Pink Floyd / Uncut Concert Gebouw 1969 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Uncut Concert Gebouw 1969 / 2CD / Sigma

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands 17th September 1969 STEREO SBD(UPGRADE)


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in the bottom line of the initial PINK FLOYD, after the first, which dictated the direction of the The concept work “THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY”. The highest peak update board of the live album that becomes the symbol is decided to be permanently preserved.

[FLOYD’s first concept work “THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY”] “THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY” is the first step of the concept king PINK FLOYD, and they are repeating trial and error to establish their identity. It was a masterpiece of the era. It is a musical work reconstructed into two parts, “THE MAN” and “THE JOURNEY”, centering on the songs from “The Piper at the Dawn” to “More”, and was performed at “THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY TOUR” in 1969. Only performed. After all, it was not produced as a studio work, but the first act of the tour “September 17, 1969 Amsterdam performance” was broadcast on the radio. The FM sound board has been loved for many years as an “official substitute” music album that conveys FLOYD’s first concept work.
Nowadays, far from being semi-official, it is officially officialized as part of the box “THE EARLY YEARS 1965? 1972”, but this work updates the highest peak. It is a super-decision board that surpasses many existing groups and official boards in terms of length and sound. Before the content of the astonishment, first of all, the position of the show. A live disc of “UMMAGUMMA” is also produced from “THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY TOUR”, so let’s check it as well.

“January-February” More “production”
・ March 27 + April 14: UK # 1 (2 performances)
・ April 19 + 23: West Germany (2 performances)
・ April 26-May 16 Sun: UK # 2 (9 performances) ← * Ummagumma (live)
・ May 24-June 10: UK # 3a (7 performances)
《June 13 “More” released》
・ June 13-26 Date: UK # 3b (9 performances)
・ September 17 + 24: Netherlands (2 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
<< Release of “Ummagumma” on November 7 >>

[Uncut version of master tape that updates the highest peak] This is 1969 PINK FLOYD. A tour will be held in the spring after the production of “More”. There will be a break in June, but two Dutch performances have been added in the beginning of autumn. The performance of this work in Amsterdam was one night in September.
As mentioned above, the sound board recorded at such a show has been recognized as having the same or higher value as the official work, but this work is one that has updated its height. It is the supreme gem that digitized the pre-FM master tape of the broadcasting station “VPRO” completely uncut. To avoid misunderstanding here, the term “pre-FM” does not mean the broadcast master LP. The master tape before that. In other words, the “original sound” itself, which has never been converted into a physical groove, is contained.
In fact, the content is astonishing. It is clear that he is the original master from the fact that “Teatime” is about 5 minutes longer than the official board that was cut, but it is even longer than the already-released “THE PINK JUNGLE: THE 68/69 PRE-FM RECORDINGS” with a similar concept. It is an uncut version of 1 hour 21 minutes 27 seconds that does not fit on one CD. Moreover, not only the length but also the sound is the highest ever. The freshness of the scales that seems to fall from the ears is wonderful, and the natural sound permeates the heart. Of course, “THE PINK JUNGLE” was also superb, but when I listened to it with headphones, I felt (albeit subtle) deterioration. Especially easy to understand is the treble, and the sound of the hi-hat etc. was attenuated. It’s just a guess, but was the “THE PINK JUNGLE” master the limit of transfer technology at that time, or was there some kind of digital processing in the process of distribution? In any case, this work does not have such deterioration, and the natural beauty of the analog master flows out as it is.

[A full live album that is the starting point of the concept road as an early compilation] It is the first masterpiece of the concept king that is drawn with such the highest peak sound in history. As mentioned above, it is composed of two parts, “THE MAN” and “THE JOURNEY”, and the repertoire up to that point is rearranged and played. The title has also been changed, so let’s organize the contents here.

● Part 1: THE MAN (DISC 1)
1. Introduction
2. Daybreak → Band Arrangement “Granchester Ranch”
3. Work → Freeform song by percussion and vibraphone
4. Teatime → Drink tea on stage Yes ★ Cut in full on the official version ★
5. Afternoon → “Biding My Time”
6. Doing It → “Entertainment” in “The Garden Party Trilogy of the Domination”
7. Sleep → “Quick Silver”
8. Nightmare / Daybreak (Part 2) → “Simbalin”
9. Labyrinth → “Exit” of “Garden Party Trilogy of Domination”

● Part 2: THE JOURNEY (DISC 2)
1. The Beginning → “Green is “The Color”
2. Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep → “Eugene, Watch out for the Ax”
3. The Narrow Way → “Part 3” of “Narrow Way Trilogy”
4. The Pink Jungle → “Pow”・ R ・ Tok ・ H ”
5. The Labyrinths Of Auximenes → Middle part of “In Search of Light”
6. Footsteps / Doors → HOUSE HOLD OBJECTS Footsteps similar to the percussion instrument part of “The Hard Way”
7. Behold The Temple Of Light → “Narrow Way Trilogy” Written by: Part 3 ”An extension of the first few seconds
8. The End Of The Beginning →“ Mystery ”“ Celestial Voices ”

