Paul & Linda McCartney / Ram Dr Ebbetts US Mono Mix / 1CD

Paul & Linda McCartney / Ram Dr Ebbetts US Mono Mix / 1CD / Non Label

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The Different Mono Mix Of “Ram”, The Famed US Promo Only 1971 LP (Apple, MAS-3375)

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I’m in “Ram’s Mono? Super Deluxe Edition” I think that it is reasonable. However, it was released as part of a lavish but very handling box set over there, original thing. I wonder if there are many people who do not have it or who do not hear it. Moreover, it is recorded after applying remastering from the master tape at the time of release. That’s right. Such a thing of ram botherly made the air play of the AM radio station which influence is big still in the beginning as Paul originally produces a hit by the beginning. In 1971, the perfect stereo era. Of course, the mono / mix for promotion made in such a trend accompanies naturally a vintage taste.
Surely the sound quality remastered with super deluxe edition is wonderful. However, although it is not unnatural, the finish that emphasized the low range and the high range is certainly different from the monaural sound engraved on the promotion board LP at the time of 71 years. The sound polished by the latest technology in 2012 is a splendid finish. Nonetheless, the charm of LP’s things of 71 years old can not be thrown away. The current LP record restoration will reflect exactly that trend.
However, if it becomes a mono LP of promotion only released in the stereo complete popularization period, obtaining the original is a high hurdle. It is also said that it is said that it is only pressed for AM radio stations, and there are no tens of existing numbers. In 2016 it was a super rare board that was bidding for $ 11,000 at an auction site. Not everyone can get it, and even if the previous Super Deluxe comes out, the value is not falling yet. In front of this headquarters thing, after the release of the same box remas- ser board thing limited LP was issued, but it is completely different. That is the natural and warmy sound of the original LP.
Dr. Ebbetts also released a promotional board which was difficult even to get it. Even before Dr. Ebbetts, there was an item that Ram’s thing CD was converted into, but it is a dramatic aspect of Dr.Ebbetts that it is so clean and natural that it is not comparable with it. It is speculated that he borrowed from the surrounding maniacs and traced the board of considerably good condition. Of course there are items that press CD version of Dr. Ebbetts in the past, but there is a feeling that was overlooked by the appearance of Super Deluxe. That will also be a natural course.

However, now when listening again, the Dr. Ebbetts version of lamb · thing is very natural. I fell in love with being finished to enjoy monophonic, analog and tic texture. And since it is a complete stereo era album, the difference between mixes is also likely to be overlooked. In fact, however, it included many differences just like the Beatles’ stereos and objects.

Too Many People
Because the fade-out is five seconds long, you can hear the continuation of the performance that had disappeared in stereo.

3 Legs
In the first place, the power of monaural-like performance is increasing. Beyond that, when Paul sings “A dog is here”, I hear a lot of breathtaking sounds (around 1 minute 38 seconds), but this was all cleaned out in stereo. It’s like a stereo and thing that makes it reminiscent of the Beatles’ If I Fell.

Dear Boy
It is known as a song easy to understand the difference with stereo among manias from before. It sounds enlarged and the sound that the pole roars the base is bigger than the stereo.

Monkberry Moon Delight
This is quite different mix. Unlike stereo, you can hear the sound of acoustic guitar everywhere, and a few echoes are added to Paul’s vocals. And one place to repeat song title in ending is erased (around 3 minutes 38 seconds) It is fresh that there is a blank.

Eat At Home
In stereo and monaural, there is a different misunderstanding between songs. In the case of objects, Paul murmurs as “yeah yea” with a low voice after the first singing out, which is not in stereo. Conversely, some of Linda’s back chorus heard in stereo is missing in mono.

Long Haired Lady / Ram On
These two songs are slightly empty between songs when it is stereo, but in mono, they are completely crossfaded, and this one is better as the finish of the work.


The Back Seat of My Car

A mix from which the base got closer than the stereo. The power is increased by stopping at the middle and finished in a more tight sound

The difference between these mixes is hidden there, which is specially made mono / mix-like finish (there are differences from other small stereos), plus plenty of air at that time in 1971 Natural flavor is also very attractive with vintage of originally promoted LP sucked in. It is an affordable limited press CD item that you can enjoy such a rare LP easily with CD. And when speaking of a thing, it is a mix made on the premise that the sound is emitted from the speaker. Please upload volume and enjoy!



Too Many People

3 Legs
そもそもがモノラルらしい演奏の迫力が増しています。それ以上にポールが「A dog is here」と歌う際(1分38秒辺り)に息を吸う音が大きく聞こえますが、これがステレオでは綺麗さっぱり消されてしまった。まるでビートルズの「If I Fell」を彷彿とさせるようなステレオとモノの違いです。

Dear Boy

Monkberry Moon Delight

Eat At Home

Long Haired Lady / Ram On

The Back Seat of My Car



1. Too Many People 2. 3 Legs 3. Ram on 4. Dear Boy 5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
6. Smile Away 7. Heart of the Country 8. Monkberry Moon Delight 9. Eat at Home
10. Long Haired Lady 11. Ram on 12. The Back Seat of My Car

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