Paul McCartney / Unplugged / 2DVD

Paul McCartney / Unplugged / 2DVD / Non Label

Limehouse Television Studios, Wembley, UK 25th January 1991 PRO-SHOT

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Paul McCartney starred in “MTV UNPLUGGED” in 1991, but it seems surprisingly overlooked when compared to the times of Eric Clapton and Nirvana. Although the program itself was released as a live album “OFFICIAL BOOTLEG” after the broadcast, I think the main reason is that the important video was not released as software and was too late. The program itself was broadcast on television, so shortly after it was broadcast in the United States, a copy landed in Japan, which was widely used as a boot video.
However, after all, it is a TV image from a foreign country. If you use the VHS that the other person copied and sent as a master, as a result, the version that has undergone two dubbing will be put on sale at the shop, and at that stage a feeling of generation failure of the image will occur. The sadness of the boot video business of those days. Still, we appreciate it. However, it was originally a TV image of MTV, and when that happened, there was a longing for broadcasting on Japanese TV.
The mania’s wish finally came true in the summer of 1992, a year after it was broadcast in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, there was a bonus that there was a subtle hurdle that broadcasting was not terrestrial.

From here, please have a little time with my memories. Some boot video stores at that time did the “substitute recording”, and of course they also undertook recording of non-terrestrial broadcasts. So I asked for the recording of Paul’s unplugged Japanese broadcast that was realized in the summer of 1992. Of course, bring in S-VHS tape. For a while, I was able to obtain a master-quality image, and I was treating the image I got by proxy recording as a treasure, but such a tape is completely moldy after more than 20 years. ..
Despite that, there was only a version that was broadcast in Japan, and there was a track record of being released on DVD-R in the 21st century. It was a translation that I was grateful for, but suddenly released last month, “UNPLUGGED: JAPANESE BROAD CAST” was released on DVD-R as well, but since it recorded the Japanese broadcast version in 1992 with excellent image quality, It was highly evaluated by enthusiasts. At the same time, it also led to the reception of new VHS tapes from other enthusiasts, which is “certainly great image quality, but I think my tapes have even better image quality.”

Although this is a new version provided by enthusiasts, this is not only recorded using S-VHS tape, but above all the condition of the tape itself is excellent, and at first glance surpasses “UNPLUGGED: JAPANESE BROADCAST”. All the staff were overwhelmed by the high quality. It can only be released on a limited press DVD. Anyway, the image quality is excellent, and this is an official level without multiplication. Certainly the best current is probably the version contained in the official 3-disc DVD “Paul McCartney Anthology”, but only four songs can be seen there. Moreover, the image quality was digitally corrected by the technology 10 years ago, but the natural VHS feeling of 1991, which was originally a video recording, is also attractive.
And speaking of the Japanese broadcasting version, Paul’s interview was included between the performances. This was held in the summer of 1991, with the purpose of promoting “OFFICIAL BOOTLEG”, but as I said when “UNPLUGGED: JAPANESE BROADCAST” was released, the content is really interesting. There are no other interviews where Paul McCartney in the world left such a positive statement about the bootleg as “I have done audience recordings” and “I can rather sympathize with tape trade between fans”. It was such an interesting interview that almost no one complained that the performance flow was divided, unlike the overseas broadcast version of 1991.

However, this time, the same enthusiast also provided the best copy of the unedited version of the program. The fact that Paul’s unplugged appearance attracted a lot of attention among enthusiasts was that the full-length version of the movie was leaked within half a year from the release of the album. The images leaked at a surprisingly fast rate in times when there was no Internet, but the same phenomenon occurred at Clapton’s times, and I think that the management of the images was fairly loose.
Thanks to that, it became clear that the actual recording was done in two parts and that the cover songs played in the opening part of the first part were all rejected. What is more surprising is that “We Can Work It Out”, which had been redone in the album and broadcast, was redone many times, and the take that was played only once at the end of the recording was adopted. It was discovered that the members had replaced their instruments and had even redone “Ain’t No Sunshine” sung by Heimish Stuart.
As Paul emphasized in interviews and MCs in the program, it seems that he was enjoying even trying over, as it was possible because it was an acoustic gig rather than a stadium concert.

Although such an unedited version is familiar to enthusiasts from that time, even when the era of DVD is reached, the image quality can not be said to be suitable for it, or even the version where the sound has deteriorated to monaural DVD-R level It was on the market. After that, the best edited version mixed with the broadcast take appeared, but what is worth mentioning is that the image quality is better than any previous version. Of course, it is an outflow image, so the texture is rough compared to the broadcast version. Still, the upper feeling of this version is that if you are a maniac who has seen the full-length version images released in the past, you will be absolutely surprised.
Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that this upper is the first source. Shooting started from the venue before the members below Paul appeared, and it is also valuable as a document that they capture their appearance as they go in and out each time they record each time. In the broadcast version, it is also valuable to be able to fully see the band playing “Junk” with an ending roll, with a mysterious look. And the cut song “The Fool”, cover song “Midnight Special”, acoustic solo composition from guitar solo to “Ain’t No Sunshine” piano solo, Robbie McIntosh’s outstanding performance is also demonstrated. A masterpiece.
And it’s unlikely that unplugged will be released in the official archive collection within at least the last five years (because the release pace is too slow). On the contrary, the Japanese broadcast version should never be released. Finally, the strongest coupling called the best version of the Japanese version and the full version that will reduce the maniac’s drank!

