Ozzy Osbourne / Philadelphia 1989 / 1DVDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Philadelphia 1989 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Tower Theatre, Philadelphia PA USA 4th June 1989. PRO-SHOT

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From OZZY OSBOURNE’s “NO REST FOR THE WICKED” US tour, the “Tower Theater” performance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be released as a special gift title on June 4, 1989, which is known as a major standard of video. !!

OZZY OSBOURNE plans the 2nd leg of the US tour at an interval of about 1 month after the end of the Japan tour and the European tour accompanying the release of “NO REST FOR THE WICKED”, and the live on the first day is pay-per-view. We announce that it will be broadcast nationwide. That is the Philadelphia performance on June 4th that was recorded in this work. Watched by many fans, this live has, of course, produced many titles since the VTR era. It is in a state of mixed boulders, such as some items that seem to have used lower generation with repeated copies only in the standard, but this time, even in the existing video, we selected the best material and remastered it. digitalization. It is the definitive edition of the same day video recorded with the highest quality that is almost comparable to the official!

From the backstage interview just before the live, Gieser, Castillo and others showed a friendly appearance to Zack, soothing the fans. However, at the live performance, from the opening “I Don’t Know”, he will perform a performance that is typical of metal Ozzy Osbourne. Among them, the highlight of this video is the energetic play of young Zack and the presence of Gieser who joined just before the start of the tour. Zack, who rampages in all songs, opens the engine from the opening. Listen to guitars that combine power and technology everywhere, not only in new songs such as “Blood breath In Paradise” and “Miracle Man”, but also in famous songs of successive guitarists such as “Flying High Again”, “Shot In The Dark”, and “Suicide Solution”. Let me do it. On the other hand, Geezer is familiar to the young Ozzy members without any discomfort, and looks as if he is showing what heaviness is. Especially in “Mr. Clowley”, it makes you feel the unique mood as if Gieser is the black magician sung in the song. It turns out that the mix of sounds is also taken into consideration, and it is also a nice point to be able to listen to his bass play in detail (this also plays a role in the excellent sound quality and material condition of this video). “Shot In The Dark,” which Ozzy himself described as “a favorable version,” got the best members and fully demonstrated the potential of the song. Ozzy also explodes the showmanship and splashes water from the stage to the audience with a bucket, so you can enjoy the live pattern that can only be done by Ozzy. In addition, the medley from “Sweet Leaf” to “War Pigs” and the familiar BLACK SABBATH numbers such as “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” have gained youthful dynamism by playing Zack, and even SABBATH fans will groan involuntarily. Let me hear you.

The pattern of this live is officially released as a live work of “JUST SAY OZZY” which recorded a part of the show. Due to various reasons, it was not possible to record all songs, and although it was announced from the beginning that this work was a “mini live album” that was not a complete version, the recording of 6 songs and about 30 minutes was really short, and the video It was also known that the release was only for the sound source, which also caused fans to complain. When comparing this video with this official sound source, Ozzy’s vocals are different in many songs, and you can enjoy the performance with outstanding quality, so you can enjoy the special live pattern in the best possible way. In addition, the value and fun of capturing the precious professional shot images of that time with vivid power is outstanding, and the content is exactly the same as the official one! Please enjoy this one, which should have been made into a press DVD as it is, together with the press CD title “OAKLAND 1989” released this week!

OZZY OSBOURNEの「NO REST FOR THE WICKED」アメリカツアーより、映像の大定番として知られる1989年6月4日,ペンシルバニア州フィラデルフィアの”タワー・シアター”公演が、嬉しいギフト・タイトルとして特別リリース決定です!

