Metallica / Tokyo 1986 1st Night / 2CD

Metallica / Tokyo 1986 1st Night / 2CD / Zodiac

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Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 15th November 1986

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Japan of Western history, which has carved a number of great performance-legend. Live album gives off a special and strange shine among them is the appearance in the world’s first appearance master. Who would Aro protagonist of such this work, we are METALLICA. They were for the first time visited the Japan 1986 year on, the first day of “November 15, 2011: Shibuya Public Hall” is the audience, the album that contains the performance.
After first visit to Japan is that Cliff Burton memorable died in an accident, there was also what was set immediately after activity resumed welcomed Jason Newsted. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s organize the dates of up to Japan performances from Cliff last live.

– 1986 September 26, 2011: Stockholm (final performance of Cliff)
“September 27, Cliff died”
“October 7, Cliff of funeral”
“October 28, Jason join”
– 1986 November 8, 2011: Rishida (Jason’s first performance)
– 1986, November 9, 2011: Anaheim
“First visit to Japan”
– 1986 November 15, 2011: Shibuya Public Hall [this work] – 1986 November 17, 2011: Aichi Prefecture Labor Hall
– 1986 November 18, 2011: Osaka Festival Hall
– 1986 November 19, 2011: Nakano Sun Plaza
– 1986 November 20, 2011: Nakano Sun Plaza

In this way, their first of the first visit to Japan after the death one and a half months of Cliff. This work is because it is the first day, a live to be a Jason join 3 performances eyes. It is why a restart recently also recorded for the band side, but very special for Japan side. After all, speaking of the time of METALLICA, not just a young band. Yet once that has not been anyone experience THRASH METAL made of new music leader. Exactly what it was “Japan’s first slash-gig”.
This work was achieved such a monumental live is, what the world’s first appearance of the master. At that time, the original cassette was handed directly from the recording who the person who went to the scene that turned into CD directly. Now up to now, where to Demawara not even, you everyone a live album of that there is no world first appearance heard. Its sound, realistic audience that the original cassette is spit out the hot air sucked site directly from the speaker. Also “like sound board” too is to be referred to as vividly, yet thick of the musical tone is Gekiso. Of course, but it is enthusiastic also plenty of Kanjitore of the time, coming into the ear even large cheer Nejifuse, and trampled, beat up thrash metal. The is famous at the time of METALLICA was a ferocious roar, while the force has been transmitted plenty, in the (never) no roar like find the performance. Delicate twin harmonies, roar of youthful James head field also, also based Jason was Gorigori, also beat dashes of Lars Ulrich, we all come clearly and slammed as Aranawa of thick. At the time of the Japanese despite the things that made “slash-sound” did not anyone know how intense, … and taken in a sound up to this point.
Is was recorded in such a sound, exactly century overnight. From the front curtain and the premonition of “What happens now,” expected to have been tingling with tension, strange mood, such as if they occur in a riot. This is the first even “Ecstasy Of Gold”, it promises a sense, such as the currently heard like different. And, “Battery” of the deadly cut through it. Gasoline …… Ie to smoldering bonfire, venue of explosion as was also topped with nitro! It is the first of Asia for METALLICA, for the first time of thrash metal for the Japanese. And exceptional atrocities tension even in the early METALLICA criteria of sprint-roar, the audience scream and yell collide squarely. From the gap between the riff onslaught second only to riff second only to riff, from behind the rust of roar, small but thick enthusiasm is surging become a wave. And, that is METALLICA …… not even liked thinking such as “something is happening” to each other, such as hit back right in front of the enthusiasm of the Japanese, harsh live is you rush at one stretch.
The “Today, amazing thing happened.” …… Japanese have noticed so, it seems was that after celebrating the end of a show. METALLICA even rougher been trampled in the “Fight Fire With Fire” of violence number 1, enthusiasm and screaming and stunned Shibuya Public Hall that is commingled. While flowing curtain announcement of “Well, just I have now, today of METALLICA performances all was finished. Not Awa Press as slowly you proceed please …… towards the exit”, I do not hear the “ears, live original master along with the murmur of Gee “is to end.
It is too fierce live album, but it was also recorded further bonus track on this work. It is Japan interview that is fiercely diverge at that time of the smell. The first talks about POISON that was first visit to Japan at the same time (like we went to play in the dressing room, masterpiece “LIVE INN 1986 (Shades 082)” of POISON even Bret Michaels will MC for METALLICA) is, further talk to DEEP PURPLE. Here in the monopoly of Lars is, “LIVE IN JAPAN” is how great, defeat talking not O at stopping the emotion that can be played in the same Osaka Festival Hall. When I think so, LOL on playfully when asked as “What do you think of the Yngwie Malmsteen?” The interviewer as “Yngwie Blackmore Rising penis (explosion)?”. Longing innocent also, ridiculous jokes also, it a still young man of real face was the early 20s bare at that time.

