Paul McCartney / Out There Osaka 2013 Second Night / 4CDR

Paul McCartney / Out There Osaka 2013 Second Night / 4CDR /Non Label

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Live At Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan 12th November 2013.


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Perfect just both sound quality and content that also includes sound check the Osaka Kyocera Dome concert November 12, 2013 Title that was recorded from the best audience master such appeared. Recorded in the name taper “Tom & Jerry” as (T & J or less) as well as two title press release this time, the attention that has been released on the net along with the sound check of the Tokyo show last day a few days ago with just a “T & J latest master” Use. In commemoration of the press release board of Fukuoka and Osaka first day performance of “T & J” version, Onban of the fastest Osaka also this second day, it is delivered in a bonus disc! Including the gift board, number title is not exist already, this Osaka second day, but the Osaka second day leave the preface to be a story of high level only (Within Japan tour of the recent series of but you), I had been in class performance that is less fortunate close to the sound source of the sound and say either.However, It may be said that this recording is like a T & J in the name taper indeed, ultra highest close sound of relief, was captured at close range very Fukuoka performances like Osaka and the first day, the perfect sound of true Korezo here. Not only close to the sound of course, and of sarcastic feeling untouched by equalizing mellow, though it is a great power has the thickness that again is also a feature of T & J as well as press platen of this time, Nobutoi, stretches that I assumed being heavy and yet In characteristic that has been recorded in the sound no good feeling, it comes down to whether the word of without reason! “great” If you heard it anyway. There is no doubt that it is a top-quality performance in Osaka the second day definitely. The mastering in the direction to utilize the best of T & J master, not in addition to the hands of some other modification of the sound image localization Upon Disc of. It is the content of collection next, but mind is I have heard the T & J Again, it has become a collecting contents apart from the its outstanding panel, very long, and captured over a period of about 20 minutes remix BGM of cases of live curtain before are you. Because there is not what is recorded so far in the title of T & J other than, there is a material value, of course, yet, mind and clever is the recording, you are starting from just before entering the venue what, this is very There is a sense of reality to, myself have heard if it were such that the entrance to the venue now, let me in such a mood that was exciting uplifting, I enjoy surprisingly this is. It is a great sense. I record the sound check on the day of the Disc 4 th. This is also Onban of the first for T & J. Sound slightly noticeable echo component, although very close, also played recorded in sound with the punch in the best quality amazing almost the same as the main part. It was a gift board “Soundcheck In Osaka: 2 Day” is also a high-quality sound very, than there, in the thick sound image which worked of low range more, I feel also play closer. Of early “Sound Check” is: we become shorter than “Soundcheck In Osaka 2 Day”, but (possibly) in a cross-fade includes entrance sequence to the venue at the beginning again whether the direction that it was nifty T & J It seems to be connected to a sound check without discomfort. This title would be a grin involuntarily in the effect that nifty T & J. Please come and get in the press release panel Memorial Fukuoka and Osaka performance of this first day of “Tom & Jerry” version. Good title not unreasonable to be immediately press bunker if originally appeared in a bonus special title! Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan 12th November 2013

