Kiss / Unreleased Spring 1973 Rehearsal-2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Kiss / Unreleased Spring 1973 Rehearsal-2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / ZODIAC
Rehearsal at 10 East 23rd Street Loft in New York City in May 1973 PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters),Recorded by Gene Simmons on an early 2 track deck

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When excavated six years ago, the instantaneous impact of “KISS’s most important sound source!” Appeared on a permanent preservation press CD.

[Attic recording before debut by Jean Simmons] 正 The identity of the super-renowned board is a rehearsal recording recorded at “23-10 East New York, May 1973”. Yes, the legendary “KISS Loft”, where four unnamed people had been practicing while dreaming of the world. It is an attic recording that tells the scene. Moreover, it was Jean Simmons who recorded this work. In our shop, we have introduced many of the finest masters provided by former officials, but this work is one of them. It is a record of a surprising land where the person concerned said that it was “a super valuable that has been discovered in recent years and is not found anywhere else”.
Speaking of “May 1973”, it’s a time when four people have just arrived and the stage experience is one of the best. First, let’s take a look at the schedule at the time to image such a situation.

《January Ace Freyley》
・ January 30-February 1: New York City (6 performances)
・ March 9-April 14: Amity Building (8 performances)
・ May 4: New York City
>> May ?? day: around here? << ・ May 26: Paraseize ・ June 1: New York City ・ June 8-16: Amity Building (8 performances) ・ July 13 + August 10: New York City (2 performances) ・ August 17-25: Amity Building (8 performances) ・ August 31 + September 1: New York City (2 performances) 《Starting production of “Emissary from Hell” in October》 ・ December 21-31: New York City (3 performances) KKISS was on the verge of appearing in the world. “May 1973” is four months after Ace joined the New Year. Even the soundboard live “AMITYVILLE 1973 (Zodiac 051)” which was reprinted the other day and was very popular was June, so it is a month earlier. It is one of the oldest sound recordings. [Sounds and serious performances that do not seem to be rehab recordings] Although this is the only treasure in rock history, this work is amazing not only that but also the quality. Normally, the sound of “playing something” is not strange, but this work is different. It was recorded with a two-track deck and a microphone owned by Jean instead of the line, but there was no dust such as a sense of distance only in the narrow attic, it was super tight and separated into chitin and stereo. Of course, no dubbing marks were felt, and no deterioration or twist was found. At this time, I made a demo tape for my debut, but I probably wanted to check the performance closely for it. It’s not just “somehow recording”, it’s a sound that clearly shows the will to listen again. And it is the content itself that makes me feel more intense. It’s a rehearsal for a band that hasn’t made a professional debut, so it’s no wonder that it’s normal to have fun and play with gulags, but this work is sizzling. Although the voice of conversation is slightly infused, the rehearsals that do not kill time with useless mouths are serious and perform tight. The chorus also plays each song with the same tension as the live performance while keeping the texture clean. The selection is also precious, and not only “Strutter” “Firehouse” “Let Me Know” recorded in the debut work, but also “Acrobat” and “Watchin ‘You” which are the original songs of “Love Theme from Kiss” He also plays “Life In The Woods” of the WICKED LESTER era. Even if the historical significance was lost, it was responsive as a studio live, and more than that, it shows that KISS had a very high professionalism from the start. Indeed, “KISS’s most important sound source.” It boasts a private sense of class that can be seen at the site of “KISS Loft” that only four members would have known, but the quality is different from that of almost a hundred rehab recordings. It is no longer a fan of KISS and it is one of the world heritage of rock culture itself. A legendary rehearsal album that shocked the world. Please fully enjoy with the permanent preservation press CD. 6年前に発掘されるや、瞬時にして「KISSの最重要音源!」の衝撃が世界中を駆け巡った超名盤が復刻。永久保存プレスCDで登場です。 【ジーン・シモンズ本人によるデビュー前の屋根裏録音】  その超名盤の正体とは「1973年5月ニューヨーク東23丁目10番街」で記録されたリハーサル録音。そう、まだデビュー前の名もない4人が世界を夢見ながら練習を重ねていた伝説の“KISS Loft”。その現場を伝える屋根裏録音なのです。しかも、本作を録音したのはジーン・シモンズ本人。当店では、元関係者から提供された極上マスターの数々をご紹介してきましたが、本作もそのひとつ。その関係者をして「近年になって発見されたどこにも出回っていない超貴重品」と言わしめた、驚天動地の記録なのです。  何しろ「1973年5月」と言えば、4人が揃って間もない時期であり、ステージ経験も指折り数える段階。まずは、そんな状況をイメージするためにも当時のスケジュールから紐解いてみましょう。 《1月エース・フレイリー加入》 ・1月30日-2月1日:ニューヨーク・シティ(6公演) ・3月9日-4月14日:アミティビル(8公演) ・5月4日:ニューヨーク・シティ  >>5月??日:この辺り?<<

