Bob Dylan / Tokyo 2014 7th Night / 2CDR

Bob Dylan / Tokyo 2014 7th Night / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo, Japan 8th April 2014


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The complete recording of high-quality sound recording audience than the original master recording ‘s offer , the performance in Tokyo April 8 to become the Tokyo 7 th performance of Bob Dylan . The gift release earlier , became a reputation in many places ” great ! ” : This is due to the same taper and recording ‘s ” TOKYO 2014 2ND NIGHT & 4TH NIGHT ” , and it is recorded in high-quality sound very good . It is very rare live history of Bob Dylan equipment trouble occurs in this performance , performance that lead to the interruption has occurred . Further, it is also very rare this band that performs the jam session at the time of trouble is occurring . State at that time is recorded scrupulously in this sound source , it is a very valuable source .

7th day also will continue to play well but the noise is generated from the amplifier of the base just before the (Beyond Here Lies Nothin ‘) ends third song , Tony basis was away from the amplifier in a hurry . After Bob the song was over once had issued a sound something like hitting the piano , ever members also corresponds As you begin to play the melody as the motif Beyond Here Lies Nothin ‘ before long , jam that begins that it did not happen . ( Neuss has also hear this jam session . ) It is about 4 minutes over and in time , it is written a short jam in part fan site , but music firmly that it can not be said that the simple and short jam where it is is characteristic . It is a sound source that is well worth it just to hear this jam session .

The crew has been tinkering with equipment and dived under the piano during that time , but the member was somewhat decrease the wings are not expected appearance of improvement . Did you think of the band members also try to place connection somehow , notice how the or wandering around came out to one Dzudzu stage , and go back by hitting only once lightly cymbals , which are trying soften the venue . Among them , a big cheer goes up conspicuously. That’s right . Voltage goes up also venue to how Bob Dylan himself appeared on the stage what , looking still a guitar , but it may somewhat decrease the wings as it is , look just like the controller of drift venue that LOL has also been recorded . ( Laughs)

Then , announcement of twice venue will flow , but performance will also be resumed soon . ( Place to start is Omomuroni It seems Bob Dylan . Rather than announce resumption of play ) says word MC, also for equipment trouble in Japanese as ” Arigato ” When one part of the end . Will it not be a very valuable addition this state . The first track of revival after rare song Huck’s Tune. Thereafter , without any problem , great concert as always has been expanded . Japan tour of Dylan , a state of suspended play on this day , will be the future continue to be talked about among fans . Document of fan must listen very . Enjoy slowly and carefully with high-quality sound than the original board of the master .

ボブ・ディランの東京7公演目となる4月8日東京公演を、録音者提供のオリジナル・マスターより高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。先にギフト・リリースされ、各所で「素晴らしい!」と評判となった「TOKYO 2014: 2ND NIGHT & 4TH NIGHT」の録音者と同一テーパーによるもので、非常に優れた高音質で収録されています。この公演では機材トラブルが発生し、演奏が中断してしまうというボブ・ディランのライブ史上非常に珍しいことが起こりました。またトラブルの際にバンドがジャムセッションを行うというこれまた非常に珍しいことが起こっています。この音源ではそのときの様子が克明に記録されており、大変貴重な音源です。

7日目も順調に演奏をしていきますが、3曲目(Beyond Here Lies Nothin’)が終わる直前にベースのアンプからノイズが発生し、ベースのトニーは慌ててアンプから離れました。いったん曲が終わったあとボブはピアノを叩くような感じで音を出していましたが、やがてBeyond Here Lies Nothin’をモチーフしたようなメロディーを弾き始めるとメンバーも対応し、ジャムが始まるという未だかつて見られなかったことが起こります。(このジャムセッション中もノイスが聞こえています。)それは時間にして約4分強で、一部ファンサイトにはショートジャムと書かれていますが、ショートジャムと簡単には言えないしっかりと音楽になっているところはさすがです。このジャムセッションを聞くだけでも十分に価値のある音源です。


その後、2回会場のアナウンスが流れますが、ほどなく演奏も再開されます。(演奏再開のアナウンスはなくおもむろに始まるところはボブ・ディランらしいですね。)1部終了の際には「アリガトー」と日本語でMC、機材トラブルについても一言いっています。これまた大変貴重な様子ではないでしょうか。復活後の1曲目はレア曲Huck’s Tune。以降は、問題なく、いつものように素晴らしいコンサートが展開されています。ディランの日本ツアー中、この日の中断劇の様子は、今後もファンの間で語られ続けることでしょう。まさにファン必聴のドキュメント。オリジナル・マスターよりの高音質盤でじっくりとお楽しみ下さい。

Disc 1(78:22)
1. Things Have Changed 2. She Belongs To Me 3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ 4. Short Instrumental Jam
5. 25 Minutes Break(PA problems) 6. Huck’s Tune 7. Duquesne Whistle 8. Waiting For You 
9. Pay In Blood 10. Tangled Up In Blue 11. Love Sick 

Disc 2(60:15)
1. High Water (For Charley Patton) 2. Simple Twist Of Fate 3. Early Roman Kings 4. Forgetful Heart 
5. Spirit On The Water 6. Scarlet Town 7. Soon After Midnight 8. Long And Wasted Years 
9. All Along The Watchtower 10. Blowin’ In The Wind 

Bob Dylan – Vocal, Piano, Harp Tony Garnier – Bass George Recile – Drums
Stu Kimball – Guitar Charlie Sexton – Guitar
Donnie Herron – Banjo, Violin, Electric Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel

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