OZZY OSBOURNEは「NO REST FOR THE WICKED」リリースに伴うジャパンツアーとヨーロッパツアーの終了後、約1ヶ月のインターバルを置いてアメリカツアーの2ndレッグを計画し、その初日のライヴをペイ・パー・ビューで全米に放送する事を発表します。それこそが本作に収録された6月4日のフィラデルフィア公演。多くのファンによって視聴されたこのライヴは、当然ながらVTR時代より多数のタイトルを生み出してきました。定番だけに中にはコピーを重ねた下位ゼネレーションを用いたと見られるアイテムもあるなど玉石混交の状態ですが、今回は現存する映像でも特に優良な素材を選択し、リマスターを行った上でデジタル化。ほとんどオフィシャルにも遜色ない極上のクオリティで収録した、同日映像の決定版です!

ライヴ直前のバックステージにおけるインタビューからザックにギーザー、カスティロらが親しげな様子を見せ、ファンを和ませます。しかしライヴではオープニングの「I Don’t Know」から、メタルの権化オジー・オズボーンらしいパフォーマンスを披露します。その中で本映像の目玉は、何と言っても若きザックのエネルギッシュなプレイと、ツアー開始直前に加入したギーザーの存在感に尽きます。全ての楽曲で縦横無尽に暴れまわるザックはオープニングからエンジン全開。「Bloodbath In Paradise」や「Miracle Man」といった新曲はもちろん、「Flying High Again」・「Shot In The Dark」・「Suicide Solution」といった歴代ギタリストの名曲でも、随所でパワーと技術を兼ね備えたギターを聴かせてくれます。かたやギーザーも、若いオジーのメンバーらに違和感無くなじみ、ヘヴィネスの何たるかを身をもって示すかのような佇まい。特に「Mr.Clowley」では、ギーザーこそが曲で歌われる黒魔術師であるかのような独特のムードを感じさせます。音のミックスでもかなり配慮されているのが判り、彼のベースプレイを細かく聴き取れるのも嬉しいポイントです(これには本映像の優れた音質と素材コンディションも一役買っています)。オジー自身が「好ましいヴァージョンだった」としている「Shot In The Dark」は、最高のメンバーを得て曲が持つポテンシャルを存分に発揮。オジーもショウマンシップを爆発させ、ステージから客席へバケツで水をぶちまけるなど、オジー以外ではありえないライヴの模様を楽しめます。さらに「Sweet Leaf」から「War Pigs」に至るメドレー、お馴染み「Iron Man」・「Paranoid」といったBLACK SABBATHナンバーもザックのプレイで若々しいダイナミズムを得ており、SABBATHファンですら思わず唸る演奏を聴かせてくれます。

このライヴの模様は、ショウの一部を収録した「JUST SAY OZZY」がライヴ作品として公式リリースされています。様々な事情から全曲収録は出来ず、当初からこの作品が完全版ではない”ミニ・ライヴアルバム”であるとアナウンスされていたものの、6曲・約30分程度の収録ではさすがに短く、さらに映像が知られているのに音源のみのリリースだった事もファンの不満を募らせました。本映像をこの公式音源と比べた時、オジーのヴォーカルは多くの曲で異なる上、演奏も抜群のクオリティで楽しめるなど、スペシャルなライヴの模様を最高の形で満喫できます。さらに当時の貴重なプロショット映像を生々しい迫力で収めた価値や面白みは抜群で、まさに公式に準じる内容! 本来ならばこのままプレスDVD化されても不思議は無い一本を、今週リリースのプレスCDタイトル「OAKLAND 1989」と併せてどうぞお楽しみください!

1. Backstage Interview 2. Move To The Stage 3. Carmina Burana 4. I Don’t Know
5. Flying High Again 6. Mr. Crowley 7. Shot In The Dark 8. Bloodbath In Paradise 9. Guitar Solo
10. Sweet Leaf 11. War Pigs 12. Tattooed Dancer 13. Drum Solo 14. Tattooed Dancer(reprise)
15. Miracle Man 16. Suicide Solution 17. Iron Man 18. Crazy Train 19. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Zakk Wylde – Guitar Geezer Butler – Bass Randy Castillo – Drums
John Sinclair – Keyboards


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