Pink Floyd / Brighton 28th June 1972 1st Gen / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Brighton 28th June 1972 1st Gen / 2CD / Sigma
The Dome, Brighton, East Sussex, UK 28th June 1972

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The label’s first appearance sound source is electric shock advent !!
Pink Floyd 1972 “Another Brighton Dome sound source” has a 1st gen source that far exceeds the existing version !!
At the world premiere of the prototype version of “Insanity”, they had to stop playing due to equipment trouble, and they were on the same stage five months later.
The challenged retry performance and its energetic appearance will be revived with high quality sound!

The real thrill of Floyd’s 1972 performance is that you can listen to the lively performance of the prototype version of “Crazy”.
The approach of this period, which is different from the later completed form, is very popular, so it goes without saying that there are many good titles. The most important key point in this is the performance at Brighton Dome in the UK on January 20, when the prototype version of “Insanity” was premiered in the world. However, almost five months after its premiere, the second Brighton Dome performance in 1972, which was held at the same venue on June 28, has remained almost unseen. “ECLIPSED BY THE DOME (Godfatherecords GR 481/482)”, which appeared on the overseas Godfather label in 2011, has been known as the only title to listen to “Another Brighton Dome Performance” on June 28th. .. There are only overseas titles about 10 years ago, and it is almost disappearing now, but the biggest reason why this performance is fading from people’s memory is the trial made at the same Brighton Dome on January 20, 1972. This is probably because the world premiere sound source of the version “Crazy” has a great impact.

Usually, “Brighton Dome in 1972” refers to the dark side world premiere sound source on January 20, but it is strange that this June 28 Brighton Dome can not be talked about at the same time. It’s a story. Because at the world premiere five months ago, the show was interrupted due to equipment trouble (* hum noise began to drift from the middle of the performance of “The Mortality Sequence”, and the performance was unavoidably stopped in the middle of the next “Money”. Therefore, the performance of the prototype version that can be heard at this performance site was also a chance to recover the stigma, that is, the “retry of the world premiere” that came back five months later. The members at that time must have forgotten the bitter memory of the premiere that had to be interrupted on the way, and for that reason the retry performance of the prototype version “Crazy” that can be heard here is also an answer performance that licked spicy acid. So, let’s say that the current situation where such an important sound source is being pushed to the corner of memory is the extreme of grief as a fan and a label.

The 1st gen of this June 28 source was released on the net the other day as if to satisfy such a craving. The sound quality of the first-generation cassette, which was copied directly from the master recording, had a high quality that surpassed the above-mentioned Godfather board sound, which was the only known sound so far. The pitch that was slow in the public source has been corrected to return to the normal appearance, and the phase that is slightly tilted occasionally is adjusted firmly so that the sound rises correctly in the center. In addition, by removing minute noise in units of almost one bar and polishing the whole, an upgraded sound of the iron wall that was pierced with a quality that is orders of magnitude higher than that of the Godfather board was born. This is a new record made from a set of two press records, which is Sigma’s latest work, which will become the new global standard for Brighton Dome (June 28) in 1972!

This 1st gen, which conveys the retry of the world premiere, started recording from the point where the heartbeat of “Speak To Me” almost started to sound, and at this point the sound already exceeds the Godfather board (* hereinafter referred to as “already released board”).・ You can feel the potential. “Travel” also runs with a heavy sound with a core and a lingering sound that exceeds the existing board, but “Time” is demonstrating its true power because this 1st gen is tuned correctly this time. is. The vibration of the sound that penetrates here is at a special level, and the singing voices of Rick and Dave are close and transparent, and with a rich thickness, it is a scene where you can feel the goodness of the original recorded sound to the maximum. At the premiere, “The Mortality Sequence”, which had equipment troubles, also had excellent reading SE and synthesizer sound at the beginning. The compromise between words and music has been revived with the proximity and clarity that dismisses the existing board, and it is clear that the spicy acidity of the equipment trouble that they experienced at the premiere is diminishing due to its high resolution. In addition, “Money”, which had to be interrupted at the premiere due to the worsening equipment trouble, will be revived with its special sound quality. Only around 4:07 to 15 there will be a scene where the process is processed from fade out to in (* probably connected by tape exchange), but if you listen to the front and back, you can see that there is no omission in the performance, so it is inferior. There is almost no impression, and you can enjoy the development beyond the interruption at the premiere with pure dynamic high resolution sound. “Us and Them” should be overwhelmed by the direct hit feeling of the 1st gen sound with the best transparency. Here too, the sound deteriorates for only a few seconds on the way (* 3: 00-08), but it recovers immediately, and everyone is overwhelmed by the vivid sound waves that are directly inherited from the master original sound. Let’s do it. In addition, the SE of the voice comes in about 1 minute from around 4:47 in the latter half of the song, and this recording has the feature that the SE in the hall can be heard very well everywhere like this. From this, it seems that there is a recorder in the immediate vicinity of the speaker, and it is a topic that can not be overlooked that you can experience a part of the sound output system by quadrophonic.

