Paul McCartney / Archive Rarities Vol 7 / 2CDR

Paul McCartney / Archive Rarities Vol 7 / 2CDR / Beatfile

Timeline Collection Of Rarites 1986-1987. Soundboard



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seventh edition appeared in Paul McCartney latest Rare compilation series! 

The content of between 86-87 years this time. Unreleased album that became shelved what was produced in ’87 version different single from the album “Press-to-play” Track List and “Once Upon A Long Ago”, “return-to-Pepper Land I record the session to the sound source. “Edited together the rare recordings and live versions in the ’86 Royal variety of “Only Love Remains” of ’87 ferry aid to “Let It Be” further “Archive RARITIES” series first is seven bullets! !




DISC2 from Unreleased Album “Return To Pepperland” except = Track17 
01. Only Love Remains (single Mix) 
02. Angry (single Mix) 
03. Pretty Little Head (single Mix) 
04. Pretty Little Head (extended Remix) 
05. Write Away 
06. Tough On A Tightrope 
07. Tough On A Tightrope (extended Mix) 
08. More Talk Talk (extended Remix) 
09. Let It Be (Ferry aid 1987) 
10. Once Upon A Long Ago (single edit) 
11. Back On My Feet 
12. Once Upon A Long Ago (long version) 
13. Once Upon A Long Ago (extended version) 
14. Love Is Strange 
15. Rainclouds 
16. Cut Across Shorty DISC 2 01. Lindiana 02. I Love This House 03. We Got Married 04. Beautiful Night 05. Loveliest Thing 06. Squid 07. Big Day 08. This One 09. Love Come Tumbling Down 10. Christian Pop11. Atlantic Ocean 12. Mix/13 Love. Return To Pepperland 14 . PS Love Me Do/15. Same Love 16. Do not Break The Promises 17. Only Love Remains (Live 1986)

Beatfile. BFMAR007A/B

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