Kiss / New York Rehearsals 1976 -2nd Press / 1CD

Kiss / New York Rehearsals 1976 -2nd Press / 1CD /ZODIAC
Reel Master from Aucoin Management collection SIR Studios, New York, NY. USA 11th November 1976 SBD


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Reel Master from Aucoin Management collection SIR Studios, New York, NY. USA 11th November 1976 SBD

[Our original spilled sound board series that shook the world’s enthusiasts. Among them, a valuable heyday rehearsal album will be reprinted.
In our store, we have introduced a lot of sound board sound sources that were not on the market until then. Among them, KISS is a series of masters brought from related parties through their own routes. The world is trembling with a number of live and demos that no one else has heard in the world, or even a sound source that has been well-known. Contributed to dramatic progress in underground research. However, every work is very popular because it is so shocking. Some of them are sold out immediately and many years have passed. Last week, the early “AMITYVILLE 1973 (Zodiac 051)” and “STUDIO DEMOS 1975 (Zodiac 054)” were reprinted, but this time is the heyday when the break is straight. Super sound board recording with studio rehearsal of “ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR” era is reprinted!

[Shocking Bill / Ocoin Treasured Reel Master] There are three types of sound sources included in this work. A studio rehearsal for “ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR” “November 11, 1976 New York” and “November 15, 1976 Reading”, and “Eddie Kramer Demo” demo. First of all, let’s check the main tour rehabilitation positions in the schedule at that time.

・ July 3-September 12: DESTROYER TOUR
《September-October ROCK AND ROLL OVER production》
・ October 19: Los Angeles Rehabilitation
・ October 20 + 21: TV appearance
・ November 7-12: New York Rehabilitation ← ★ First Half ★
《November 11 「ROCK AND ROLL OVER」 released》
・ November 15-21: Reading Reha ← ★ Second half ★
・ November 24: ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR started

This is KISS just before “ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR”. Reading rehabilitation has been known for a long time, but New York Reha was the world’s first public release. And even in Reading and Rehabilitation, the quality is completely different. It was a sound board recording that shocked the manias of the world “What’s this!”
The reason is the origin of the master. This work was also the world’s first appearance master brought from our own route, but it was digitized directly from the reel master that Mr. Bill Orcoin, the first manager of KISS, treasured . Mr. Ocoin is a famous person in KISS Army, an expert manager who unearthed an unknown KISS and nurtured it with powdered bones. Organize record contracts, let members learn how to wipe fire and vomit, and devise merchandise strategies. Raising parents who are the best band in the world. The master reel that he had treasured … it is a treasure in the treasure.

[Rehearsal of the precious golden age revived with the highest sound] The long-established master from such a treasure master is an intensely realistic sound board. Actually, it cannot be said that it is a superb sound like the sound board series so far, but this is the “site sound” that the Orcoin Master inhaled. It can be tasted without aging or dubbing. New York rehabilitation has never been heard by anyone from KISS Army all over the world, but the greatness of the master may be more easily felt by Reading Rehabilitation. In fact, the freshness of the original reel is brilliant and far surpasses New York rehabilitation. Originally known for its high-quality sound, it has been reborn as if it were something else.
The KISS of the golden age that draws with such a sound is approaching with a passionate performance just like a production. Let’s organize the contents here.

● KISS (3 songs, 5 takes)
・ New York: Strutter / Firehouse
・ Reading: Strutter / Firehouse / Cold Gin
● HOTTER THAN HELL (1 song, 2 take)
・ New York & Reading: Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
● DESTROYER (2 songs, 3 takes)
・ New York: Detroit Rock City
・ Reading: Detroit Rock City / Do You Love Me
● ROCK AND ROLL OVER (6 songs, 9 takes)
・ New York: Take Me / Ladies Room / Hard Luck Woman / Love ‘Em and Leave’Em / I Want You
・ Reading: Take Me / Ladies Room / Hard Luck Woman / Makin ‘Love

… and it looks like this. The two rehearsals have slightly different performance songs, and you can see that they are selected for the actual performance. “Hard Luck Woman” and “Do You Love Me?” And “Take Me” that cannot be heard in “Hard Luck Woman” and “ALIVE!” Leave ‘Em’. You can listen to live performances of extremely rare songs that have been recorded only in the long history of KISS on the sound board. Finally, the “Eddie Kramer Demo” recorded as a bonus is the highest quality version ever asleep on the Ocoin Reel.

