Paul McCartney & Wings / The Night At Hammersmith Odeon / 2CD+2CD+1Bonus CDR

Paul McCartney & Wings / The Night At Hammersmith Odeon / 2CD+2CD+1Bonus CDR / Smilin Ears
Live At Hammersmith Odeon , London, Uk 26th & 27th May 1973 ,George Harrison / Seattle Express / 2CD Plus Bonus Paul McCartney & Wings ‘ Glasgow 1973 CDR’

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George Harrison & Ravi Shankar / Seattle Express / 2CD / Smilin Ears. SE-2008A/B

Live At Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, USA 4th November 1974

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Paul McCartney & Wings ‘ Glasgow 1973 / 1CDR
Live at Green’s Playhouse, Glasgow, UK 24th May 1973

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★ Not only pitch correction and phase correction, but also the crackling noise that has been mixed from beginning to end has been thoroughly removed, making it easier to hear.
Live with almost no release. Monaural Aud has a lot of analog noise, and the distance of the sound can not be said to be short, but it is not far, and it is one of the last “listenable” in this tour sound source with few high-quality sound sources, while listening Get used to.
On this board, the speed that was drastically crazy with the original sound source was adjusted, and the noise such as crackling that was mixed all the time was thoroughly cleaned, making it much easier to hear than the original sound source. There are cuts in the song at several places, but you can enjoy it without much trouble.

With a thin plaque specification, the jacket is only on the front but offset printing!



01. Soily ★フェードイン/若干デジノイズあり
02. Big Barn Bed
03. When The Night
04. Wild Life
05. Seaside Woman
06. Turkey In The Straw
07. Little Woman Love
08. C Moon
09. Little Woman Love (Reprise)
10. Live And Let Die
11. Maybe I’m Amazed ★カットイン
12. My Love
13. Go Now
14. The Mess ★曲中カットあり
15. Hi,Hi,Hi
16. Long Tall Sally ★演奏後のアンコールを求める歓声などを2分以上に渡り収録

Smilin Ears. SE-2007A/B

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