First Japan, the first slash of Japanese METALLICA. The moment of the first meeting is a large masterpiece leader is fully recorded. The Beatles in 1966, IRON MAIDEN …… and in 1971 of LED ZEPPELIN, 1980 years, this work. Historical album enthusiasm can taste plenty that only wound occurs at the moment when the new music came to Japan. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


・1986年11月15日:渋谷公会堂  【本作】

このように、彼ら初の初来日はクリフの死後1ヶ月半。本作はその初日ですから、ジェイソン加入3公演目となるライヴなのです。バンド側にとっても再始動間もない記録なわけですが、日本側にとっても極めて特別。なにしろ、当時のMETALLICAといえば、ただの若手バンドではない。未だかつて誰も体験したことのないTHRASH METALなる新音楽の盟主。まさに“日本初のスラッシュ・ギグ”だったのです。
そんなサウンドで記録されたのは、まさに世紀の一夜。開演前から「これから何かが起きる」の予感と期待と緊張感でピリピリしており、暴動でも起きているかのような異様なムード。「Ecstasy Of Gold」ですら初めてであり、現在のようなお約束感はまるで違って聞こえる。そして、それを切り裂く必殺の「Battery」。くすぶる焚き火にガソリン……いえ、ニトロでもぶっかけたように爆発する会場! METALLICAにとって初めてのアジアであり、日本人にとって初めてのスラッシュメタル。爆走・轟音の初期METALLICA基準でも格別の暴虐テンションと、観客の悲鳴と雄叫びが真正面からぶつかり合う。リフに次ぐリフに次ぐリフの猛攻の隙間から、サビの咆哮の背後から、小さいながらもぶ厚い熱狂が波となって押し寄せる。そして、その日本人の熱狂を真正面が殴り返すようなMETALLICA……互いに「何かが起きてる」などと考えるスキさえもない、苛烈ライヴが一気呵成に突き進むのです。
「今日、凄いことが起きた」……日本人がそう気づいたのは、終演を迎えた後のことだったようです。METALLICAでも暴虐ナンバー1の『Fight Fire With Fire』に蹂躙されつくし、熱狂と絶叫と茫然が混じり合う渋谷公会堂。「えー、ただ今を持ちまして、本日のMETALLICA公演はすべて終了いたしました。押し合わないようゆっくりと出口の方にお進みください……」の終演アナウンスが流れる中、「耳が聴こえないよ、すんげぇ」のつぶやきと共にオリジナル・マスターは終了するのです。
あまりに激烈なライヴアルバムですが、本作にはさらにボーナストラックも収録しました。当時の匂いを猛烈に発散される来日インタビューです。最初は同時に初来日していたPOISONについて話しています(楽屋にも遊びに行ったようで、POISONの名作『LIVE INN 1986(Shades 082)』でもブレット・マイケルズがMETALLICAについてMCします)が、さらに話はDEEP PURPLEへ。ここではラーズの独壇場で、『LIVE IN JAPAN』がいかに素晴らしいか、同じ大阪フェスティバルホールで演奏できる感激を止めどなくしゃべり倒す。そうかと思うと、インタビュアに「イングヴェイ・マルムスティーンをどう思う?」と訊かれると「イングヴェイ・ブラックモアズ・ライジング・ペニス(爆)?」とフザけて大爆笑。無邪気な憧れも、バカバカしい下ネタも、当時まだ20代前半だった若者の素顔が丸だしなのです。

METALLICAの初日本、日本人の初スラッシュ。その初対面の刹那を盟主が記録しきった大傑作です。1966年のビートルズ、1971年のLED ZEPPELIN、1980年のIRON MAIDEN……そして、本作。日本に新たな音楽が訪れた瞬間にだけ巻き起こる熱狂がたっぷりと味わえるヒストリカル・アルバム。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

Disc 1(50:28)
1. Ecstasy Of Gold 2. Battery 3. Master Of Puppets 4. For Whom The Bell Tolls
5. Welcome Home(Sanitarium) 6. Ride The Lightning 7. Bass Solo 8. Whiplash
9. The Thing That Should Not Be 10. Fade To Black

Disc 2(47:53)
1. Seek & Destroy 2. Creeping Death 3. Four Horsemen 4. Guitar Solo 5. Am I Evil?
6. Damage Inc. 7. Fight Fire With Fire

Bonus Tracks
Exclusive interview tracks recorded in Japan 1986

8. Track #1 9. Track #2 10. Track #3

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocal Lars Ulrich – Drums Kirk Hammett – Guitar Jason Newsted – Bass, Vocal

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