Neil Young & The Stray Gators / Coming Home A Bit More / 1CD+2Bonus CDR

Neil Young & The Stray Gators / Coming Home A Bit More / 1CD+2Bonus CDR /Non Label

Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virginia, USA 29th January 1973 Plus Bonus 2CDR “The Real 1973 Washington Show”

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Along with the Rolling Stones masterpiece “GOIN ‘BACK TO THE ROOTS AMERICAN TOUR-JULY 1972”, the best CD version has been released, another contra band music is Neil Young’s “COMING HOME” “A BIT MORE”. These are closely related to Stones’s “GOIN ‘BACK ~”. First of all, they use audience recordings captured at Norfolk’s Scope Arena. It is also the same that both artists use slicks of their own photos taken against a black background. Finally, the label also features artist photos.
As a veteran mania you may know, the release of the contra band is a simple design slick cover and the label is plain or the company mark is only printed, so it is released with an elaborate design limited to the above items Was really unusual. Nevertheless, the reason that the release ended with only the items of the two artists is presumed to be that there were few live giants at the same venue at that time. Also, as you can hear from the Stones ‘”GOIN’ BACK TO THE ROOTS AMERICAN TOUR-JULY 1972″, the point is that both titles have excellent sound quality.
“COMING HOME” is one of the best-selling audience albums that made use of the experience of the previous year’s Stones and recorded with excellent quality. Anyway, the strange balance that the performance and Neil’s voice can be heard nearby is still shocking in 2020. Yet, the voices of the surrounding audience have hardly been picked up. As expected, there are people who have put up this LP part as a “sound board” on YouTube. Moreover, since the 1973 live tour after the release of the masterpiece “Harvest” was captured with the highest sound quality, it could not be sold. To prove that, even TMOQ, a rival at the time, released a “COMING HOME” copy.

Contra band released a literal sequel “A BIT MORE” which collected songs that had not been recorded in “COMING HOME”. However, a strange phenomenon occurs here. Although it should have been a sequel to “COMING HOME”, the sound quality was lower than that. It didn’t get hit and it wasn’t even talked about. However, there were only LPs that could listen to the sound of the second half of the live such as “Alabama” with a decent sound at the time, and it was a fact that among the mania, it was appreciated as such.
And as with “GOIN ‘BACK TO THE ROOTS AMERICAN TOUR-JULY 1972”, the audience recording used for “COMING HOME” and “A BIT MORE” did not fulfill the sound source distribution at the tape stage, and probably I guess that the old man left it as LP. In the first place, the scope performance on January 29, 1973 is still only heard on these LPs.
Of course, the quality of “COMING HOME” is outstanding, so there were times when CDs based on LPs were released, but there is no CD that can tell the whole scope performance together with “A BIT MORE” was. On the other hand, there were files on the net that put these two together, but in order to make the scratch noise of vintage LPs as inconspicuous as possible, an equalization that narrowed the entire range was added. Certainly, there was a merit that it was easy to hear without noise, but it was a fact that it was spoiled even to the power and freshness of the amazing sound image of “COMING HOME”.

So, this time, we made a careful CD again from the original LP of “COMING HOME” and “A BIT MORE”. The former, for the first time, confined the strange closeness of the sound image and the wonderful freshness to the press CD, despite the distinctive state of the rough edges. On the other hand, the latter, which had a narrower sound range, has been equalized to minimize the difference in sound quality from the former. Although the sound quality of the “A BIT MORE” part is indeed degraded, if the “COMING HOME” is FM broadcasting by this processing, it is still a sound board, though it has the same texture as AM broadcasting It has been reborn as a state where you can hear the closeness of such a sound continuously.
In addition, there was a site (= Sugar Mountain HP) where the song order of “A BIT MORE” was different, and the song order of the two albums was actually posted as a set list on the day as it was. When making the CD, it was rearranged to the set list of the day properly. In addition, the “A BIT MORE” part had the disadvantage that the pitch was low throughout, but this point was naturally adjusted.

The great attraction of “COMING HOME” and “A BIT MORE” is that it captures the stage of the “Harvest” participants at the beginning of the tour with excellent sound quality. After that, the drummer Kenny Battley passed out and the tour turned into a new song increase “TIME FADES AWAY”, but at first the color of the “harvest” tour was deep.
Finally last year, a show one week after the scope was released as “TUSACLOOSA”. Indeed, enthusiasts all over the world were excited to discover the day when there was no official or audience recording, but it was true that the recording time of less than 50 minutes was not enough. However, this one reproduces the “Harvest” show at the beginning of the tour with almost complete recording and high sound quality. Among them, the performances of the famous songs “Old Man” and “Heart Of Gold”, the atmosphere of “Harvest” is more exactly reproduced than “TUSACLOOSA” and the goosebumps stand out.

