Cream / Chronology 66-05 / 1DVDR+Bonus DVDR+Post Card

Cream /Chronology 66-05 / 1DVDR+Bonus DVDR+Post Card / Johanna

Translated Text:

Ultimate Collection Of Live, TV Show And Rare Clips.NTSC.


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★ footage that was thoroughly covered in chronological order precious live video of cream !
★ for 2 hours recording plenty of TV appearances , clips, pro -shot live !
★ in Japanese telop subtitles , I thoroughly understand the ’40 of them!
★ ’93-’94 years live bonus DVD with the first of BBM 200set

Eric Clapton , Jack Bruce , Ginger Baker .
The fellowship with the era psychedelic at the time , and to accelerate the lock birth , miracle three people of this intense personality group master has caused , continues to affect the band of many to this day .

JOHANNA Label unpublished , rare footage of their existing is , thoroughly compile time series .
It becomes the editing products enjoy Japanese subtitles commentary episodes and each age for each , as well as footprints of the band , and content rich to follow live video of many , TV appearances video , or clip , activities cream is traced has become .

Is that from the TV appearance image of black-and-white images by the pop band appearance of the 1966 Toshinokoro formed recently , through the recording of ” colorful cream ” visit the United States to see the video and the like will change dramatically band you can .
( Making it the world’s first stereo Vers. In the clip of some )

And wild action that is not thought about in Clapton now in Paris ’67 performance , the intense drum fill , and base phrase of Jack that claims to song or more .
Although I think the more you know that there is many a picture of three psychedelic at the track on face and valuable professional shot that captures the SF performance in 1968 , known in the ” Wonderful World of cream ” , the paint six -string bass and paint SG , it is actually you can the precious picture also receive two song found at scene of Denmark movie 1968 .
Then cover and different version of the video 1968 final performance at the famous Royal Albert Hall , and the reunion of the Hall of Fame at the Rock in 1993 , up to the highlight video of the 2005 MSG performance .

It is two hours in what can be called the definitive anthology of live video picture scroll of cream exactly , was followed a thorough journey over 40 years of cream .

The bonus DVD for the first time 200set limitation, cream of E · Clapton without ? ! … , I have recorded a pro -shot live video of BBM (Bruce / Baker / Moore).
BBM Ginger Baker is called in the hope of Gary Moore , was formed , became disintegrated in activities that not less than one year , while represents the respect to Clapton , and the rhythm of the rock world ‘s most guitar solo at the Les Paul such as wipe the fire of Gary Moore to partner in Gappuri four , or reunion cream meaning here there ? ! It is the intense live with me please some fans and . New song City Of Gold and I Feel Free Hevu~inesu such as a cream itself .

It should be noted that , for the first 200set, color post card featuring a photo of Clapton psychedelic era has been filled .







ゲーリー・ムーアの希望でジンジャー・ベーカーが呼ばれ、結成されたBBMは、1年にも満たない活動で空中分解となりましたが、クラプトンへのリスペクトを表しながら、ロック界随一のリズム隊とガップリ四つに組むゲーリー・ムーアの火を噴くようなレスポールでのギター・ソロは、ある意味こちらも再結成クリームか?!と一部ファンを喜ばせてくれた強烈ライヴです。ヘヴィネスなI Feel Freeや新曲City Of Goldなどクリームそのものです。


01.JPD-581 Opening **1966 slate**
02.Wrapping Paper
French TV “Vient De Paraitre” 1966 + Stereo Remaster Sound
03.I Feel Free
Promo Clip 1966 + Stereo Remaster Sound
04.**1967 slate**
05.I Feel Free
German TV “Beat Club” 1967 Feb 24
Swedish TV “Onkel Thores Stuga” 1967 March + Stereo Remaster Sound
07.Sweet Wine
French TV “Vient De Paraitre” 1966 + Stereo Remaster Sound
08.**US recording slate**
09.Strange Brew
German TV “Beat Club” 1967 May 19
10.We’re Going Wrong
11.I Feel Free
“1st Festival of Pop Music” Paris, France. 1967 June 1
12.We’re Going Wrong w/Timecode
French TV Outtake “1st Festival of Pop Music” Alternate Version
13.**Album ; Disraeli Gears Slate**
14.We’re Going Wrong
BBC TV ”Twice A Fortnight”. BBC Studios, London. November 26 1967
16.Tales of Brave Ulysses
17.Sunshine Of Your Love
December 1967, French TV (16mm film) Revolution Club, London
18.**1968 slate**
19.Toad / I’m So Glad
BBC “All My Loving” documentary Fillmore & Winterland, March 7-9, 1968
20.Sunshine Of Your Love
ABC-TV “Romp” April 21 1968
21.Sunshine Of Your Love
22.Anyone For Tennis
“The Summer Smothers Brothers Show”.by Glen Campbell. Los Angeles. May 17 1968
23.I’m So Glad incl.1812 overture
Strange Mixes / Location unknown
24.World of Pain
25.We’re Going Wrong
Excerpts from DANISH MOVIE 1968
26.White Room <2nd Show>
27.White Room <1st Show Diff Edit>
28.Sunshine Of Your Love <1st Show Short Edit>
29.Sunshine Of Your Love <1st Show Diff Edit(B&W) part>
30.**1969 slate** / Badge
31.**1993 slate** Reherasal ; Jan 11 1993 / Inducts
32.Sunshine Of Your Love
33.Born Under a Bad Sign
**2005 slate**
34.M.S.G October 24 2005<Aud Shot / Footage>
35.M.S.G October 25 2005<Aud Shot / Footage>
36.M.S.G October 26 2005<Aud Shot / Footage>
37.End Credits

BBM(Bruce/Baker/Moore) LIVE SPECIAL 1993-’94
[ROCKPALAST 1993 / “JACK BRUCE 50th ANNIVERSARY”] Live at E-Werk Cologne Germany November 2 1993
Life On Earth with Simon Phillips(Dr)/
NSU / Sitting On Top Of The World /
Poltician with Pete Brown(Vo) / Spoonful/
White Room /
Jack Bruce(Vo,B), Gary Moore(G), Ginger Baker(Dr)
[VIRGIN 21st BIRTHDAY SHOW London, UK. May 26 1994] City Of Gold / I Feel Free /
Jack Bruce(Vo,B), Gary Moore(G), Ginger Baker(Dr)

Johanna JPD-581

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