The sound quality is further improved when it comes to Disc 2. The fact that it contains plenty of 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the performance, including tuning, is also a documentary feeling, but the resolution of “One Of These Days” is also amazing. The toughness of the midrange is further enhanced, and the treble that is centered around the guitar and synthesizer is overwhelming, so you can enjoy a truly perfect listening response. In “Careful With That Ax Eugene”, in addition to such an improvement in sound potential, the dynamic range (= difference in sound intensity) stands out, and the transparency of the first half is also the highest level of depth and tone for AUD recording in 1972. The flood of sounds of the day is being conveyed to the present day. “Echoes” features a sticky treble extension centered on the synthesizer in the first half and a sharp guitar transition emitted from the slide bar, which appears with exceptional smoothness, which matches the thick singing voice unique to 1st gen. It’s a surprising response. In the section of “Nothing 14”, the synthesizer spreads in all directions and the mute guitar notch is beautiful, and the massive sound involving the bass has increased in volume and the heartbeat of the essential original sound has been revived. After the end of the song, the sound is interrupted once after the applause rises, but when I listen to the front and back, there is no lack of scenes, and the tuning that can be heard here is a perfect score of over 3 minutes and 45 seconds. In “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”, Roger’s singing voice is closer and clearer than the existing version, and the blinking magical image hits the ear directly with the vividness and massiveness peculiar to the first generation tape. You will be surrounded by the joy of coming. What is even more surprising is that the recordings continue to rotate endlessly even after the performance ends, capturing the state of the venue after the end of all the performances, which completely shakes off the bitter memories of the premiere, for more than 4 minutes and 15 seconds. It is. A big applause and cheers were also occurring just before the end of the tape, and a live recording that tells that it seems that there was some movement on the stage (* members showed up from the side of the stage, waved hands, etc.) You will be shocked by the feeling.

Even so, the sharpness and straightness of the recorded sound that can be felt throughout the recording is considerable. This is a level that is almost certain to be in the top even if you take a bird’s eye view of the entire recording of 1972. I don’t mean to blame the Godfather board “ECLIPSED BY THE DOME” that has conveyed the pattern of June 28th, but the biggest thing that the recorded sound and the existence of the title have been pushed to the corner of people’s memory. The reason for this is probably that the sound side lacked the strength to dispel the impact of “madness / world premiere”. Instead of surpassing the impact of the premiere, take this with a strong, high-resolution documentary sound. It is this toughness that is necessary for the sound source on June 28, which depicts the recovery of the premiere, and if this balance is established, the contents of both performances should be deeply engraved in the listener’s memory as a set.

We, the Sigma label, do not allow any compromise in terms of sound, because it is a record that will pass on the pattern of the day to the next generation by ending the role of such a godfather board. Therefore, this work is also the latest work that can form a strong synergy with “BRIGHTON JANUARY 1972 (Sigma 167)”, which is a record of the world premiere of the Dark Side on January 20th, without allowing compromise. If you already have this work, please take this deep connection, and if you do not have it yet, take this opportunity to pick up the Sigma 167 board as well, and you will see the pain and re-challenge trajectory related to the world premiere of “Insanity”. You will enjoy the sound with a perfect response. Please experience the joy with this latest Sigma work !!

ピンク・フロイド1972年” もうひとつのブライトンドーム音源 “に、既発盤を遥かに超える1st genソースが登場!!