And “A BIT MORE” LP had MC of “war is over” at the beginning of A side. This was the end of the concert at Madison Square Garden on January 23, when Neil spoke to the audience when he was told that the Vietnam War had been halted.
As the historical moment when the end of the war was announced at the rock concert, it was an event that was often touched on the US Internet, etc., but this is also a fragment that can only be heard with “ A BIT MORE ” In fact, it is very valuable. As the story tells, on the net Neil said “the war is over, peace has come” (also reported in newspapers at the time), but in fact, “war is over ” Despite this, the audience was so happy to hear that the end of the muddy war was finally over (although the sound quality was poor). In such an important scene, the pitch was quite fast in the original LP, but this time I adjusted it so well and placed it at the end of the disc because it was a sound source on a different day from the scope.
The ending of the slick of “COMING HOME” has been corrected erroneously as “JANUARY 28-29”. The perfect CD version of the classic LP created from the 1973 tour is too late!

ベストCDバージョンのリリースが実現したローリング・ストーンズの名盤「GOIN’ BACK TO THE ROOTS AMERICAN TOUR – JULY 1972」と並んでコントラ・バンド・ミュージックもうひとつの名盤がニール・ヤングの「COMING HOME」と「A BIT MORE」。これらとストーンズの「GOIN’ BACK~」には密接な関係があります。まず何と言ってもノーフォークのスコープ・アリーナで捉えられたオーディエンス録音を使用しているということ。さらにどちらのアーティストのリリースでも黒バックで独自に撮影された写真をスリックに使っているということも同じ。そして最後はレーベルにもアーティストの写真をあしらっている。
ベテランマニアならご存知かと思われますが、コントラ・バンドのリリースは簡素なデザインのスリックカバーでレーベルも無地かカンパニー・マークが印刷されているだけなので、上記のアイテムに限って凝ったデザインでリリースされたことが本当に珍しかった。にもかかわらず二アーティストのアイテムだけでリリースが終わってしまったという原因として、当時の同会場で大物アーティストのライブがほとんど行われなかったということが推測されます。それにストーンズの「GOIN’ BACK TO THE ROOTS AMERICAN TOUR – JULY 1972」を聞けば解るように、どちらのタイトルも秀でた音質であるのもポイント高い。
「COMING HOME」は前年のストーンズでの経験を活かし、それをも凌ぐ素晴らしいクオリティで録音してみせたオーディエンス・アルバムの名作として大ベストセラーを記録。とにかく異様なほど演奏やニールの声が近くで聞こえるオンなバランスは2020年の今なお衝撃的。それでいて周囲の観客の声もほとんど拾っていない。案の定YouTube上でこのLPのパートを「サウンドボード」として上げてしまった人がいるほど。しかも名盤「ハーヴェスト」リリース後の1973年ライブ・ツアーを極上音質で捉えていたのだから、売れないはずがない。それを証明するかのごとく、当時のライバルだったTMOQですら「COMING HOME」コピー盤をリリースしたほど。

この好評ぶりに気を良くしたのか、コントラ・バンドは「COMING HOME」で未収録だった曲を集めた文字通りの続編「A BIT MORE」をリリース。ところがここで不思議な現象が起きるのです。「COMING HOME」続編だったはずなのに、それよりも音質が落ちていたという。おかげでヒットすることもなく、何より話題にすらならなかったのです。しかし「Alabama」を始めとしたライブ後半の曲をまともな音で聞けるLPは当時これしか存在せず、マニアの間ではそれなりに評価されていたのも事実でした。
そして「GOIN’ BACK TO THE ROOTS AMERICAN TOUR – JULY 1972」がそうであったように、「COMING HOME」と「A BIT MORE」に使われたオーディエンス録音もテープ段階の音源流通が叶わず、恐らくは録った人間がそのままLPにしておしまいとなったのではないでしょうか。そもそも73年1月29日のスコープ公演自体が未だにこれらのLPでしか聞かれないのです。
もちろん「COMING HOME」の方はずば抜けたクオリティですので、LPを元にしたCDがリリースされたこともあったのですが、「A BIT MORE」も合わせてスコープ公演全体を聞かせてくれるCDは皆無でした。一方ネット上にはこれら二枚をまとめたファイルが出回っていたのですが、ビンテージLPのスクラッチノイズを極力目立たなくさせるため、全体のレンジを狭めたイコライズが加えられてしまった。確かにノイズが入らなくて聞きやすいというメリットがあったのですが、そのせいで「COMING HOME」の驚異的な音像の迫力と鮮度までスポイルされてしまうという状態だったのも事実。

