく姿やキーボードが鋭く鳴り響く様子など、全ての出音が力強く明瞭に出る充実した響きに圧倒されること確実です。3分37秒付近からのリズムレスなシーンでも各パートから出る音の浮遊感と奥行きが特級の超極上ステレオ・サウンドで飛び出しますし、音楽的な推進力が更に増してゆくシーン(※6分34秒付近~)も音の間近さを伴う非常に鋭いドライヴ感が出ており、これは初めて聴いたら卒倒されるかもしれません。また終曲後には約2分程度のチューニング・シーンが含まれているのですがこれも非常に音が間近で生々しく、71年の箱根アフロディーテで観客の多くがそう感じた様にトーン調整中の混濁した音でさえも曲の一部と思ってしまいそうな音色の艶が息衝いています。「ユージン」も充実した格調高い響きを堪能出来る一曲ですが、この日は3分22秒付近~4分39秒にかけてベースが非常に変化に富んだ動きを見せる珍しいシーンが続き、ニックもビートを速めてこれに呼応するといったこの日ならではのアプローチが含まれており、しかもスクリームが始まると同時にパイロの炸裂音も確認出来る事で他日演奏とは随分と違う印象を堪能出来るでしょう。演奏後にはここも約2分強のチューニング・シーンがフル収録されているのですが、このチューニング中の音の余白にある空気感も実音同等の濃密さで出ており生々しさ抜群です。


1. One Of These Days 2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3. Echoes 4. Blues

Sigma 145

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