Led Zeppelin / Adelaide 1972 / 2CD

Led Zeppelin / Adelaide 1972 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Memorial Drive, Adelaide, Australia 19th February 1972


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This time our shop releases at the same time as the sound source of the UK tour in 1971 is the Australia tour of 1972. Yes, this is the ZEP live activity next to the UK tour. We will release Adelaide ‘s performance on February 19th, the oldest existing sound source, on the limited press CD. This sound source itself is not very rare. Rather it is one of the most famous sound sources in the Australia tour for 72 years. Nevertheless, until now the release has not been realized from our shop. This time it is the item that is the best version which realized the highest sound quality from master, yet it showed it without any fine workmanship.
Tours in Australia and New Zealand in 1972 have good audience recordings in various places, all of which have been released as items in the past. Adelaide will boast of high-quality sound, even among high-end sound sources. Not only is it a very sound image, it also has a wonderful spread of sound that can be said to be only stereo recording. Although it is in a recording state with a bit of unsatisfactory point in terms of clearness, the rich texture that warmyness stands out is also a big appeal.
In the case of
However, in order to further emphasize such a recording state, it is also true that several items far removed from the original sound source have been created due to the equalization which was also done to add equalization, or to relieve the state of genetics fall. Actually, it was probably because it was Australian ‘SHIVERS’ N ‘SHAKES’ which released this sound source at the very beginning that was recording the sound source faithfully to the original sound most.
However, this item also has major drawbacks, and it seems that the performances that included the cut which started with “Tangerine” and so on were not recorded yet in order to put it in one CD. Rather it resulted in several items that completely recorded the entire sound source.
Certainly this wide cut in this sound source is a big minus point. When estimating the recording state, it is thought that recording was carried out cutting the inter-track space as much as possible while worrying about the rest of the reel used by the taper. Even if it can not be helped, cutting “Moby Dick” is rather blatant. Stop stopping because the drum solo has started … Loaded with such feeling. Beyond that, “Whole Lotta Love”. I stopped recording every time the performance breaks in the middle of the medley, but the effort of such a taper was also false, eventually I could not record until the end.
Sound quality is a wonderful thing even if you cut such a cut. Even though the performances are caught by surprisingly on sound images from the beginning of the show, it is superb but the voice of the audience (the taper principal?) That ZEP learns a threat to the intensity of the volume released from the stage is the vividness of the venue of the day It will tell you. There is no doubt that this is also one page of precious history.
When it becomes “Whole Lotta Love”, the point that the performance is caught by the vigor as if it is in front of the stage side speaker no longer than the sound board is also the point excelled in this recording. Soundboard sound sources that are full of ZEP sound sources are also good, but if they were at their live venue, it would have been such a sound that I actually witnessed.

Meanwhile, ZEP’s performance also seems intense that it is not the second stage of the Australian tour in 1972. Initially it was scheduled to be held the day before, due to the deformation of the stage built with wood due to moisture and the fact that the amp became sluggish one day will be postponed, in Australia unexpected timing Perhaps relaxing may have been successful. Besides, the performance from the UK tour of the previous year evolved immediately. In “Heartbreaker”, phrases such as page did not play until the previous year are included. It is interesting in ZEP live that changes clearly even if the year changes, even though it has occurred within half a year on a periodic basis.
“Stairway To Heaven” and others still have something to be laughed even though the reaction is slow. In the United States in the coming months, it may be said that this song is the last unknown period for this song, as the plant applauds just by telling the song title.
As usual the long “Dazed And Confused” also has light footwork anyway. Rhythm-oriented development has not yet started compared with the United States after this, and the atmosphere which was right for 71 years is also strong. Still it is different from the pure Nori of the 71th edition. After all, the ZEP live sound source of the time when the change is intense is what I really do not get bored with listening.
Certainly everywhere around the second half will certainly be a minus point. However, it should have been understood by this sentence that it is a live sound source that is supplementary to it. While delivering excellent sound source, it also adjusts subtle madness of the pitch which was unexpectedly muted. And more than anything, recorded with the word ‘natural’ and ‘warmy’ perfectly applicable. In the Australian tour of 1972, the definitive version of Adelaide, which can be said to be a standard in the classic, is finally appearing. Please enjoy the mild playing of the unique footwork at the beginning of 1972 and even the rich flavor of the original sound source to your heart’s content!
In the case of


ところがそうした録音状態をさらに強調すべく、イコライズを加えたり、あるいはジェネ落ちの状態を緩和すべく、これまた施されたイコライズによって元の音源からかけ離れたアイテムがいくつも生み出されてきたのも事実。実はこの音源をもっとも原音に忠実に収録してみせていたのは、一番最初にこの音源をリリースしたオーストラリア産「SHIVERS ‘N’ SHAKES」だったのかもしれません。
確かにこの音源における多岐に渡るカットは大きなマイナス・ポイント。録音状態を推測するとテーパーが使ったリールの残りを気にしながら、極力曲間をカットして録音していたのだと思われます。それは仕方がないとしても「Moby Dick」のカットなどはかなり露骨。ドラム・ソロが始まってしまったから止めてしまえ…そういった感が満載。それ以上に涙ぐましいのが「Whole Lotta Love」。メドレーの途中で演奏がブレイクする度に録音をストップさせているのですが、そんなテーパーの努力も虚しく、結局最後まで録音できずに終わってしまった。
それが「Whole Lotta Love」になるとサウンドボードというよりも、もはや自分がステージ横のスピーカーの前にいるかのような生々しさで演奏が捉えられている点もこの録音の卓越した点でしょう。ZEP音源界にに溢れているサウンドボード音源もよいのですが、彼らのライブ会場に居たとすれば、実際に目の当たりにしたのはこのようなサウンドだったはず。

「Stairway To Heaven」などは未だに反応が鈍いのにも笑わせられるものがあります。この数か月後のアメリカではプラントが曲名を告げただけで拍手喝采となるのだから、この曲にとっては最後の無名な時期だと言っていいかもしれません。
いつものごとく長い「Dazed And Confused」もとにかくフットワークが軽い。この後のアメリカと比べてもまだリズム指向の展開が芽生えておらず、やはり71年の側に即した雰囲気が強い。それでいて純然たる71年版のノリとも違う。やはり変化が激しい時期のZEPライブ音源というのは本当に聴いていて飽きがこないもの。
Disc 1 (52:08)
1. Intro 2. Immigrant Song 3. Heartbreaker 4. Black Dog 5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. Stairway to Heaven 7. Going To California 8. That’s The Way 9. Tangerine
10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 2 (43:06)
1. MC 2. Dazed and Confused 3. Moby Dick 4. Whole Lotta Love

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