Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Stranger In Belgium / 1DVDR

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Stranger In Belgium /1 DVDR /Non Label

Translated Text:

Live at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium 1st November 1995

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Main press 2CD “LIDKOPING 1996” was a masterpiece of matches and live to be a “three performances eyes from the end of the European tour # 2”. In the bonus, will gift you a masterpiece video is “3 performances eyes from the end of the European tour # 1”. Because I think that suddenly it is said to “the last 3 performances eyes from” Wake do not know, here let’s take a look again at the tour overview.

“” STRANGER IN US ALL “release”
– 1995 September 30, 2006 – November 4, 2011: European Tour # 1 (25 performances) ← ★ here ★
– 1995, November 11 – 23, 2011: Japan tour (9 performances)
“7 months off”
– 1996, June 27 – July 7: South American tour (8 performances)
– 1996 July 21 – August 11: The European Tour # 2 (13 performances) ← main press CD
“Chuck Burgi withdrawal → John Miseri join”
· 1997, February 20 – March 19, 2011: North American tour (18 performances)
– 1997 May 31, 2011: Denmark performances (final performance)
“RAINBOW dissolution → BLACKMORE’S NIGHT start-up”

Thus, “STRANGER IN US ALL TOUR” The two European tour “# 1 (1995),” there is “# 2 (1996)”. Main press 2CD is a Saishuban of “# 2”, this film is not a Saishuban of “# 1”. It would seem as “something forced a reason ……”, actually the street (laughs) that’s it, but there is a sense of three to chose this work even excluding such a quibble.
First of all, quality. Once it is also of a certain master that it had been a normal release, but the angle was taken from the stage the second floor is, correctly obstacle zero. Look directly into the straight stage on the first floor arena customer of much overhead over, “other than RAINBOW, nothing turning a blind eye” wonderful sight. I do not know whether you’re using a tripod, but easy to intensely seen in the sense of stability is also preeminent. Analog tape origin of the noise is no no, but the color is excellent, I spread a beautiful sight as if at the time of the TV broadcast when it comes to zoom. Of course, sound also preeminent appropriate in view of the shield zero. The live album for Unfortunately encore is unreleased I unsuitable, but clear sound each instrument is also a clear will, I, such as you will want to press of just a voice.
Then, the second reason is the set list. Main press 2CD “European tour # 2” of its own but has tasted plenty of mood, such as “like 100 minutes followed by encore”, this work is “fixed form of Shinsei RAINBOW” immediately after the new organization start itself. Of course, pole position is to is “Spotlight Kid”, do not listen to the main press 2CD “Too Late For Tears,” “Hunting Humans,” “Hall Of The Mountain King” plenty of new song group, such as. Exactly what the coupling, such as each other to complement each other.
The fresh and the third is, show the mood. Although main press 2CD was also full of unique mood, this work is in addition to the freshness of the nascent band, after a long time in the brilliant is good mood the first time of Richie that regained the leader. It defeated comfortably play over the whole volume, but after the show especially unusual is “Hunting Humans”. Ritchie had prepared to stage side (?) Brought out the long bar, while grappling a drink that had been placed on top of the speaker with a stick, you go one after another behave in front of the audience (Deguy & band in the back There sing in improvisation and “Drinkin ~ ♪”). What that happy atmosphere. Yet like BLACKMORE that it is a peaceful’S NIGHT is enough to doubt my eyes, music is intense hard rock. Exactly “STRANGER IN US ALL TOUR” unique, is the sight of precisely because it also a initial not stop overflowing dial care.

In unusual set of rut prevention to the main press 2CD “that almost 100 minutes of Angkor” enjoy, this work also dazzling routine show breath of nascent band. Both while full of satisfaction that was overrun Europe is the largest of the large vote bank, is with us two shows that attracted a different facial expression. In superb sound, gorgeous set Kizameru an overall picture of the “STRANGER IN US ALL TOUR” in sight to the chest. Please, please enjoy in fully on this occasion!

本編プレス2CD『LIDKOPING 1996』は、「欧州ツアー#2の最後から3公演目」となるライヴを収めた傑作でした。そのボーナスには、「欧州ツアー#1の最後から3公演目」となる傑作映像をお贈りします。いきなり「最後から3公演目」と言われてもワケが分からないと思いますので、ここで再びツアー概要で見てみましょう。

・1995年9月30日-11月4日:欧州ツアー#1(25公演) ←★ココ★
・1996年7月21日-8月11日:欧州ツアー#2(13公演) ←本編プレスCD

このように、“STRANGER IN US ALL TOUR”には2つの欧州ツアー「#1(1995年)」「#2(1996年)」があった。本編プレス2CDは「#2」の最終盤であり、本作は「#1」の最終盤なわけです。「なんかムリヤリな理屈……」と思われるでしょうし、実際その通り(苦笑)なのですが、そんな屁理屈を除いても本作を選んだのには3つの意味があります。
そして、第2の理由がセットリスト。本編プレス2CDの「欧州ツアー#2」独自の“まるで100分続くアンコール”のようなムードをたっぷり味わえましたが、本作は新編成スタート直後の「新生RAINBOWの定型」そのもの。もちろん、ポールポジションは「Spotlight Kid」ですし、本編プレス2CDでは聴けない「Too Late For Tears」「Hunting Humans」「Hall Of The Mountain King」といった新曲群もたっぷり。まさに互いが互いを補完するようなカップリングなのです。
第3にして新鮮なのが、ショウのムード。本編プレス2CDも独特なムードを湛えていましたが、本作は新生バンドのフレッシュさに加え、久々にリーダーに返り咲いたリッチーの上機嫌ぶりが鮮烈。全編にわたって気持ちよく弾き倒していますが、特に珍しいのが「Hunting Humans」の終演後。リッチーはステージサイドに用意していた(?)長い棒を持ち出し、スピーカーの上に置かれていた飲み物を棒でひっかけながら、次々と前方の観客にふるまっていくのです(そのバックでドゥギー&バンドが「Drinkin~♪」と即興で歌う)。なんというハッピーな雰囲気。まるでBLACKMORE’S NIGHTではないかと我が目を疑うほどに和やかさでありながら、音楽は激しいハードロック。まさに“STRANGER IN US ALL TOUR”ならでは、それも溢れるヤル気が止まらない初期だからこその光景です。

マンネリ防止の一風変わったセットで“まるで100分のアンコール”を楽しめる本編プレス2CDに対し、新生バンドの息吹も眩しい定型ショウの本作。どちらも最大の大票田であるヨーロッパを蹂躙した充実感に溢れながら、違った表情を魅せてくれる2公演です。極上のサウンドで、光景で“STRANGER IN US ALL TOUR”の全体像を胸に刻める豪華セット。どうぞ、この機会に存分にお楽しみください!

1. Over The Rainbow 2. Spotlight Kid 3. Too Late For Tears 4. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
5. Hunting Humans 6. Greensleeves 7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Difficult To Cure 9. Keyboard Solo
10. Still I’m Sad 11. Drum Solo 12. Man On The Silver Mountain 13. Temple Of The King
14. Black Masquerade 15. Since You Been Gone 16. Guitar Solo 17. Perfect Strangers
18. Waltzing Matilda 19. Hall Of The Mountain King

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Doogie White – Vocal Greg Smith – Bass Paul Morris – Keyboards
Chuck Burgi – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 94min.

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