Led Zeppelin / Milwaukee 1970 / 1CDR

Led Zeppelin / Milwaukee 1970 / 1CDR / Non Label

Live AT Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI,USA 31st August 1970.

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August 15, 1970 Connecticut started with New Haven’s Yale Bowl show, September 19th New York took Red’s 1970 North American tour to the Madison Square Garden show in New York -Zeppelin.

This sound source from this North American tour, the middle of the tour is August 31, Wisconsin is the Milwaukee Arena performances of Milwaukee, the audience included “Milwaukee 1970 (Gift CDR)”, gift items that can be rewarded when purchasing two sets of products It was distributed as.

From this North American tour, as a famous bootleg, “Live On Blueberry Hill (No Label)” with audience recording of The Forum performances of Inglewood, California on September 4 and the Senshuku of September 19 and, As “Red Zeppelin”, the “Madison Square Garden 1970 (No Label)” etc., which recorded the two shows of the first Madison Square Garden performance, have been released and there are many famous performances, and this “Milwaukee 1970 ( Gift CDR) オ ー デ ィ エ ン ス is also an audience recording of only the first half of the show, there is a cut between songs, and although the sound image is slightly distant, the sound quality is excellent and it is a line of “Live On Blueberry Hill (No Label)”.

All in all, during this time, he has performed great and powerful performances, including Robert Plant’s high tone vocals. By the way, as described in the manufacturer’s information, Scat similar to Robert Plant’s studio take enters and Jimmy Page’s guitar solo ends halfway. “Immigrant Song” is rare, “Dazed And Confused “Also, it is not a long performance like 1973, but is compacted, and it is only this time that Jimmy Page talks with John Bonham at” Bring It On Home “which spans 10 minutes. A lot of listening places such as “Bron-Yr-Aur” which is not played.

In maker information
“On August 31, 1970 mid-term North American Tour, recording about 55 minutes in high-quality audience recording Milwaukee performance.
In the recording only in the first half of the show, this sound source only exists up to here, but as an audience recording, it is a great sound source that boasts the highest quality.

The content of the high level is the highest level, as it can be seen from the early days of the boot from the early days of the boot, although the content is half-baked for less than one hour.
This time, it is pitch-corrected and recorded by “MASTER> DAT” sound source uploaded by PRESENCE, and the sound of its masterpiece filled with on and clearness does not feel a sense of equalization, just the strongest “fan mast” can be asserted Thing. Fixed about 50% faster pitch of the original semitone. You can enjoy the world’s best version of this sound source. If you remove the analog noise that is occasionally found, it is a high quality source that the press CD is definitely suitable.

There is tape deterioration in 1 minute 40 seconds of the first Immigrant Song, but other than that, there is almost nothing that seems to be a defect other than the fine cuts in the song and the cuts between songs that care about the remaining amount of tape.
Zeppelin’s live performance at this time is a masterpiece just to be heard in this exquisite sense of distance and wide and on rich sound.
The unique singing movements of the perfect plant represented by Immigrant Song and Heartbreaker are also the attraction of this day.
Page at 9:18 on Dazed and Confused, the page is in trouble in the middle of the riff, once it stops its hand, it re-plays and it’s going to demote again and again. The performance filled with a sense of drive that governs the whole is a perfect response for listening. It is a title that you can enjoy a sense of satisfaction even with one piece.

(Please confirm the content of the concert by the following “Live File” sentence.)
The mid-tour Milwaukee performance on August 31st seems to have been originally scheduled for August 26th.
“Immigrant Song” is likely to continue with a thriving guitar solo, and Robert Plant puts in a scat similar to a studio take, so Jimmy Page who listens to it immediately responds and riffs It’s really fun to get back, and the plant feels like it’s just putting in a scat with the atmosphere without listening to the guitar solo.
Not only that Scat but also the last “go away heartbreaker” falset in “Heartbreaker” is intense, and the growth in the second half of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” is also great, and the plant of this day is also said to be in excellent condition.
Since “Since I’ve Been Loving You” is introduced as “This is the number form Led Zeppelin III”, it is clear that the third album title has already been decided at this point.
Unfortunately this show only sees the first seven songs in the sun.
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本音源は,この北米ツアーから,ツアー中盤に当たる 8月31日ウィスコンシン州はミルウォーキーのミルウォーキー・アリーナ公演を,オーディエンス収録した 『 Milwaukee 1970 (Gift CDR) 』 で,商品を 2組購入すると貰えるギフト・アイテムとして配布されていたもの.

この北米ツアーからは,有名なブートレッグとして,9月4日カリフォルニア州イングルウッドのザ・フォーラム公演をオーディエンス収録した 『 Live On Blueberry Hill (No Label) 』 や,9月19日の千秋楽,且つ,レッド・ツェッペリンとして,初のマディソン・スクエア・ガーデン公演の 2回のショーを収録した 『 Madison Square Garden 1970 (No Label) 』等がリリースされており,名演も多いツアーで,今回の 『 Milwaukee 1970 (Gift CDR) 』 も,ショーの前半部分のみのオーディエンス録音で,曲間カットはあり,音像は若干遠いものの,音質的には優れており 『 Live On Blueberry Hill (No Label) 』 に並ぶもの.

全体的に,この時期は,ロバート・プラントのハイ・トーン・ヴォーカルも含めて,勢いのある素晴らしい演奏を行っています.因みにメーカー情報にあるように,ロバート・プラントのスタジオ・テイクと同じようなスキャットが入り,ジミー・ペイジのギター・ソロが中途半端に終了してしまう “Immigrant Song” は,レア,”Dazed And Confused” も,1973年以降のように長い演奏ではなく,コンパクトに纏められており,10分に及ぶ “Bring It On Home” での,ジミー・ペイジと,ジョン・ボーナムとの掛け合いや,この時期しか演奏されていない “Bron-Yr-Aur” 等,聴き所満載.



最初の Immigrant Song の1分40秒台でテープ劣化がありますが、それ以外は曲中の微細なカット、そしてテープ残量を気にした曲間カット以外、殆ど欠点らしいものがありません。
Immigrant Song や Heartbreaker に代表される絶好調プラントの独特の歌い回しの数々はこの日の魅力でもあります。
Dazed and Confused の 9:18でリフの途中でペイジが何らかのトラブルか、いったん手をとめ、弾き直し次第にまた復調していく様も非常にリアル。全体を支配するドライブ感に満ちた演奏は聴き応え満点。1枚ものでも十分な満足感が味わえるタイトルです。

(コンサートの内容は下記の「Live File」の文章でご確認ください。)
「Immigrant Song」は勢い溢れたギターソロがまだまだ続きそうなところで、ロバート・プラントがスタジオ・テイクと同じようなスキャットをいれてしまうため、それを聴いたジミー・ペイジがすぐさま反応してしまい、リフに戻ってしまうのが何とも面白く、プラントはギターソロをまるで聴かずに雰囲気だけでスキャットを入れているように感じてしまう。
そのスキャットだけでなく「Heartbreaker」における最後の “go away heartbreaker” のファルセットも強烈だし、「Since I’ve Been Loving You」の後半の伸びも素晴らしく、この日のプラントも絶好調と言った感じだ。
「Since I’ve Been Loving You」が “This is the number form Led Zeppelin III” と紹介されていることから、既にこの時点で3枚目のアルバムタイトルは決まっていたことが伺える。

Live At Milwaukee Arena,Milwaukee,WI,USA 31st August 1970
1. Intro.
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Dazed And Confused
5. Bring It On Home
6. That’s The Way
7. Bron-Yr-Aur
8. Since I’ve Been Loving You
TOTAL TIME (55:27)



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