…… and so on. The early masterpieces have been reconstructed as a huge suite, with numerous sound effects such as footsteps, clocks, and crowds. That is exactly what is sprinkled with plenty of essence that is directly linked to “madness”.
A masterpiece of music innovation along with “Ummagumma” and “Atom Heart Mother”, the origin album of the concept king. It is a 2-disc set that stands at the highest peak in history. A historic super masterpiece that boasts a value equal to or higher than the official masterpieces. Please enjoy it anytime, forever with the permanent storage press 2CD.

★ A live album that symbolizes the first concept work “THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY”. This is a superb stereo sound board recording of “September 17, 1969 Amsterdam performance”. Although it is a sound board that has been officially formulated as part of the box, this work is the highest peak version digitized uncut from the station master tape. Not only is it more than 5 minutes longer than the official version, but it is also longer than the longest ever released, and the sound is overwhelmingly natural. It is a masterpiece of music innovation along with “Ummagumma” and “Atom Heart Mother”, and is a historical super masterpiece that is the origin of the concept road following “Insanity”.


「THEMANAND THE JOURNEY」は、コンセプトキングのピンク・フロイドの第一歩であり、アイデンティティを確立するために試行錯誤を繰り返しています。それはその時代の傑作でした。 『夜明けの口笛吹き』から 『モア』を中心に 『夜明けの口笛吹き』を中心に 『THE MAN』と 『THE JOURNEY』の2部構成に再構成され、 『THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY TOUR』で演奏された曲です。 1969年。演奏のみ。結局、スタジオ作品として制作されたわけではありませんが、ツアーの第一幕「1969年9月17日アムステルダム公演」がラジオで放送されました。 FMサウンドボードは、FLOYDの最初のコンセプト作品を伝える「公式代替」ミュージックアルバムとして長年愛されてきました。
現在、半公式ではなく、「THE EARLY YEARS 1965?1972」の一部として公式に公式化されていますが、この作品は最高峰を更新します。長さや音の面で、既存の多くのグループや公式ボードを凌駕する超決定ボードです。驚愕の内容の前に、まず第一に、ショーの位置。 『THE MAN AND THE JOURNEY TOUR』からも「UMMAGUMMA」のライブディスクが制作されているので、チェックしてみよう。

・3月27日+ 4月14日:UK#1(2公演)
・4月19日+ 23日:西ドイツ(2公演)
《 6月13日「もっと」リリース》
・9月17日+ 24日:オランダ(2公演)←★ココ★
<< 11月7日「ウマグマ」発売>>

[最高ピークを更新するマスターテープのノーカットバージョン] これは1969年のピンクフロイドです。 「More」の制作後、春にツアーを開催します。 6月に休憩がありますが、秋の初めに2つのオランダ公演が追加されました。アムステルダムでのこの作品のパフォーマンスは、9月のある夜でした。
実際、その内容は驚くべきものです。 「ティータイム」はカットされたオフィシャルボードより約5分長いが、すでにリリースされている「THE PINK JUNGLE:THE 68/69 PRE-」よりもさらに長いことから、彼がオリジナルマスターであることは明らかです。同様のコンセプトのFMRECORDINGS」。 1枚のCDに収まらない1時間21分27秒のノーカットバージョンです。また、長さだけでなく音も史上最高です。耳から落ちそうな鱗の鮮度が素晴らしく、自然な音が心に浸透します。もちろん「THEPINKJUNGLE」も素晴らしかったのですが、ヘッドホンで聴いてみると(微妙ではありますが)劣化を感じました。特に高音がわかりやすく、ハイハットなどの音が減衰しました。ただの推測ですが、当時の「THE PINK JUNGLE」は転送技術の限界をマスターしていたのでしょうか、それとも配信の過程で何らかのデジタル処理があったのでしょうか。いずれにせよ、この作品はそれほど劣化しておらず、アナログマスターの自然の美しさをそのまま流し出しています。




Disc 1 (41:05)
Part I: The Man
1. Introduction
2. Daybreak
3. Work
4. Teatime ★
5. Afternoon
6. Doing It
7. Sleep
8. Nightmare / Daybreak (Part 2)
9. Labyrinth

Disc 2 ( Part 2) 40:25)
Part II: The Journey
1. The Beginning
2. Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep
3. The Narrow Way
4. The Pink Jungle
5. The Labyrinths Of Auximenes
6. Footsteps / Doors
7. Behold The Temple Of Light
8. The End Of The Beginning


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