後の完成形とは随所で異なるこの時期のアプローチは人気も高く、それゆえ多くの良タイトルが存在する事は今更申し上げるまでもありません。この中で特に重要なキーポイントとなるのは、やはり試作版『狂気』が世界初演された1月20日の英国ブライトンドーム公演でしょう。しかしその初演からほぼ5ヵ月後、6月28日に同じ会場で行われた72年で2回目のブライトンドーム公演については殆どスポットが当たらないまま現在に至っています。2011年に海外のゴッドファーザー・レーベルから登場した『ECLIPSED BY THE DOME (Godfatherecords G.R. 481/482)』はそんな6月28日、” もうひとつのブライトンドーム公演 “が聴ける唯一のタイトルとして知られてきました。約10年前の海外タイトルだけあって現在ではほぼ見掛けなくなりつつありますが、しかしこの公演が人々の記憶から薄れている最大の理由は同72年1月20日に同じブライトンドームで行われた試作版『狂気』の世界初演音源がインパクト絶大だからでしょう。

通常” 72年のブライトンドーム “と言えば1月20日のダークサイド世界初演音源を指すものですが、しかしそうであればこそこの6月28日のブライトンドームが併せて語られないのは変な話です。というのも5ヶ月前の世界初演では機材トラブルによってショウを中断している(※ 「The Mortality Sequence」の演奏半ばからハム・ノイズが漂い始め、次の「Money」の途中でやむなく演奏を打ち切っている)ため、この同公演地で聴ける試作版の演奏は5ヵ月後に再び巡ってきた” 世界初演のリトライ “、すなわち汚名挽回のチャンスでもあったからです。途中で中断せざるを得なかった初演の苦々しい記憶を当時のメンバー達が忘れている筈が無く、それだけにここで聴ける試作版『狂気』のリトライ演奏は辛酸を舐めたアンサー公演ともなっている訳で、そんな重要音源が記憶の隅に追いやられている現状はファンとしてもレーベルとしても痛恨の極みと申せましょう。

そんな渇望を潤すかの様に先日ネット公開されたのがこの6月28日ソースの1st gen。何とマスター録音から直にコピーされた第一世代カセットの音質はこれまで唯一知られていた前述のゴッドファーザー盤サウンドを一跨ぎで越えてゆく高いクオリティを備えていたのです。公開ソースで遅めだったピッチも正常な姿に戻す修正を掛け、ほんの僅かに時折り傾く位相も中央で正しく音が聳え立つようガッチリとアジャスト。また微細なノイズもほぼ1小節単位で取り除いて全体を磨き上げた事で、ゴッドファーザー盤とは桁違いの品質で貫かれた鉄壁のグレードアップ・サウンドが誕生したのです。これをプレス盤2枚組で新規音盤化したものが本作、すなわち72年ブライトンドーム(6月28日)の新たなグローバル・スタンダードとなるSigma最新作なのです!!

世界初演のリトライを伝えるこの1st genは「Speak To Me」の鼓動がほぼ鳴り初めの地点から収録が始まっており、この時点で既にゴッドファーザー盤(※ 以降” 既発盤 “とします)を超えるサウンド・ポテンシャルが感じられるでしょう。「Travel」も芯の入った重量感満点サウンドが既発盤を超える余韻と共に駆けてゆきますが、この1st genが今回正しくチューニングされた事で真の威力を発揮しているのが「Time」です。ここで突き抜ける響きの波動は特上レベルで、リックとデイヴの歌声も近くて透明、かつ豊かな厚みも伴っており、オリジナル収録音の良さを最大限感じられるシーンになっています。初演では機材トラブルが発生した「The Mortality Sequence」も冒頭の朗読SEとシンセサイザーの出音が絶品。言葉と音楽の歩み寄りが既発盤を一蹴する近さと鮮明さで甦っており、その高い解像力の分だけ初演時に彼らが味わった機材トラブルの辛酸が薄れてゆくのをハッキリ確認出来るのです。またその機材トラブル悪化によって初演では演奏中断を余儀なくされた「Money」も特上の音質でその再挑戦の姿が甦ります。唯一4:07~15付近でフェイド・アウト~インで処理するシーン(※ 恐らくテープ交換による繋ぎ)が出てきますが、前後を聴くと演奏の欠落が生じていない事も確認出来るため聴き劣りの印象はほぼ無いですし、初演で中断されたその先の展開がピュア・ダイナミックな高解像サウンドで愉しめるのです。「Us and Them」も透明感最高な1st genサウンドの直撃感に圧倒される筈。ここも途中で数秒間だけ音の劣化が生じてはいるのですが(※ 3:00~08)それも即座に回復、マスター原音から直接継承した生々しい音の波動に誰もが打ちのめされるでしょう。また曲後半4:47付近から約1分間ほどに声のSEが入ってきますが、本録音はこの様に場内SEが随所で非常によく聴こえるという特徴を持っています。この事からどうやらスピーカーの直ぐ近くに録音機があったらしく、クアドロフォニックによる出音システムの一端が体感出来る事も見逃せないトピックとなっているのです。

