Whitesnake / Definitive Nagoya 1980 / 2CD

Whitesnake / Definitive Nagoya 1980 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Aichi Kinro Kaikan, Nagoya, Japan 12th April 1980 STEREO SBD

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WHITESNAKE in 1980 that joined Ian Pace and played the first visit to Japan. The legendary ultra-super stereo sound board album is reprinted in perfect form. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
What was engraved on that legendary board was “September 19, 1980: Aichi Prefectural Labor Conference Hall” Performance Participants Outflow Soundboard Recording. Yes, it is Langley label masterpiece “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME” which discovered the miracle and talked about 14 years ago. If you are a memorial at that time, your heart will be excited merely by seeing this title. Far from that, no one has ever listened to it before, but a stakeholder soundboard that did not even imagine existence. Classic Snake ‘s valuable full show, it can listen to legendary first visit to super high quality … …. It was just one shock, and mysterious advertisements that adorned Table 4 of the specialty magazine became a hot topic. This work is a decision board which such a legendary board “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME” has become a big upgrade & complete form.

【The ultimate superb sound board with only full work through full show】
First of all, what is “complete form”? As a matter of fact, “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME” was recorded almost entirely in full shops from the opening to the end, but there was only one cut. It is the second half of “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City”. While Ian Pace inscribed groove with Moody, suddenly Cavadair had become a warp shouting “Thank you !!!”. This work is a complete version that seamlessly complements that part. What was used for supplementation was the same performance visit to the same Tokyo visit “LINEHUNTER (Shades 530)”. There was also a plan to complement with the audience recording on the same day, but “LINE HUNTER” was also a superb related person soundboard comparable to “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME”, and the sound personality was similar. Moreover, by chance, the performance of the missing part was similar, and a more natural finish was possible.
This replacement is small for about 2 minutes, but its significance is huge. Actually, this work is the only complete sound board album in the Golden Age where Pace joined. There are several golden soundboards such as “LINEHUNTER” above and simultaneous release “DEFINITIVE LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY (Zodiac 328)”, a big classic Reading Festival, but some are somewhere There is a lack in. Although there was a title complemented by audience recording, there was not one album that pierced the full show on the thoroughhead sound board. This work is also a two-piece set that makes such a dream experience a reality.

【Clear and more vibrant upgrade sound】
Of course, it is not just a complete form. The quality of the whole sound will also improve. I re-digitize the stakeholders’ master and dedicate themselves to the latest remastering. Originally, the strange sense of transcendence was a direct sound board that stirs brains, but its ringing has improved considerably. Compared with this work, even the legendary board “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME” sounds muffled, the peaks with bangs are annoying. Even the skimmer between musical instruments is filled with crystal clear and radiance, and one sound is overwhelmingly natural in this work.
Even if you use the latest mastering you can not always upgrade. There is something I can do with a slight improvement, but this work is different. Those who have “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME”, please listen to it. It is surprising that Omoto soundboard recorded the rich sound so far and it will be touched even by the progress of technology that can digitize it. Official grade … No, I can taste plenty of the ideal form of direct desktop sound more than that.

【Legend’s first visit to Japan embodying the British Blues Rock Polar】
It is the polar of British Blues Rock drawn with its transcendental real soundboard. Let’s confirm the position of the show here in the schedule of the first visit to Japan.

· April 11: Tokyo Postal Savings Hall
· April 12: Working House in Aichi 【this work】
· April 14: Nakano Sanguraza “LINEHUNTER”
· April 15: Nakano Sanguraza
· April 17: Ishikawa Kosei Pension Center
· April 18th: Osaka Festival Hall
· April 19: Shibuya Public Hall
· April 21: Shibuya public hall

Over all, 8 performances. It was a great success to show up again. This work ‘s Nagoya performance was the 2nd performance sandwiched between the Tokyo performances. That hot thing ‘s hot. I’ve talked about the charm of Classic Snake in numerous commentary, but this work is the legendary first visit to Japan. For the original DEEP PURPLE, it was the promised land for three people, the first for Asia for the first time in Asia. In addition, the burning passion that unique to the new band also mixes, making the blues even deeper and making the catchy rock dynamic.
The set that draws with such a passionate passion is also too tasty. At that time it was already waiting for release while completing “READY AN ‘WILLING”. Band potential that created masterpieces so much Although it is fully opened, it is filled with the number up to “LOVE HUNTER”. Initial numbers such as “Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick”, BB King’s “Rock Me Baby”, and Cavaader’s solo work “Breakdown / Whitesnake Boogie” are really tasty, and even the official “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH” “Mistreated” “Might Just Take Your Life “” Lie Down “has been upgraded sharply with drumming drums. The very best is “LOVE HUNTER” hidden masterpiece “You ‘N’ Me”! You can enjoy the rare songs of this tour alone on the official barefoot super sound board.

To call it “Official grade” is too raw, too super realistic outsider soundboard. It is a live album that makes the legendary master original taste unbreakable, realizing the only full sound board experience in the golden age. One who did not know the legendary board “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME”, as well as one that I would like to recommend with full effort to those who have been loved for many years. Miraculous WHITESNAKE who embodied the taste of British blues rock for the first time visit Japan, please enjoy it to your heart’s content with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ Because the loss of the original sound is bad, I equalize and the sound quality is improved greatly.

