Led Zeppelin / 928 Complete Edition / 3CD

Led Zeppelin / 928 Complete Edition / 3CD / Non label

Translated Text:
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 28th September 1971 (from Original Masters)

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A legend in Japan ‘s history of Western music performers in Japan, that is ZEP’s first visit to Japan. Why was it so deified to such a degree? It is the best timing that not only the group but also the performance was realized at the time when it can be said that the peak of all the members. Furthermore, it was a surprising and fulfilling content that showed developments that each show did not expect, which is a major factor. The highlights of such ZEP ‘s first visit to Japan with such a masterpiece are Osaka’ s two performances.
Among them, the 929 has become standardized by virtue of the sound board which is said to have stolen the eyes of the ZEP side, but it has become a standard classic, but the same sound source was rumored from the long ago for 928 the previous day, or in recent years Although it turned out that “Black Dog” only one piece of ZEP owned owner’s official soundboard recording leaked out, still only one kind of audience recording can still see the whole show as a bird’s-eye view. The sound source to be called “source 1” and the items released in the 90’s, the poor sound quality but “source 2” which recorded the final stage of the show finally revealed the full appearance of legendary Osaka first day is.
However, it was also helped that no more sound sources were discovered, and it will reach the present without obtaining the popularity of about 929. However, in October 2016, it was still remembered that it was “928” that I discovered a new source I did not expect as “928”. It’s been 45 years since now that it is now that 928 new sources are discovered … literally it was the release of “928” realized in 2016, literally sending maniacs around the world.

Its “928” sauce, but there was a disadvantage that ZEP played the Beatles songs without playing and that the final stage was not recorded due to the too long show as “source 1”. Of course, even at the release of 2016, it was considered for a while that a complete release that diverted other existing sources, but it was valuable content and historical excavation that had closed such a defect . And more than anything, since there was a definite version at the time such as “928 GTO” of EMPRESS VALLEY, it daringly did not rely on supplementing other sound sources, it became a release featuring only the newly excavated sound source It is.
To my disappointment, the scene where it was first heard at “928” sauce was too shocking. First of all, the state of the venue before ZEP appeared was recorded over 12 minutes. Before the ZEP who first appeared in Osaka, it was caught in a glimpse that the tension and excitement could not be hidden.
More than that, it gave a big impact to maniacs all over the world, Oldies medley escalated and complete recording of “Whole Lotta Love” long this day which recording ended in the middle of performance at “source 1” That it was doing. Also in “source 1” it was precious that “Absolute Stairway to Heaven” which included painful cuts was included completely, and capturing the start scene of the encore. In this way, in 2016 I realized the release in the form of avoiding fusion with other sound sources in that it was excavation boasting important contents from the viewpoint of ZEP’s live history. Thanks to you, “928” became Sold Out in a blink of an eye from its preciousness, so it was natural that the voice of “It is a full length version that combines other sources next time” was given. Nevertheless, the release of the full length version was not planned immediately. Of course, what I could do right away, if I tried to do it.
However, it was because the cassette copy of the new “source 1” was offered, which boosted the limited press CD release that will be realized this time, which is different from what has been circulating since a long time ago. As we are going to catch up with it, we realize even providing a master cassette of “source 2” that boasts valuable content although its sound quality is bad. As for details of these, please refer to the “OSAKA 1971 1ST NIGHT” which will be released at the same time this time, as a result of obtaining those versions, it is possible to release the upper version which is not limited to the full length version of mere supplementary editing It was a translation.
For this release, since it is a complex of audience recordings, “Since I’ve Been Loving You” which was hard to hear due to deterioration of the tape in “928” sauce, etc., was replaced by source 1 for easier hearing It has become an editing that has been improved. If you turn back, the value of ‘928’ as a pure sound source specimen, including its deteriorated part, is not faded.
Of course, we used “source 1” also in the scene where we played the Beatles’ songs in the middle of the show. Therefore, while maintaining the main “928” source, the finished 928 marathon show that the legend is nearly full can be heard. With this editing, the defective part to be left is only to leave the ending part of “Dazed And Confused”. Of course, we are asking for the appearance of “source 2” on the final live stage. In this way you can listen to the 928 show almost completely. And it will definitely be a great release for those who missed buying “928” which became Sold Out in the blink of an eye quickly and it became a difficult acquisition item now.
As a sound image image, although it is farther than “source 1”, it has a very mild and warm sound quality, and furthermore it is unbelievable that it has been buried for 45 years, giving overwhelming instructions from maniacs all over the world I received “928”. A long-awaited complete editing version will appear with this name sound source as the main! Finally, we will release the information of the original cassette that got a bit of controversy among maniacs at the beginning of 2016 release in order to celebrate this release, so please refer. This will solve the mystery of the cassette.

