Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 1990 3rd Night / 2DVDR

Paul McCartney / Tokyo Dome 1990 3rd Night / 2DVDR / Non Label

Live At Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 7th March 1990. PRO-SHOT


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( 3 pieces of ’em if two case of 4 title purchase , six title purchase cases ) is a benefit disc that give the two title each purchase (except products of less than 2,000 yen and Sale items ) CD · DVD at the store and mail order . This place ( we become \ 0 for convenience) or placed in a cart at the same time , at the time of the order , customers of the hope purport please fill in the remarks column items of this column .

Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 7th March 1990 PRO-SHOT

From solo visit to Japan first tour of Paul , from Tokyo Dome concert was held for six days , and full inclusion over a 2 hours 15 minutes on a pro shot footage of multi-camera , on the third day , the live of March 7 . Video of this seven days , which was recorded by the camera , rehearsal the 9th “closed -circuit ” of ( live planning to local city hall ) , you have continued to be also released several types of it as the title to this it is a thing of the familiar . ( This is also the 9th ) , it is the level which is hard to say that the high image quality in terms of image quality for at the stage of floating around , tape of the state which has passed through the dubbing has been used, but the 135 minutes the performance in Tokyo in ’90 , even if I say anything This is a video that was recorded in multi-camera pro shot across . Not change at all even if Omotte now of 2014 , but rather , Arigatami of its existence , I think in may be said that value is only growing . To say that dubbing degradation , it is a level to be able to enjoy (! To more) enough enthusiasts to see normally , not always suffer so often in terrible tracking noise , honest , now , even if the review , to fully I think it is good to say that high-grade gem . In which it can be said that does not start even if I rank cavil ” poor quality ” and in such a great video , and items typical , it is absolutely spectacular enough , the highlight full exactly . Sound is monaural , but because it is a sound board than anything else , the ease of listening to a distinguished , in the same screen , D tale of performance you can see very clearly . Joke action of Paul Band On The Run first half such that the arbitration in behavior such as teacher Hamish and lobby , those that can be enjoyed for the first time to watch in the picture . It is a highlight full anyway . This time , we have recorded in two pieces a version that seems to RAW without as long as it appeared through the net , but the video that a long time ago , has been around even ( this only none of them more than this current situation , the image quality you say that you are upgrading reliably than those of the times . ) , and gift perfect title for a fan to say, ” Maybe Miyo for the first time in many years .” 135 minutes , enjoy plenty !


Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 7th March 1990 PRO-SHOT

ポールの初のソロ来日ツアーより、6日間行われた東京ドーム公演より、3日目の、3月7日のライヴを、マルチカメラのプロショット映像で2時間15分に渡って完全収録。この7日の映像は、9日の「クローズド・サーキット」(地方都市会場への生中継企画)のカメラ・リハにて収録されたもので、これまで幾種類ものタイトルとしてリリースされ続けてきたお馴染みのものです。出回った段階で、ダビングを経た状態のテープが使用されていたため(これは9日も同様)、画質的には高画質とは言い難いレベルですが、なんといっても90年東京公演を135分に渡ってマルチカメラ・プロショットで収録した映像です。その存在の有難味は、2014年の今をもってしても全く変わらず、むしろ、その価値は高まるばかりと言っても良いのではないでしょうか。ダビング劣化と言っても、マニアが普通に見るには十分に(それ以上に!)楽しめるレベルであり、酷いトラッキングノイズにそれほど頻繁に悩まされるわけではなく、正直、今、見直しても、十分にハイグレードな逸品と言っても良いと思います。こんな素晴らしい映像に「画質が悪い」と難癖付けてもはじまらない、典型的なアイテムと言えるもので、まさに見応え十分、見所満載の逸品です。音声はモノラルですが、何といってもサウンドボードですので、聴きやすさは抜群で、その画面同様に、パフォーマンスのディテイルが手に取るように分かります。Band On The Run前半のポールがロビーとヘイミッシュを先生のような振る舞いで仲裁するような冗談アクションも、絵で観て初めて楽しめるもの。とにかく見所満載です。このたび、ネットを介して登場した限りなくRAWと思われるヴァージョンを2枚組で収録していますが、現状、画質的にはこれを上回るものはないだけに(これでも昔、出回っていたビデオ時代のものよりは確実にアップグレードしています。)、「久々に観ようかな」と言うファンにはうってつけのギフト・タイトルと言えます。135分、たっぷりとお楽しみ下さい!

Disc 1 (70:20)
1. Figure Of Eight 2. Jet 3. Got To Get You Into My Life 4. Rough Ride 5. Band On The Run
6. We Got Married 7. Let ‘Em In 8. The Long And Winding Road 9. The Fool On The Hill
10. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
11. Jam
12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band(reprise)
13. Good Day Sunshine 14. Can’t Buy Me Love
15. Put It There 16. Things We Said Today 17. Guitar Solo 18. Eleanor Rigby

Disc 2 (64:54)
1. This One 2. My Brave Face 3. Back In The U.S.S.R. 4. I Saw Her Standing There 5. Coming Up
6. Let It Be 7. Ain’t That A Shame 8. Live And Let Die 9. Hey Jude 10. Yesterday
11. Get Back 12. Golden Slumbers 13. Carry That Weight 14. The End

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 135min.

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