その伝説盤に刻まれていたのは「1980年4月12日:愛知県勤労会館」公演の関係者流出サウンドボード録音。そう、14年前に奇跡の発掘と話題をさらったLangleyレーベル名作『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』なのです。当時をご記憶の方なら、このタイトルを目にしただけで心が躍ることでしょう。何しろ、それまで誰も聴いたことがないどころか、存在を想像すらしなかった関係者流出サウンドボード。Classicスネイクの貴重なフルショウ、それも伝説の初来日を超ハイクオリティで聴ける……。まさに衝撃の1本であり、専門誌の表4を飾ったミステリアスな広告も大いに話題となりました。本作は、そんな伝説盤『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』が大幅アップグレード&完全形となった決定盤なのです。

まず「完全形」とはなにか。実のところ『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』は開演から終演までほぼほぼフルショウで収録していたものの、カットが1カ所だけあった。それは「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」の後半。イアン・ペイスがムーディにグルーヴを刻む中、突如としてカヴァデールが「Thank you!!!」と叫ぶワープとなっていました。本作はそのパートもシームレスに補完した完全版なのです。補完に使用されたのは、同じ初来日の東京公演サウンドボード『LINEHUNTER(Shades 530)』。同日オーディエンス録音で補完する案もあったのですが、『LINEHUNTER』も『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』に匹敵するほど極上な関係者サウンドボードであり、サウンドの個性も似ていた。しかも、偶然にも欠けパートの演奏が似ており、より自然な仕上がりが可能だったのです。
この補填は約2分間の小さなものですが、その意義は巨大。実は、本作こそペイスが合流した黄金期唯一の完全サウンドボード・アルバムなのです。先の『LINEHUNTER』や同時リリースの『DEFINITIVE LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY(Zodiac 328)』、大定番のレディング・フェスティバルなど、黄金期のサウンドボードはいくつかありますが、いずれもどこかに欠けがある。オーディエンス録音で補完したタイトルもあるものの、徹頭徹尾サウンドボードでフルショウを貫くアルバムは1つとしてなかった。本作は、そんな夢の体験を現実にしてくれる2枚組でもあるのです。

もちろん、単に完全形なだけではありません。全体の貫くサウンドもクオリティ・アップ。関係者マスターを改めてデジタル化しなおし、その上で最新リマスタリングを敢行。元々、超絶ステレオ感が脳みそをかき回す直結系サウンドボードでしたが、その鳴りが大幅に向上しています。本作と比べてしまうと、あの伝説盤『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』でさえくぐもって聞こえ、パンパンとしたピークが耳障り。本作は楽器間のスキマさえクリスタル・クリアな輝きを湛え、1音1音も圧倒的に自然なのです。
たとえ、最新のマスタリングを駆使しても必ずアップグレードできるとは限らない。わずかな向上で精一杯のこともありますが、本作は違った。『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』をお持ちの方は、ぜひ聴き比べていただきたい。大元サウンドボードがここまで豊かなサウンドを記録していた事に驚き、それをデジタル化できる技術の進歩にさえ感動されることでしょう。オフィシャル級……いえ、それ以上の卓直結サウンドの理想形をたっぷりと味わえるのです。


・4月12日:愛知県勤労会館 【本作】
・4月14日:中野サンプラザ 『LINEHUNTER』

以上、全8公演。再追加まで出る大盛況となりました。本作の名古屋公演は、東京公演に挟まれた2公演目でした。そのショウの熱いこと。これまでも数々の解説でClassicスネイクの魅力を語ってきましたが、本作は伝説の初来日。元DEEP PURPLEの3人にとっては成功の約束された地であり、他3人にとっては初めてのアジア。さらに新バンドならではの燃えたぎる情熱までもが混ざり合い、ブルースを一層ディープに、キャッチーなロックを躍動的にしているのです。
そんな弾けるパッションで描くセットも美味しすぎる。当時はすでに『READY AN’ WILLING』を完成させつつ、リリースを待っている段階。それだけに名作を創り上げたバンド・ポテンシャル全開でありながら『LOVEHUNTER』までのナンバーで埋め尽くされている。「Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick」やB.B.キングの「Rock Me Baby」、カヴァデールのソロ作からの「Breakdown/Whitesnake Boogie」といった初期ナンバーが実に美味しく、公式の『LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH』でも聴けた「Mistreated」「Might Just Take Your Life」「Lie Down」もペイスのドラミングでシャープにグレードアップしている。極めつけなのは『LOVEHUNTER』の隠れ名曲「You ‘N’ Me」! このツアーだけの激レア曲がオフィシャル裸足の超サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

「オフィシャル級」と呼ぶにはあまりにも生々しく、本物すぎる超極上の関係者流出サウンドボード。伝説マスター本来の凄味を炙り出し、黄金期で唯一のフル・サウンドボード体験を実現させてくれるライヴアルバムです。伝説盤『JUST YOU ‘N’ ME』をご存じなかった方はもちろん、長年愛されてきた方にも全力でお薦めしたい1本。英国ブルースロックの旨みを一身に体現した奇跡のWHITESNAKE初来日、永久保存プレス2CDで心ゆくまでお楽しみください。



Disc 1 (49:22)
1. Intro. 2. Come On 3. You ‘N’ Me 4. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
5. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City ★ 5:06 – 7:05 補填 6. Micky Moody Solo
7. Love Hunter 8. Mistreated incl. Soldier Of Fortune

Disc 2 (49:54)
1. Jon Lord Solo 2. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick 3. Ian Paice Solo 4. Might Just Take Your Life
5. Lie Down 6. Take Me With You 7. Rock Me Baby 8. Breakdown/Whitesnake Boogie


David Coverdale – Vocals Bernie Marsden – Guitar, Vocals Micky Moody – Guitar, Vocals
Jon Lord – Keyboards Neil Murray – Bass Ian Paice – Drums

Zodiac 327

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