The sound of New York rehearsers that no one has heard and the reading and demos that no one knew. This is the “sound” that can only be brought up as a parent. Bill O’Coin knows everything behind the band and leads everywhere. That treasured album. Please enjoy the miracle reel sound that shook mania all over the world, and the permanent preservation press CD.
Reel Master from Aucoin Management collection SIR Studios, New York, NY. USA 11th November 1976 SBD

当店では、それまで出回っていなかったサウンドボード音源を数多くご紹介してきました。中でもKISSは関係者から独自ルートでもたらされたマスターが連発。世界中の誰も聴いたことがないライヴやデモの数々や、知られていた音源でも大幅にアップグレードしたサウンドに世界が震撼。アンダーグラウンド研究の飛躍的な進歩に寄与してきました。しかし、あまりにも衝撃的なためにどの作品も大人気。何作かは即完売し、入手困難なまま何年も経過しています。先週は初期の『AMITYVILLE 1973(Zodiac 051)』『STUDIO DEMOS 1975(Zodiac 054)』が復刻されましたが、今回はブレイク真っ直中の全盛期。“ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR”時代のスタジオ・リハーサルを収めた超極上サウンドボード録音が復刻リリースです!

そんな本作に収められている音源は3種類。“ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR”に向けて行われた「1976年11月11日ニューヨーク」と「1976年11月15日レディング」のツアー・リハーサル、それに“エディ・クレイマー・デモ”で知られるスタジオ・デモ。まずは、メインとなるツアー・リハ2種のポジションを当時のスケジュールで確かめておきましょう。

・7月3日-9月12日:DESTROYER TOUR
・11月7日-12日:ニューヨーク・リハ ←★前半★
《11月11日『ROCK AND ROLL OVER』発売》
・11月15日-21日:レディング・リハ ←★後半★

これが“ROCK & ROLL OVER TOUR”直前のKISS。レディングのリハは以前から知られていましたが、ニューヨーク・リハは本作が全世界初公開でした。そして、レディング・リハにしても従来とはクオリティがまったくの別物。世界中のマニアに「何だコレは!」と衝撃を振りまいたサウンドボード録音だったのです。


・レディング:Strutter/Firehouse/Cold Gin
・ニューヨーク&レディング:Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
・ニューヨーク:Detroit Rock City
・レディング:Detroit Rock City/Do You Love Me
・ニューヨーク:Take Me/Ladies Room/Hard Luck Woman/Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em/I Want You
・レディング:Take Me/Ladies Room/Hard Luck Woman/Makin’ Love

……と、このようになっています。2つのリハでは若干演奏曲が異なっており、本番に向けて取捨選択しているのがよく分かる。ツアー本番ではすぐセット落ちしてしまった「Hard Luck Woman」や『ALIVE!』『ALIVE II』でも聴けない「Do You Love Me?」「Take Me」も貴重ですが、極めつけは「Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em」。長いKISS史でも数えるほどしか記録のない激レア曲の生演奏をサウンドボードで聴けてしまう。そして、最後にボーナス的に収録された「エディ・クレイマー・デモ」もオーコイン・リールにだけ眠っていた史上最高峰クオリティ版なのです。

SIR Studios, New York, NY. USA 11th November 1976

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Take Me
3. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
4. Strutter
5. Ladies Room
6. Love Em, Leave Em
7. Firehouse
8. I Want You
9. Hard Luck Woman

Redding Armory, Camp Curtis Gill, Redding, MA. USA 15th November 1976

10. Detroit Rock City
11. Take Me
12. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
13. Strutter
14. Ladies Room
15. Firehouse
16. Hard Luck Woman
17. Do You Love Me?
18. Cold Gin
19. Makin’ Love

Demos: Eddie Kramer studio collection

20. Take Me (with different drum beat)
21. Baby Driver (with Gene vocals)
22. See You in Your Dreams (no vocal)



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