2013年11月12日の大阪・京セラドーム公演をサウンドチェックも含んだ音質・内容ともまさにパーフェクトな極上オーディエンス・マスターより収録したタイトルが登場。今回リリースのプレス2タイトルと同じく「Tom & Jerry」(以下T&J)なる名テーパーにより録音され、ほんのつい数日前に東京公演最終日のサウンドチェックとともにネット上に放たれた注目の「T&J最新マスター」を使用。大阪初日と福岡公演の「T&J」バージョンのプレス盤のリリース記念に、この大阪二日目も最速で音盤化し、ボーナスディスクでお届けです!この大阪二日目はギフト盤を含め、すでに数タイトルが存在するわけですが、今回の一連の来日公演の中ではこの大阪二日目は(あくまでレベルの高い話であると前置きしておきますが)、どちらかと言うと音の近い音源にあまり恵まれていない公演に部類されていました。しかし、本録音はさすが名テーパーのT&Jらしく、ここでは安心のウルトラ極上至近サウンドで、大阪初日や福岡公演同様に非常に至近距離で捉えられた、これぞ真のパーフェクト・サウンドと言えるでしょう。もちろん音が近いだけではなく、今回のプレス盤と同様ここでもT&Jの特徴でもある厚みのある、なおかつどっしりとした野太い、伸びがありまろやかな、大迫力なのにイコライジング処理とは無縁の嫌味な感じのない心地良いサウンドで収録されているのが特徴で、とにかくこれを聞けば理屈抜きに「凄い!」の一言につきるかと。間違いなく大阪公演二日目のトップ・クオリティであることは間違いありません。Disc化に際してはT&Jマスターの良さをいかす方向でマスタリングし、音像定位の若干修正以外の手は加えていません。次に収録内容ですが、ここでもT&Jは気が利いていて、既発盤とは一線を画す収録内容となっており、ライブ開演前の例のリミックスBGMを非常に長く、約20分にわたり捉えているのです。T&J以外のタイトルではここまで収録しているものはありませんので、資料的価値があるのはもちろんのこと、しかも、その収録が気が利いており、何と会場に入る直前から始まっていて、これが非常に臨場感があり、あたかも聞いてる自分がこれからライブ会場へ入場するような、そんなワクワク高揚した気分にさせてくれ、これが意外と楽しめるのです。素晴らしいセンスです。4枚目のDiscには当日のサウンドチェックを収録。こちらもT&Jとしては初の音盤化です。サウンドはエコー成分が若干目立つものの、本編と殆ど同様の驚くべき極上クオリティで演奏も非常に近く、パンチのあるサウンドで収録。ギフト盤だった「Soundcheck In Osaka: Day 2」も非常に高音質ですが、そちらよりも、より低音域の効いた太い音像で、演奏もより近い感じです。序盤の「サウンドチェック」が「Soundcheck In Osaka: Day 2」より短くはなっておりますが、ここでもT&Jの気の利いた演出なのか冒頭に会場への入場シークエンスを含み(恐らく)クロスフェードで違和感なくサウンドチェックに繋いでいるようです。T&Jの気の利いた演出に思わずニヤリとしてしまう本タイトル。今回の大阪初日と福岡公演「Tom & Jerry」バージョンのプレス盤リリース記念に是非ゲットして下さい。本来であれば即プレス盤化されてもおかしくない優良タイトルがスペシャルなボーナス・タイトルで登場です!

Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan 12th November 2013

Disc 1(70:27)
1. Intro 2. Eight Days A Week 3. Save Us 4. All My Loving 5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Let Me Roll It 7. Paperback Writer 8. My Valentine 9. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
10. The Long And Winding Road 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. We Can Work It Out 14. Another Day

Disc 2(72:47)
1. MC 2. And I Love Her 3. Blackbird 4. Here Today 5. New 6. Queenie Eye
7. Lady Madonna 8. All Together Now 9. Lovely Rita 10. Everybody Out There
11. Eleanor Rigby 12. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! 13. Something
14. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 15. Band On The Run 16. Back In The U.S.S.R. 17. Let It Be
18. Live And Let Die 19. Hey Jude

Disc 3(36:16)
1. Audience 2. Day Tripper 3. Hi, Hi, Hi 4. Get Back 5. Yesterday 6. Helter Skelter
7. Golden Slumbers 8. Carry That Weight 9. The End

Disc 4(66:20)

1. (Let Us) Into The Arena 2. Warm-Up #1 3. Warm-Up #2 4. Honey Don’t
5. Blue Suede Shoes 6. Junior’s Farm 7. Letting Go 8. C Moon 9. San Francisco Bay Blues
10. Happy Birthday Howard 11. Ram On 12. Leaning On A Lampost 13. Everybody Out There
14. Bluebird 15. Lady Madonna

Paul McCartney – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Piano Rusty Anderson – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Ray – Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals Paul Wickens – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Abe Laboriel, Jr. – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

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