Michael Schenker Group / Definitive Budokan 1981 / 2CD

Michael Schenker Group / Definitive Budokan 1981 / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 12th August 1981


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New excavation live album to update the highest peak of the “truth flying legend of” is appeared! Speaking of “flying legend”, course of official masterpiece “ONE NIGHT AT BUDOKAN”. The first day in the field with the first visit to Japan performances became “1981 August 12, 2011: Nippon Budokan” is audience-album performances.
This performance is worthy to the nickname of the “Legend”, it has been handed down in a variety of recording. Of official boards and “flying legend,” “flying legend full version”, certain public broadcast by the FM program, and even many of the audience recording ……. A live album that has been smoked the field in Tayutau air also “Legend” directly in our shop a number we have to introduce. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s take a little look back.

· 2CDR “BUDOKAN 1981 AUDIENCE MASTER (Shades 071)”
· 4CDR “TALES OF 1981 (Shades 094)”
Press 2CD “PRAISING GOD (Shades 210)”
· 2CDR “CRY FOR THE BUDOKAN (Shades 436)”
Press 2CD “LIVE INTO THE ARENA (Calm & Storm 014)”

Would you like. This all are each different audience recording, everything is worthy masterpiece recording complete set to the normal release and press of. However, this work is that which a completely different new excavation album also different. And, not only new excavation, we audience recording of the best sound that perfectly surpasses all the above!
So far the best sound of is not Miracle Man of the recording “LIVE INTO THE ARENA (Calm & Storm 014),” but, “a man of miracles” this work is Kano even had also gone beyond. Is was to achieve such ultra-recording, in fact prestigious Kinney. Excavated of this time, I original cassette of Kinney. Ya the sound serving, just “Kinney Magic” itself. Recording position seems to have been “south stand G column,” but, that of musical tone shining crystal-clear wonderful! Of course, “like the sound board” sound to live, which is also FM broadcasting official album, but is not required, the sharpness of the direct feeling and the edge is comparable to line recording. That’s on a great is, faintly dressed sound of Nippon Budokan. This is wrapped faintly the core of the sharp musical tone, are you allowed to doubling the beauty of the “sound”. Especially amazing is Cozy Powell de force drum. Sense of distance of stand seats like no, come intensely slammed and Bambang. Powerful hammering noise of the street that has been referred to as “like hitting a drum hit.” Not limited to M.S.G., Cozy of the drum is intensely so far, and would have had such beautifully recorded audience recording or ….
To be drawn “truth flying legend of” Kamata amazing in such a superb Kinney sound. So far it is also a concert that has become a “legend” in many ways, but it is not the plane also the good side is also reproduced in ultra-clear. The M.S.G. at the time Upon immediately after the production of the “myth”, completely lack of rehearsal. Although the playing once in the Netherlands of the Pink Pop Festival in June, previous tours are available for more than half a year from, I do not grasp at all the senses. Moreover, in this day the first of Japan’s first stage is also large time difference, suddenly Budokan music college stage. Furthermore enters until the radio broadcast and live recording, I’m premiere repertoire of new “myth”, Cozy of physical condition I’m the worst …. If one or two of the factors, but you may also become great performance is in tension and enlivened material acts to reverse, or at this time only say it was over oyster greed, it should say that too much adventure, it was a concert that was as much as possible to become and to 迷演.
In fact, the repertoire of “God (Flying Arrow came back,” but you have together (in its own way), “myth” was pretty tough. “Armed And Ready” at the beginning what you excellent condition to Kattobashi, followed by “Cry For the Nations “in resounding guitar out feed-back sound in the intro.” Attack of the Mad Axeman “in Michael from head out the Misuton, slapstick that Paul Raymond mistake flashy the code of the keyboard in 2 minutes stand to hear the yellowtail, “But I Want More,” “let Sleeping Dogs Lie” is stiff performance, such as the rehearsal. though not engaged in the ending of large Las “are You Ready to Rock”, downright gudaguda ……. boot leg from a long time ago compared to “flying legend” and the thing that has been said to be like “raw song is which part of the Gary Baden?”, but you can not just blame the very Baden.
In this way I not playing that hard to say that the great performance, is a place interesting of the lock where it does not become “= Dameraivu”. After all, the great energy of the audience that transcends much a mistake Dano’s What. Excited about the first meeting of the long-awaited new guitar god, intoxicated in glossy Flying V sound Nippon Budokan. And, (other than the Cozy) for the first time of the appearance of the band that is uncontrollable joy while puzzled huge hospitality in Asia. In this work, I even sympathetic with such audience is recorded beautifully. At the time, in plenty of sense of scale of the sellout that you update the attendance record of the Nippon Budokan, even ultra-clear until the clapping of one person alone. While one grain one grain is clearly, a large cheer is, like a autumn rain which it was gathered about more than ten thousand. Moreover, the main Japanese audience, known for the accuracy of the hand-clapping. Surge of clapping that tight uniform and Bishitsu is, it is integrated with the Cozy as if part of the drum kit. …… The detail of such a site is sounds very in detail in the realism of touch sensation. Time and air, such as the magic that can not be told at the Official board and FM broadcasting, jammed in Pampanga in this work. In the original cassette of Kinney there was a cut of tape change to “Doctor Doctor” and “On And On”, but in this work was complemented by runner-up album “LIVE INTO THE ARENA”, and finished with a completely seamless document .

