Who / Complete Live In Seattle / 3CDR

Who / Complete Live In Seattle / 3CDR / Breakdown

Live At Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington April 16th 1980

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From the Who’s 80-year American Tour The Washington and Seattle 2 performances on April 15th & 16th appeared in a 3-disc set by the high-quality audience recording master! The sudden death of Keith Moon joins Kenny Jones of the former Faces as a drummer, the keyboard is supported by the former FREE John Rabbit Banderic, and the 80’s line-up with the horn section also added It is valuable. The songs of the album ‘Foo a you’ at the time, of course, are daily in Encore, the first day ‘Youngman Blues” Dancing in the Street ‘the second day’ Shekin All Over ” The Real Me “Is being shown. It is a highly recommended title as a must-hear live for the 80 year tour!


01. Substitute
02. I Can’t Explain
03. Baba O’Riley
04. My Wife
05. Sister Disco
06. Behind Blue Eyes
07. Dreaming From The Waist
08. Drowned
09. Who Are You
10. 5:15
11. Pinball Wizard
12. See Me, Feel Me
13. Long Live Rock

01. My Generation
02. I Can See For Miles
03. Sparks
04. Won’t Get Fooled Again
05. Young Man Blues
06. Dancing In the Street
◆Live At Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington April 15th 1980

07. Substitute
08. I Can’t Explain
09. Baba O’Riley
10. My Wife
11. Sister Disco
12. Behind Blue Eyes
13. Music Must Change
14. Drowned

01. Who Are You
02. 5:15
03. Pinball Wizard
04. See Me, Feel Me
05. Long Live Rock
06. My Generation
07. I Can See For Miles
08. Sparks
09. Won’t Get Fooled Again
10. Shakin’ All Over
11. The Real Me
◆Live At Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington April 16th 1980

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