Michael Schenker / Drive East Coast 2012 / 2CDR

Michael Schenker / Drive East Coast 2012 / 2CDR / Shades
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Rock Junction, West Greenwich, RI. USA 20th October 2012 & Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY. USA 23rd October 2012


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Than “TEMPLE OF ROCK” America tour of Michael Schenker, both the two live packaged in superb audience sound, one of the fan must listen it appeared! In the 2012 tour of Michael was appointed a different vocal for each tour, such as a two-month North American tour 1st Reguya March of the Japan tour, and the items that it can be said that the final edition to each exist. This work Along with them, as an item to be representative of the North American tour 2nd leg, will delight all of the Schenker fan.

Live at Michael announced in the solo “TEMPLE OF ROCK” is, vocalist vary by region of the tour is appointed, unusual taste became the topic of the fan. Vocal stand in front, of course members center who participated in the album. February to place the American tour of Robin McAuley in the 1st leg, Michael Voss was the main vocals on the album is a tour to Japan in March, and since April in the European Tour, participated Doogie White want did.
However, in the 2nd leg of the start the North American tour from October 3, vocal that the only album not participating is now possible to serve the front. The singer what, David Van Landing. He said, “WRITTEN IN THE SAND” announcement at that time, served as the main singer in the Michael of “Story Live” in 1997 tour from 1996, attention has been a person from its competence to the fan. Tour just before to this time, been appointed as a replacement for Robin McAuley that are no longer able to participate in the sudden illness, we played a tour co-starring with Michael for the first time in 15 years.
This work from the US tour of the autumn 2012, the very best New York performances of live and October 23 in Richmond Greenwich of October 20, in the superlative of audience recordings that were used, respectively the latest digital equipment I record.
This pattern of the United States Tour 2nd leg, in was the other day gift-release “LANDING ROMANA 2012”, was able to enjoy the excellent audience shot. Although force and clearness of the video, which was nearly caught in front from the front row of the eye the stage of the audience there was a thing that was outstanding, so much sound too close to the stage is a little input overload, also true in some scenes it was strong cracking or distortion was. This work also caught playing in excellent brightness and clearness either live against it. By enjoy in conjunction with the video of “LANDING ROMANA 2012”, fans will enjoy more deeply the 2nd leg of the 2012 American tour.

The live in Richmond Greenwich “Rock Junction” of the disk 1, October 20, we are complete recording in over a period of about 79 minutes.
The sound source is they will be overwhelmed by the superb sound of enough to think, “Do not the officials recording?” From the live of the opening. Superb addition to the clearness, the balance of performance and antagonize the direct feeling at a high level, the decade quality, such as run away before the sound board barefoot. From telling the beginning of the live “Lovedrive”, without being obstructed by the audience cheers and commotion voice, including the Michael of guitar, drums of David’s vocals and Pete Holmes pops out realistically. Michael is to listen to from beginning to end strong guitar, “Save Yourself” and “Into The Arena” is, of course, “Shoot Shoot” to “Love To Love”, further in UFO number such as “Lights Out”, to he seems sharpness and emotion it entertained the full play. Rongusoro in the climax “Rock Bottom” of live is, just “freeze” the perfect is the phrase. It is really nice to listen to take this day with ultra-sound board grade of the sound image! The sound only be pressed on CD in the sense of discomfort as much as not, it asserts that it is the name recorded in 2012 live stamp of Schenker definitely!

In the subsequent disk 2, the October 23 New York “Gramercy Theater” performance after three days, here is also over a nearly 80-minute fully recorded. When compared to the disc 1 is also great too, but does not deny indeed is the cede one step, but still you can enjoy the live in certain lightness and outlook. The spread of the vividness and live venue seems sound, I think is rather better here to seem as “seems natural live source” in the air feeling.
Impressive singing of David about not losing to the guitar of Schenker in this recording. “Lovedrive” and “Another Piece Of Meat” of live early, “Save Yourself” is You have to match the unique voice husky, “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” in the new song, original Deguy – to hear the singing that does not lose to white. UFO number of later “Shoot Shoot” is vocal range are also suits, has a charming show the performance to please “Only You Can Rock Me”, “Love To Love” a lot of the audience in. Live up to the climax “Armed And Ready”, “Doctor Doctor”, listeners will be feel the fun mood of live realistically.

Two live is about the same as the set list played, but the personality of recording is very different. While comparing the listening hand of each sound source, interesting to live in the United States tour 2nd leg, would that carefully Kikikome. This work and the “TEMPLE OF ROCK” David Van Landing became the “fourth singer” in the tour performance, to entertain Michael guitar take a shine more and more in the play, it is literally one of the mania must listen must-have !