★ Supplemented with source 1 for the missing and degraded parts of the previously developed “928”. The last High Heel Sneakers supplemented with source 2 from the second half to the end. Two types of supplemental tone generators are original upper tape tapes source. Source 2 is from the master cassette.

★ ★ Supplementary information

About “928” former cassette
· The concert of the day was recorded with two 120-minute tapes of Sony. One of them is Blue’s C120 which is also posted on the net.

(Note) The following tape is recorded on the first tape. (Total about 75 minutes)

A side: starting announcement ~ until 7: 36 of Dazed And Confused (48: 48)

B side: Dazed And Confused 7: 37 ~ Stairway to Heaven until after the show (26: 01)

· Since the second 120 minute tape started to cause trouble in reproduction at a later date, the tape itself was replaced with a Sony C90 tape case. Even though the outer case is 90 minutes, it is because of 120 minutes of tape. The tape itself included in the C90 is not a dubbing copy, but an original 120 minutes tape on the recording day.

(Note) The following tape is included in the second tape. (Total about 102 minutes)

A side: Head of Celebration Day ~ Moby Dick until 13: 06 (50: 48)

B side: Moby Dick’s 13: 07 ~ High Heel Sneakers until 3: 11 (51: 04)

* Pitch adjustment is applied at the time of commercialization, so there are some errors in the recording time on actual tape and CD.

その中において929はZEP側の目を盗んで録音したとされるサウンドボードのおかげでド定番と化していますが、前日928に関しては同じような音源の存在が昔から噂されたり、あるいは近年になって「Black Dog」一曲だけZEP所有と推測される公式のサウンドボード録音が流出したものの、ショー全体を鳥瞰出来るのは未だに一種類のオーディエンス録音だけ。「source 1」と称すべきその音源と、90年代にリリースされたアイテムで出土した、音質が劣悪ながらもショー終盤を収録した「source 2」でようやく伝説の大阪初日の全貌が明らかとなったのです。