これが世界に姿を現す寸前だったKISS。「1973年5月」となると、年始にエースが合流してから4ヶ月。先日復刻されて大好評を賜っているサウンドボード・ライヴ『AMITYVILLE 1973(Zodiac 051)』でさえ6月でしたから、それより1ヶ月も早い。音の記録としては最も古いものの1つになるわけです。

そして、それ以上の強烈な意志を感じるのは、内容そのもの。プロデビューしていないバンドのリハですから、普通であればワイワイと楽しみつつグダグダと演奏していても不思議ではないのですが、本作はビシッとしている。わずかに会話声も吹き込まれてはいるものの、無駄口で時間を潰すわけでもないリハは真剣そのもので演奏もタイト。コーラスも綺麗にキメながらライヴ本番と変わらぬテンションで1曲1曲を演奏していく。そのセレクションも貴重で、デビュー作に収録される「Strutter」「Firehouse」「Let Me Know」だけでなく、「Love Theme from Kiss」の原曲でもある「Acrobat」や「Watchin’ You」の初期バージョン、さらにはWICKED LESTER時代の「Life In The Woods」も演奏している。歴史的な意義をヌキにしてもスタジオ・ライヴとして聴き応えがあり、それ以上にKISSはスタートの段階から非常に高いプロ意識を持っていたこともうかがわせるのです。

まさに「KISSの最重要音源」。メンバー4人しか知らなかったであろう“KISS Loft”の現場に立ち会えるド級のプライベート感覚を誇りつつ、凡百のリハ録音とは次元の異なるクオリティ。もはやKISSのファンか否かを超え、ロック文化自体の世界遺産となる1枚です。世界に衝撃を振りまいた伝説のリハーサル・アルバム。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にご堪能ください。

1. Soundcheck
2. Strutter
3. Firehouse
4. Watchin’ You
5. Let Me Know
6. Life In The Woods #1
7. Life In The Woods #2
8. Acrobat

Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal
Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal
Ace Frehley – Guitar
Peter Criss – Drums, Vocal
KISS – Detroit 1974 1st Show /1Bonus CDR)
Live at the Palace, Detroit, MI. USA 7th April 1974 SBD

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The main press CD is a cultural heritage-class rehearsal album for young KISS who dream of the world. Of course, it is an unnecessary heavy sound source such as a bonus, but the recording time is short, about 35 minutes. Therefore, we have prepared a special bonus so that you can enjoy even more important early KISS sound sources.
の What is included in such a work is the live performance immediately after debut. This is the sound board recording of “Performance on April 7, 1974 in Detroit”. Speaking of “Detroit”, KISS is the land of fate that has become the starting point for success. “C’mon And Love Me,” which had not been single-cut, was heavily rotated on a radio station, igniting its popularity, and became the spot for that “ALIVE!”. This work is recorded at the premiere of the meeting between Detroit and KISS. First, let’s take a look at the show position from the schedule at the time.