そこで今回は「COMING HOME」と「A BIT MORE」のオリジナルLPから改めて丁寧なCD化を敢行。前者は音のエッジがザラザラした独特の状態ながらも、あの異様な音像の近さと素晴らしい鮮度を初めてプレスCDに閉じ込めました。その一方で音のレンジが狭くなっていた後者に関しても、前者との音質の格差を可能な限り縮めたイコライズを施しています。「A BIT MORE」のパートは確かに音質が落ちるのですが、今回の処理によって「COMING HOME」がFM放送だとすれば、そちらがAM放送のような質感ではあるものの、それでもサウンドボードであるかのような音の近さを継続して聞き込める状態へと生まれ変わりました。
さらに「A BIT MORE」は曲順がバラバラで、実際に二枚のアルバムの曲順をそのまま当日のセットリストとして掲載してしまったサイト(=Sugar Mountain HP)まであったのですが、今回のCD化に際してはちゃんと当日のセットリストへと並び替えました。おまけに「A BIT MORE」パートは全体を通してピッチが低めという欠点もありましたが、この点に関しても当然アジャスト。

そして「COMING HOME」と「A BIT MORE」にある大きな魅力、それはツアー当初の「ハーヴェスト」参加メンバーによるステージを素晴らしい音質で捉えてくれているということ。この後ドラマーのケニー・バトレーが抜けてツアーは新曲増量の「TIME FADES AWAY」へと変貌しますが、最初は「ハーヴェスト」ツアーという色合いが濃かった。
遂に昨年、スコープから一週間後のショーが「TUSACLOOSA」としてリリースされました。さすがはオフィシャル、オーディエンス録音すら存在しない日の発掘に世界中のマニアが狂喜しましたが、50分足らずという収録時間が物足りなかったのは事実。しかしこちらはほぼ完全収録かつ高音質でツアー開始当初の「ハーヴェスト」ショーを再現してくれる。中でも名曲「Old Man」と「Heart Of Gold」の演奏たるや、「TUSACLOOSA」以上に「ハーヴェスト」の雰囲気がそのまま再現されていて鳥肌が立ちます。

そして「A BIT MORE」LPにはA面の初めに「war is over」というMCが収録されていました。これは1月23日のマディソン・スクエア・ガーデンでのコンサート終盤、ベトナム戦争の停戦が決まったことを聞かされたニールが観客に向かって語り掛けた瞬間だったのです。
戦争の終結がロックコンサートの場で告げられた歴史的瞬間として、アメリカのネット上などではよく触れられる出来事だったのですが、これがまた「A BIT MORE」でしか聞くことができない断片でして、実は大変に貴重なもの。それを物語るように、ネット上ではニールが「the war is over, peace has come」と語りかけた(当時の新聞でもそう報じられていた)となっていたのですが、実際には「war is over」と発しただけ。にもかかわらずオーディエンスはたいそうな喜びで、泥沼化していた戦争にようやく終止符が打たれたという感動が(音質は悪いながらも)伝わってきます。そんな大事な場面も元のLPではかなりピッチが速かったのですが、今回はそこまで抜かりなくアジャストした上で、スコープとは違う日の音源ということからディスクの最後に配置。
とどめは「COMING HOME」のスリックにあった「JANUARY 28-29」という間違った表記もしっかり修正。1973年ツアーから生み出された名作LPの遅すぎたパーフェクトCDバージョンが遂に!

1. On The Way Home (Coming Home)
2. Here We Are In The Years (Coming Home)
3. After The Gold Rush (Coming Home)
4. Out On The Weekend (Coming Home)
5. Harvest (Coming Home)
6. Old Man(Coming Home)
7. Heart Of Gold (Coming Home)
8. The Loner (A Bit More)
9. Time Fades Away (Coming Home)
10. Look Out Joe (Coming Home)
11. Alabama (A Bit More)
12. New Mama (A Bit More)
13. Don’t Be Denied (A Bit More)
14. Cinnamon Girl (A Bit More)
15. Southern Man (A Bit More)
16. Are You Ready For The Country? (A Bit More)

Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA 23rd January 1973

17.“War Is Over” (A Bit More)

Neil Young – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica
Ben Keith – Pedal Steel, Steel Guitar, Vocals
Jack Nitzsche – Piano
Tim Drummond – Bass
Kenny Buttrey – Drums


Neil Young & The Stray Gators / The Real 1973 Washington Show / 2CDR / Non Label

JFK Center, Washington, D.C., USA 28th January 1973

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“COMING HOME / A BIT MORE” comes with a CD-R “THE REAL 1973 WASHINGTON SHOW” containing the previous day’s performances in Washington. The slick of the famous LP “COMING HOME” had the date “JANUARY 28-29 1973” written on it, so it was an illusion that it was not in the 29th scope but in Washington (actually on YouTube There are many enthusiasts in Washington. Of course, the whole story was actually performed on the 29th, but when that happens, the stage I want to hear is the day before.
Audience recordings also exist on the January 28 performance in Washington, but their quality is far below that of the 29th, a typical 1973 vintage audience. However, despite the sound image with a sense of distance, the outline of the performance is firm, especially the first half “Harvest” recorded song part is surprisingly easy to hear. The problem was that the hiss noise level was stronger, and “Time Fades Away” was incompletely recorded during the tape change.

