Led Zeppelin / Cold Sweat Winston Remaster / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / Cold Sweat Winston Remaster / 3CD / Moonchild Records

Translated Text:

Live At The Grugahalle, Essen, Germany: 22nd March 1973 (AUD)

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Trucks supplemented with audience sources mainly of soundboard sources of “Dazed And Confused” and “Whole Lotta Love” which were treated as bonus discs are super-affordable three sets which are recorded in DISC 1 and 2 respectively.

Around this time the European tour of 1973 continued to be a masterpiece and you know that Bonzo is doing great. On this day Paige’s Les Paul is in trouble, but I did not know such a thing! And played in spirit! Since I’ve Been Loving You is truly amazing, you can listen to treble treble shouts that run currents to the spine! The play of Dazed And Confused is also the best, the interplay which is unfolded between Bonham and Page is magnificent, James Brown’s Cold Sweat is added in ad-lib and the latter half also includes Walter’s Walk. Boot Poisoning magazine is also selected as one of the best 10 of the year. Amazing cost performance!


ボーナス・ディスク扱いだった”Dazed And Confused”と”Whole Lotta Love”のサウンドボードソースをメインにオーディエンスソースで補填したトラックはそれぞれDISC1と2に収録されてる超お得な三枚組み。

この頃1973年のヨーロッパツアーは名演続きでボンゾが絶好調なのは皆さんご存知ですよね。この日はペイジのレスポールが不調なんですが、そんなの知ったこっちゃねーぜ!と気合の入ったプレイ!Since I’ve Been Loving Youは実に素晴らしく、背筋に電流が走るようなプラントの高音シャウトを聴くことができます!Dazed And Confusedのプレイも最高で、ボーナムとペイジの間で繰り広げられるインタープレイは壮大なものであり、ジェームス・ブラウンのCold Sweatがアドリブで加えられ、後半にはWalter’s Walkも盛り込まれている。Boot Poisoning誌でも年間ベスト10のひとつに選ばれた名演なのです。

Disc 1
01. Rock And Roll
02. Over The Hills And Far Away
03. Black Dog
04. Misty Mountain Hop
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Dancing Days
07. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song

Disc 2
01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Dazed And Confused (SBD-AUD)

Disc 3
01. Whole Lotta Love
02. Heartbreaker
03. Whole Lotta Love (SBD-AUD)
◆Grugahalle, Essen, Germany : March 22nd 1973


Moonchild Records. MC-015

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