・ January 26-February 21: North America # 1 (7 performances)
<< February 18 “KISS” release >>
・ March 22-August 4: North America # 2 (64 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
<< August “HOTTER THAN HELL” production >>
・ September 13-October 4: North America # 3 (13 performances)
・ Oct 16-21: North America # 4a (5 performances)
<< October 22 “HOTTER THAN HELL” release >>
・ October 22-December 31: North America # 4b (37 performances)

This is KISS 1974. In the past year alone, there have been a total of six Detroit performances on April 12 + 13, September 28, and December 20 + 21, but this is the first one. It was the 10th concert of “North America # 2” which was the undercard of AEROSMITH.
Such a show was broadcast on FM, and a sound board recording representing the early KISS was also left. Pressing is not realized due to the air check, but the quality is special. It was originally a loud and fresh type of broadcast, but nevertheless there was no distortion or reception noise. The storage condition of the master was very good, and almost no tape deterioration or twist was found. That’s the freshness of jumping over the space and time of 46 years and listening directly to the broadcast waves of those days. When this happens, the goodness of the broadcast itself stands out. The violently crisp bass is powerful, and the vocals that break into it are crisp until they breathe. Even if the chorus overlaps, it separates beautifully. The guitar is so realistic that you can even feel the vibrations of the strings. It is a wonderful FM sound board with no turbidity and no chatter while being a power system.
の A fierce show that draws with such quality is something you would like to call “ALIVE ZERO”. It is a short set only for AEROSMITH’s undercard, and only “Cold Gin” will fade out in the latter half (whether it also entered CM), but otherwise it is completely recorded. Let’s organize the contents here.

・ Emissary from Hell (7 songs): Duece / Strutter / Firehouse / Nothin ‘To Lose / Cold Gin / 100,000 Years / Black Diamond
・ Shell of Hell (1 song): Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
・ Kiss to Hell (1 song): She

Every song was a song you could listen to in “ALIVE!”, But its concentration is amazing. Even though it was just after his debut, the show was a bit light, but the key performance was furious. At that time, Detroit had no way of knowing that it would be a land of destiny, and instead of responding to enthusiasm, it was a force that turned around by force. A bloody show exploding the AEROSMITH fans is exploding.
If “ALIVE!” Is the Olympic final race to win a gold medal at a training site where the main part press CD sharpens muscles secretly, this work is a fierce representative selection race. It is a live album filled with the enthusiasm of challengers who want to let their world know their own abilities while being in order. A masterpiece that lets you enjoy the power of a fresh, direct sound board just after your debut. Please enjoy the start dash of KISS together with the press CD which is the secret treasure of the secret treasure!
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そんな本作に収められているのは、デビュー直後の本番ライヴ。「1974年4月7日デトロイト公演」のサウンドボード録音です。「デトロイト」と言えば、KISSにとって成功への導火線となった運命の地。シングルカットもされていない「C’mon And Love Me」がラジオ局でヘヴィローテーションされて人気に火が付き、あの『ALIVE!』の現場ともなった。本作に記録されているのは、そんなデトロイトとKISSの出会いとなった初演なのです。まずは、そんなショウのポジションを当時のスケジュールから見てみましょう。

《10月22日『HOTTER THAN HELL』発売》

そんなクオリティで描かれるのは『ALIVE ZERO』とでも言いたくなる猛るショウ。AEROSMITHの前座だけにショート・セットですし、「Cold Gin」だけは(CMでも入ったのか)後半がフェイドアウトになりますが、それ以外は完全収録。ここでその内容も整理しておきましょう。

・地獄からの使者(7曲):Duece/Strutter/Firehouse/Nothin’ To Lose/Cold Gin/100,000 Years/Black Diamond
・地獄のさけび(1曲):Let Me Go, Rock And Roll

1. Opening
2. Deuce
3. Strutter
4. She
5. Firehouse
6. Nothin’ To Lose
7. Cold Gin
8. 100,000 Years
9. Black Diamond
10. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll


Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal
Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal
Ace Frehley – Guitar
Peter Criss – Drums, Vocal

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