その「928」ソースですが、ZEPがおふざけでビートルズの曲を演奏した場面の未収録かつ、「source 1」と同じくショーが長すぎたせいで終盤が未収録と言う欠点がありました。当然ながら2016年のリリース時にも現存する他のソースを流用した完全版リリースが一時期は考えられたのですが、そうした欠損に目をつぶってあまりある貴重な内容かつ歴史的な発掘であったこと。そして何よりも、EMPRESS VALLEYの「928 GTO」のような当時の時点における決定版が存在していたことから敢えて他の音源の補填に頼らず、新たに発掘された音源だけをフィーチャーしたリリースとなったのです。
それ以上に世界中のマニアに大きな衝撃を与えたのは、オールディーズ・メドレーがエスカレートし「source 1」において演奏の途中で録音が終わってしまったこの日の長かった「Whole Lotta Love」を完全収録していたということ。同じく「source 1」では痛恨のカットが入ってしまった「Stairway to Heaven」が完全収録、そしてアンコールの開始場面を捉えたのも貴重でした。このようにZEPのライブ史の観点からも重要な内容を誇る発掘であったことが、2016年当時には他の音源との融合を敢えて避けた形でのリリースを実現させたのです。おかげさまで「928」はその貴重さから瞬く間にSold Outとなったことから、当然ながら「次回は他ソースを合わせた全長版を」との声が寄せられたものです。それでもなお、すぐ全長版のリリースが企画されることはありませんでした。もちろん、やろうと思えばすぐにでも出来たこと。
しかし今回実現する限定のプレスCDリリースを後押ししてくれたのが、昔から出回っているとのとは違う、新たな「source 1」のカセット・コピーが提供されてくれたからなのです。それに追い打ちをかけるように、音質は悪いながらも貴重な内容を誇る「source 2」のマスター・カセットの提供まで実現。これらの詳細に関しては今回同時リリースとなる「OSAKA 1971 1ST NIGHT」の方を参考していただくとして、それらのバージョンが入手出来たことによって、単なる補填編集の全長版に留まらないアッパー版のリリースが可能となった訳なのです。
今回のリリースに際してはオーディエンス録音の複合ということから「928」ソースでテープの劣化によって聞きづらい箇所があった「Since I’ve Been Loving You」などは、その部分をソース1に差し替えたことで聞きやすさを向上させた編集となっています。裏を返せばその劣化した部分も含め、純然たる音源標本としての「928」の価値は色褪せていません。
もちろんショー中盤でビートルズの曲のさわりを演奏した場面にも「source 1」を使用。よって、あくまで「928」ソースをメインとしつつ、それでいて伝説の928マラソン・ショーがほぼフルで聞けてしまう仕上がり。この編集によって、残す欠損箇所は「Dazed And Confused」のエンディング部分を残すだけとなりました。もちろんライブ終盤には「source 2」の登場をお願いしています。こうして928ショーがほとんど完全に聞けるようになった。そしてリリース時にあっという間にSold Outとなり、今や入手困難アイテムと化してしまった「928」を買い逃してしまっていた方にとっても絶好のリリースとなることは間違いありません。
音像イメージとしては「source 1」よりも遠いものの、非常にマイルドかつウォーミーな音質、さらには45年もの間に渡って埋もれていたとは思えないほどの鮮度が世界中のマニアから圧倒的な指示を受けた「928」。この名音源をメインとして待望のコンプリート編集バージョンが登場します!最後に、2016年のリリース当初にマニアの間でちょっとした論議を呼んだ元のカセットの情報に関しても今回のリリースを記念して公開いたしますので、是非ご参照ください。これによってカセットの謎が解けることでしょう。

★既発「928」の欠落及び劣化箇所をソース1で補填。ラストのHigh Heel Sneakers後半からエンドまでソース2で補填。補填音源2種は独自入手のアッパー版テープソース。ソース2はマスターカセットからです。


Disc 1 (70:24)
1. Pre-Show
2. “Good Evening”
3. Immigrant Song
4. Heartbreaker
5. Since I’ve Been Loving You ★3:41 – 7:39 ソース1補填 (テープ荒れの激しい部分も補填しました)
6. Black Dog
7. Dazed And Confused ★7:20 – 14:13 ソース1補填

Disc 2 (52:09)
1. MC
2. Stairway To Heaven ★0:20 – 0:26 / 1:01 – 1:09 / 10:27 最後までソース1補填
3. Please Please Me / From Me To You ★全部補填ソース1
4. Celebration Day ★0:00 – 0:49 ソース1補填
5. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
6. That’s The Way
7. Going To California
8. We Shall Overcome
9. Tangerine
10. Down By The Riverside
11. What Is And What Should Never Be

Disc 3 (75:39)
1. MC
2. Moby Dick ★12:14 – 14:56 / 16:51 – 17:30 ソース1補填
3. Whole Lotta Love
4. C’mon Everybody
5. High Heel Sneakers ★3:06 – 最後まで補填ソース2
6. Communication Breakdown ★全部補填ソース2




A面:冒頭アナウンス~Dazed And Confusedの7:36まで(48:48)

B面:Dazed And Confusedの7:37~Stairway to Heaven 終演後まで(26:01)



A面:Celebration Dayの頭~Moby Dickの13:06まで (50:48)

B面:Moby Dickの13:07~High Heel Sneakersの3:11まで (51:04)


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