★ Miraculous upgrades and super high image quality! This is amazing.

ポール・マッカートニーは1991年に「MTV UNPLUGGED」への出演を果たしていますが、エリック・クラプトンやニルヴァーナの回と比べると意外なほど見過ごされがちなように思われます。番組自体は放送後にライブアルバム「OFFICIAL BOOTLEG」としてリリースされたものの、肝心の映像の方がソフトとしてリリースされずじまいだったことが最大の要因ではないでしょうか。番組の放送自体はテレビでしたので、アメリカでの放送から間もなくして日本にもコピーが上陸、それがブートビデオとして広く出回ったものでした。

それでも日本で放送されたバージョンだけのことはあり、21世紀を迎えるとDVD-Rでリリースされた実績がありました。それもありがたく見させてもらっていた訳ですが、先月突如としてリリースされた「UNPLUGGED: JAPANESE BROADCAST」はこれまたDVD-Rでのリリースながら、1992年日本放送バージョンを素晴らしい画質で収めていたことから、マニアの間で高い評価を受けました。それと同時に、さらなるマニアから「確かに素晴らしい画質だが、私のテープはさらに良い画質だと思う」という新たなVHSテープの提供を受ける結果にもつながったのです。

こうしてマニアから提供された新たなバージョンですが、これはS-VHSテープを使って録画されたのはもちろん、何よりテープ自体のコンディションが抜群に良く、一見して「UNPLUGGED: JAPANESE BROADCAST」を凌駕するハイクオリティさにスタッフ一同圧倒されました。これはもう限定プレスDVDでのリリースしかありえない。とにかく素晴らしい画質で、これは掛け値なしにオフィシャルレベル。確かに現行でのベストはオフィシャル3枚組DVD「ポール・マッカートニー・アンソロジー」に収められたバージョンでしょうが、そこで見られるのはたった4曲。それに今から10年前の技術でデジタル補正された画質でしたが、元々ビデオ録画である1991年のナチュラルなVHS感も魅力。
そして日本放送版といえば、何といっても演奏の合間に盛り込まれたポールのインタビュー。これは「OFFICIAL BOOTLEG」のプロモーションを兼ねて91年の夏に行われたものですが、「UNPLUGGED: JAPANESE BROADCAST」リリース時にも申し上げましたように、その内容が本当に面白い。「僕もオーディエンス録音をやったことがある」、「ファン同士のテープトレードはむしろ共感できる」など、天下のポール・マッカートニーがこれほどまでブートレグに関して好意的な発言を残したインタビューは他にありません。あまりに面白いインタビューなので、91年の海外放送バージョンと違い演奏の流れが分断されたという不満を覚える人はほとんどいなかったのでは。

おかげで実際の収録が二部構成で行われていたこと、第一部の序盤で演奏されたカバー曲がことごとく不採用となっていたことなどが明らかとなったのです。さらに驚くべきは、アルバムや放送でもやり直しの場面が収められていた「We Can Work It Out」がさらに何度もやり直されていて、なおかつ収録の終盤でもう一度だけ演奏されたテイクが採用されたこと、とどめはメンバーが楽器を交換してヘイミッシュ・スチュアートが歌った「Ain’t No Sunshine」までもがやり直していたという事実までもが判明。

しかも単一ソースでこのアッパーぶりというのも特筆に値します。ポール以下のメンバーが登場する前の会場から撮影がスタート、さらに各回の収録を済ませる度に出入りする彼らの姿を捉えてくれているのもドキュメントとして貴重。また放送版ではエンディング・ロールと被さってしまった「Junk」をバンドが神妙な面持ちで演奏する姿が完全に見られる点も貴重でしょう。そして何よりカットされた「The Fool」に「Midnight Special」といったカバー曲、アコースティックな編成でギターソロから「Ain’t No Sunshine」のピアノソロまで、縦横無尽な職人ぶりを見せつけるロビー・マッキントッシュの卓越したプレイも圧巻。



Disc 1 (70:53)

★オリジナル S-VHS録画バージョン

1. Be Bop A Lula
2. Interview 1
3. I Lost My Little Girl
4. Here, There And Everywhere
5. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
6. We Can Work It Out
7. San Francisco Bay Blues
8. Interview 2
9. I’ve Just Seen A Face
10. Every Night
11. She’s A Woman
12. Interview 3
13. And I Love Her
14. That Would Be Something
15. Blackbird
16. Interview 4
17. Things We Said Today
18. Good Rockin’ Tonight
19. Singing The Blues
20. Interview 5
21. Ain’t No Sunshine
22. Junk


Disc 2 (99:17)

1. Intro
2. Mean Woman Blues
3. Matchbox
4. Midnight Special (Prisoner’s Song)
5. I Lost My Little Girl
6. Here, There And Everywhere
7. San Francisco Bay Blues
8. We Can Work It Out (take 1)
9. We Can Work It Out (take 2)
10. We Can Work It Out (take 3)
11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. Every Night
14. Be Bop A Lula
15. She’s A Woman
16. And I Love Her
17. The Fool
18. Things We Said Today
19. That Would Be Something
20. Blackbird (incl. false start)
21. Hi Heel Sneakers
22. Good Rockin’ Tonight
23. Singalong Junk
24. Ain’t No Sunshine (take 1)
25. Ain’t No Sunshine (take 2)
26. We Can Work It Out (take 4)
27. Singing The Blues



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