マイケル・シェンカーの「TEMPLE OF ROCK」アメリカツアーより、2つのライヴをどちらも極上のオーディエンス・サウンドでパッケージした、ファン必聴の一本が登場です! ツアーごとに異なるヴォーカルを起用したマイケルの2012年ツアーでは、2月の北米ツアー1stレグや3月の来日公演など、それぞれに決定版といえるアイテムが存在しています。本作はそれらと並び、北米ツアー2ndレグを代表するアイテムとして、全てのシェンカー・ファンを喜ばせるでしょう。

マイケルがソロ名義で発表した「TEMPLE OF ROCK」でのライヴは、ツアーの地域ごとに異なるヴォーカリストが起用される、一風変わった趣向がファンの話題となりました。フロントに立つヴォーカルは、当然ながらアルバムに参加したメンバーが中心。2月に行われたアメリカツアーの1stレグではロビン・マッコーリー、3月の来日公演ではアルバムでメイン・ヴォーカルだったマイケル・ヴォスが、そして4月以降のヨーロッパツアーでは、ドゥギー・ホワイトが参加しました。
しかし10月3日からスタートした北米ツアーの2ndレグでは、唯一アルバムに参加していないヴォーカルがフロントを務める事になりました。そのシンガーこそ、デイヴィッド・ヴァン・ランディング。彼は「WRITTEN IN THE SAND」発表当時、’96年から’97年ツアーにおけるマイケルの”ストーリー・ライヴ”でメインのシンガーを務め、その力量からファンに注目された人物。今回はツアー直前に、急病で参加できなくなったロビン・マッコーリーの代役として起用され、15年ぶりにマイケルとのツアー共演を果たしたのです。
このアメリカツアー2ndレグの模様は、先日ギフト・リリースされた「LANDING ROMANA 2012」において、優れたオーディエンス・ショットを楽しめました。客席のほぼ最前列からステージを目の前に捉えた映像の迫力とクリアネスはずば抜けたものがありましたが、ステージに近すぎるあまり音がやや入力過多で、場面によっては割れや歪みが強かったのも事実でした。それに対して本作はどちらのライヴも優秀な明度とクリアネスで演奏を捉えています。「LANDING ROMANA 2012」の映像と併せて楽しむ事で、ファンは2012年アメリカツアーの2ndレグをより深く楽しめるでしょう。

本音源はライヴのオープニングから「関係者録音ではないのか?」と思ってしまうほどの極上サウンドに圧倒されてしまいます。ずば抜けたクリアネスに加え、高い次元で拮抗したダイレクト感と演奏のバランスは、一昔前のサウンドボードも裸足で逃げ出すようなクオリティ。ライヴの幕開けを告げる「Lovedrive」から、観客の歓声や騒ぎ声に邪魔されること無く、マイケルのギターをはじめ、デイヴィッドのヴォーカルやピート・ホルムズのドラムがリアルに飛び出します。マイケルは終始好調なギターを聴かせ、「Save Yourself」や「Into The Arena」はもちろん、「Shoot Shoot」に「Love To Love」、さらに「Lights Out」といったUFOナンバーでも、彼らしい鋭さと情感に満ちたプレイを楽しませます。ライヴのクライマックス「Rock Bottom」でのロングソロは、まさに”冴え渡る”という表現がピッタリ。この日のテイクを超サウンドボード級の音像で聴けるのは本当に嬉しいです! この音源だけでプレスCD化されても違和感は無いほどで、間違いなくシェンカーの2012年ライヴきっての名録音だと断言します!

本録音ではシェンカーのギターに負けないほどデイヴィッドの歌唱が印象的。ライヴ序盤の「Lovedrive」や「Another Piece Of Meat」,「Save Yourself」はハスキーで個性的な声質がマッチしていますし、新曲の「Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead」も、オリジナルのドゥギー・ホワイトにも負けない歌唱を聴かせます。「Shoot Shoot」以降のUFOナンバーは声域も合っており、魅力的なパフォーマンスを見せる「Only You Can Rock Me」・「Love To Love」では観客を大いに喜ばせています。ライヴのクライマックス「Armed And Ready」・「Doctor Doctor」まで、聴き手はライヴの楽しいムードをリアルに感じられる事でしょう。

2つのライヴはセットリスト・演奏ともほぼ同じですが、録音の個性は大きく異なります。聴き手はそれぞれの音源を比較しながら、アメリカツアー2ndレグにおけるライヴを興味深く、じっくりと聴き込めるでしょう。本作は「TEMPLE OF ROCK」ツアーにおける”第四のシンガー”となったデイヴィッド・ヴァン・ランディングのパフォーマンスと、ますますプレイに磨きが掛かるマイケルのギターを楽しませる、文字通りマニア必聴必携の一本です!

Disc 1(78:39)
Live at Rock Junction, West Greenwich, RI. USA 20th October 2012

1. Intro. 2. Lovedrive 3. Another Piece Of Meat 4. Save Yourself 5. Into The Arena
6. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 7. Rock My Nights Away 8. Shoot Shoot
9. Only You Can Rock Me 10. Let It Roll 11. Love To Love 12. Natural Thing
13. Lights Out 14. Armed And Ready 15. Rock Bottom 16. Doctor Doctor

Live at Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY. USA 23rd October 2012

Disc 2(79:59)

1. Intro. 2. Lovedrive 3. Another Piece Of Meat 4. Save Yourself 5. Into The Arena
6. Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 7. Rock My Nights Away 8. Shoot Shoot 9. Only You Can Rock Me
10. Let It Roll 11. Love To Love 12. Natural Thing 13. Lights Out 14. Armed And Ready
15. Rock Bottom 16. Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker – Guitar David Van Landing – Vocal Elliot Rubinson – Bass
Wayne Findlay – Keyboards, Guitar Pete Holmes – Drums

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