It is impossible to restore the imperfect song because there is no other sound source, but there was an equalized version on the net where mania completely erased his example hiss. Thanks to that, the outline of the performance is more prominent than the original sound source, and the spread of the sound is also increasing.
This is a good idea, but the hiss noise has been completely eliminated, so that when it comes to music, the hard texture is mellow and mellow. This is reminiscent of the over-equalized boots of the past.
Therefore, it is not recommended to listen with headphones, but it sounds really easy to hear from the speakers. The difference is obvious compared to the original sound source. However, the original sound source is now available only among core traders, and even this equalized version has long disappeared from the net.
In that case, the value of the gift, which shows the valuable sound source alone, is high, but we adjusted the pitch that was high for this gift. This makes it even easier to hear.
And the next day’s scope was unusually quiet for the audience immediately after the start of the show, and when it was in the middle of the show, Neil said, “ It’s the quietest audience so far, I’m confused about what I’m doing here ” As I said in front of “Don’t Be Denied”, the day was full of excitement and the lively feeling of reacting to Neil MC’s every move was particularly smiley.
Rare sound sources that are hard to obtain even on the Internet now, of course, are valuable documents that let you realize that if the day is different, the live atmosphere is so different. After “The Loner”, which is an electric performance, there are places where the sound breaks down, and the overall quality is a level suitable for geeks accustomed to the audience, but it is certainly a very valuable sound source. By all means, please compare the genuine January 28th Washington with the classic 29th scope in the first delivery!


「COMING HOME / A BIT MORE」初回納品分には前日のワシントン公演を収めたCD-R「THE REAL 1973 WASHINGTON SHOW」が付属します。名盤LP「COMING HOME」のスリックには「JANUARY 28-29 1973」という日付が記されていたせいで、29日のスコープではなくワシントンでのものだと錯覚してしまった(実際にYouTube上などではワシントンとされてしまっている)マニアが少なくありません。もちろん実際には全編が29日の演奏だった訳ですが、そうなると聞いてみたくなるのが前日のステージ。
1月28日のワシントン公演もオーディエンス録音は存在するのですが、そのクオリティは29日のそれと比べてはるかに及ばず、典型的な1973年のビンテージ・オーディエンス。ただし距離感のある音像ながらも演奏の輪郭はしっかりしており、特に前半の「ハーヴェスト」収録曲パートは意外なほど聞きやすい。問題はヒスノイズのレベルが強めであるということに加え、テープチェンジに当たって「Time Fades Away」が不完全収録だったのです。

そして翌日のスコープはショー開始直後から珍しいくらいに観客が静かで、それが中盤以降になるとニールをして「今までで一番静かな観客だね、やってるこっちが戸惑いそうなくらいさ」と「Don’t Be Denied」の前で言わしめたほどでしたが、この日は全体を通していい感じに盛り上がっており、中でもニールのMCの一挙一動に反応する和やな臨場感が微笑ましいほど。
今やネット上ですら入手困難なレア音源というのはもちろん、一日違うとライブの雰囲気がここまで違うか…ということを実感させてくれる貴重なドキュメント。エレクトリックな演奏となる「The Loner」以降になると音が割れる箇所があり、全体のクオリティ的にはオーディエンス慣れしたマニア向けなレベルですが、それでも非常に貴重な音源なのは確か。是非とも初回納品分にて正真正銘1月28日ワシントンと定番29日のスコープを聞き比べてください!

Disc 1(34:47)
1. On The Way Home
2. Here We Are In The Years (aborted)
3. Here We Are In The Years
4. After The Gold Rush
5. Out On The Weekend
6. Harvest
7. Old Man
8. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2(50:44)
1. The Loner
2. Time Fades Away
3. Look Out Joe
4. New Mama
5. Alabama
6. Don’t Be Denied
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Southern Man
9. Are You Ready For The Country?

Neil Young – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica
Ben Keith – Pedal Steel, Steel Guitar, Vocals
Jack Nitzsche – Piano
Tim Drummond – Bass
Kenny Buttrey – Drums

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