Paul McCartney / Archives Rarities Vol 4 / 2CDR

Paul McCartney / Archives Rarities Vol 4 / 2CDR / Beatfile

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Timeline Collection Of Rarities 1977-1979.


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Paul McCartney latest Rare compilation series fourth bullet comes up! I record a “back-to-the-egg” announcement time from album “London Town” by the content of between 77-79 years time. Edited together rare sound source 77 ~ 1979 single promo edit sound source, such as non-album tracks around the rough mix interesting album of each “Archive RARITIES” is the fourth bullet! !




= 03-19 DISC1 
DISC2 = 09-23 All Tracks Are Unreleased Rough Mix 

01. Mull Of Kintyre (Promo Edit) 
02. Mull Of Kintyre (Demo Take) 
03. I’ve Had Enough 
04. With A Little luck 
05. Girlfriend 
06. London Town 
07. Do not Let It Bring You Down 
08. Backwards Traveller 
09. Did We Meet Somewhere Before 
10. Do not You Wanna Dance 
11. Waterspout 
12. Boil Crisis 
13. Sugar Time 
14. You’ve Gone after 
15. Ranachan Rock 
16. Sometime Sunshine 
17. Cornish Wafer Sea Storm 
18. Rupert Song 
19. Flying Horses DISC2 01. London Town (Stereo Promo Edit) 02. I’ve Had Enough (Promo Mono Edit) 03 . With A Little Luck (Promo Stereo Edit) . 04 Girl’s School (Single B-Side) 05 Seaside Woman -. Suzy & The Red Stripes (German Mix) 06 B-Side To The Seaside -. Suzy & The Red Stripes (Single B-Side) 07. Goodnight Tonight (Extended Version) 08. Daytime Nighttime Suffering (Single B-Side) 09. Reception 10. Getting Closer 11. We’re Open Tonight12. Cage 13. Spin It On 14. Again And Again And Again 15. Old Siam Sir 16. Arrow Through Me17. To You/18. After The Ball / Million Miles 19. Winter Rose, Love Awake 20. The Broadcast 21. Rockestra Theme 22. So Glad To See You Here 23. Maisie


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