ディスク2になると音質は更に向上。チューニングを含む開演前の様子をたっぷり2分30秒も収録している点もドキュメンタリー感満点ですが、「One Of These Days」の解像度がまた驚異的なのです。中音域のタフな量感が更に上がり、ギターとシンセサイザーを主軸にする高音の抜け具合も圧巻で、真に申し分の無い聴き応えが御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。「Careful With That Axe Eugene」ではそうしたサウンド・ポテンシャルの向上感に加えてダイナミックレンジ(=音の強弱差)が際立ち、前半部の透明感も72年のAUD録音としては最高レベルの奥行きと音艶で当日の音の洪水を現代に伝えています。「Echoes」は前半のシンセサイザーを軸にした粘りある高音域の伸びとスライド・バーから放たれる鋭いギターの移ろいが特上の滑らかさで登場、これが1st genならではの厚みの増した歌声とマッチして驚きの聴き応えです。” Nothing 14 “の区間もシンセサイザーの全方位への拡がりとミュートさせたギターの刻みが麗しく、ベースが絡むマッシヴな音も量感が増してエッセンシャルな原音の鼓動が甦りました。終曲後は拍手が湧き上がってから一度音が途切れていますが、これも前後を聴くとシーンの欠落は生じていませんし、ここで聴けるチューニングも3分45秒を超える現場感が満点です。「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」ではロジャーの歌声が既発盤より近くて鮮明ですし、その呪術的な心象の明滅が第一世代テープ特有の鮮やかさとマッシヴさで耳元を直撃してくる悦びに包まれるでしょう。更に驚きなのは演奏が終了してからも録音が延々と廻り続けている事で、初演の苦々しい記憶を完璧に振り払った全演目終演後の場内の様子を何と4分15秒間以上も捉えているのです。テープが終わる間際には大きな拍手と歓声も起こっており、ステージ上で何らの動き(※ メンバーがステージ脇から姿を見せたとか手を振った等)が最後にあったらしい事も伝え切る実況録音感に打ち震えるでしょう。

それにしても録音全体に感じられる収録音の鋭さと直球感はかなりのもの。これは72年の録音全体を俯瞰しても上位に入るのはまず間違いないレベルです。これまでこの6月28日の模様を伝えてきたゴッドファーザー盤『ECLIPSED BY THE DOME』を悪く言うつもりはありませんが、しかしその収録音やタイトルの存在が人々の記憶の隅に追いやられてしまった最大の理由は” 狂気・世界初演 “というインパクトを跳ね除けるだけの力強さがサウンド面に欠けていたからではないでしょうか。初演のインパクトを越えるのではなく、解像度の高い屈強なドキュメンタリー・サウンドでこれを受け止めること。初演のリカバリを描く6月28日の音源に必要なのはこのタフさなのであり、このバランスが築けてこそ双方の公演内容は聴く者の記憶にセットで深く刻まれる筈です。

そんなゴッドファーザー盤の役目を終わらせてこの日の模様を次世代へ引き継ぐ音盤化だからこそ、私達Sigmaレーベルは今回もサウンド面で一切の妥協を許しておりません。それ故に本作は、同じく妥協を許さずに1月20日・ダークサイド世界初演の模様を音盤化した『BRIGHTON JANUARY 1972 (Sigma 167)』と強いシナジーを結べる最新作ともなっています。既にお手持ちの方は是非その深い結び付きを本作で、未だお持ちでない方はこの機会にそのSigma 167盤も併せて手に取られると、『狂気』世界初演にまつわる苦悩と再挑戦の軌跡が手応え満点のサウンドで御愉しみ戴けるでしょう。是非その歓びをこのSigma最新作で御体験下さい!!


Disc 1 (44:43)
The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. Travel
4. Time
5. Breathe (Reprise)
6. The Mortality Sequence
7. Money
8. Us and Them
9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse

Disc 2 (62:48)
1. Tunings
2. One Of These Days
3. Careful With That Axe Eugene
4. Echoes
5. Tunings
6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Sigma 254

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