It has been handed down in a number of “Legend”, Nippon Budokan performances of the first visit to Japan. But also there were many of the audience recording until now, now age should finally speak in the official works and FM broadcasting and of the same dimension quality. “Works” official boards and as, live music does not fit transmitted only FM broadcasting as a “record” document album was vacuum-pack the “truth of live” in the Kinney Magic. While experience who spoke unanimously, did not know just playing “weirdness of the site”. The highest grade. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


“真実の飛翔伝説”の最高峰を更新する新発掘ライヴアルバムが登場です! 「飛翔伝説」と言えば、もちろんオフィシャルの名作『ONE NIGHT AT BUDOKAN』。その現場となった初来日公演の初日「1981年8月12日:日本武道館」公演のオーディエンス・アルバムです。

・4CDR『TALES OF 1981(Shades 094)』
・プレス2CD『PRAISING GOD(Shades 210)』
・プレス2CD『LIVE INTO THE ARENA(Calm & Storm 014)』

これまでのベスト・サウンドはMiracle Man録音の『LIVE INTO THE ARENA(Calm & Storm 014)』なわけですが、本作はかの“奇跡の男”さえも超越してしまった。そんな超録音を実現したのは、実は名門キニー。今回発掘されたのは、キニーのオリジナル・カセットなのです。そのサウンドたるや、まさに“キニー・マジック”そのもの。録音ポジションは「南スタンドG列」だったようですが、クリスタル・クリアに輝く楽音の素晴らしいこと! もちろん、FM放送も公式アルバムもあるライヴに「まるでサウンドボード」な音は不要なわけですが、そのダイレクト感やエッジの鋭さはライン録音にも匹敵する。その上で素晴らしいのが、ほんのりとまとった日本武道館の音響。これが鋭い楽音の芯をうっすらと包み、“鳴り”の美しさを倍加させているのです。特に凄いのがコージー・パウエルのド迫力ドラム。スタンド席の距離感がまるでなく、バンバンと強烈に叩きつけてくる。「ドラム缶をひっ叩くような」と称された通りのパワフルな打音。M.S.G.に限らず、ここまでコージーのドラムが強烈に、そして美しく録音されたオーディエンス録音などあったでしょうか……。
実際、『神(帰ってきたフライング・アロウ』のレパートリーは(それなりに)まとまっていますが、『神話』はかなり厳しかった。冒頭の「Armed And Ready」こそ快調にかっ飛ばしますが、続く「Cry For The Nations」ではイントロでギターの外れたフィード・バック音が鳴り響く。「Attack Of The Mad Axeman」では頭からマイケルがミストーンを出し、2分台ではポール・レイモンドがキーボードのコードを派手に間違えるというドタバタぶりを聴かせ、「But I Want More」「Let Sleeping Dogs Lie」はリハーサルのような固い演奏。大ラス「Are You Ready To Rock」のエンディングではまるで噛み合わず、なんともグダグダ……。昔からブートレッグと『飛翔伝説』を比べて「ゲイリー・バーデンの生歌はどの部分?」等と言われたものですが、とてもバーデンだけのせいにはできません。
このように名演とは言い難い演奏なわけですが、それが「=ダメライヴ」にならないところがロックの面白いところ。何と言っても、ミスだの何だのを遙かに超越した観客のエネルギーが凄い。待ちに待った新たなるギター神の初対面に興奮し、艶やかなフライングVサウンドに酔いしれる日本武道館。そして、(コージー以外)初めてのアジアでの巨大な歓待に戸惑いながらも喜びが抑えきれない様子のバンド。本作には、そんな観客との交感までもが美しく記録されているのです。当時、日本武道館の入場者記録を更新したという大入り満員のスケール感もたっぷりに、1人ひとりの手拍子までもが超クリア。1粒1粒がハッキリとしながら、それが万を超えるほど集まった大喝采は、まるで秋雨のよう。しかも、その手拍子の主は正確さで知られる日本のオーディエンス。タイトでビシッと揃った手拍子の大波は、ドラムキットの一部かのようにコージーと一体化しているのです。そんな現場のディテールが手触り感覚のリアルさで極詳細に響く……。オフィシャル盤やFM放送では伝えきれない魔法のような時間と空気が、本作にはパンパンに詰まっている。キニーのオリジナル・カセットでは「On And On」と「Doctor Doctor」にテープチェンジのカットがありましたが、本作では次点作『LIVE INTO THE ARENA』で補完し、完全シームレスなドキュメントに仕上げました。


Disc 1 (56:34)
1. The Ride Of The Valkyries 2. Armed And Ready 3. Cry For The Nations 4. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
5. But I Want More 6. Victim Of Illusion 7. Member Introduction 8. Into The Arena
9. On And On 10. Never Trust A Stranger 11. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Disc 2 (40:52)
1. Tales Of Mystery 2. Drum Solo incl. 633 Squadron & 1812 Overture
3. Courvoisier Concerto 4. Lost Horizons 5. Doctor Doctor 6. Are You Ready To Rock

Michael Schenker – Guitar Gary Barden – Vocal Chris Glen – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Paul Raymond – Keyboards
Zodiac 204

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