Judas Priest / Screaming For Vengeance Rough Mix / 1CDR

Judas Priest / Screaming For Vengeance Rough Mix / 1CDR / Lost And Found

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Recorded At Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain On January – May, 1982. Soundboard

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Ruff mix of “JUDAS PRIEST” was released in 1982, “SCREMING FOR VENGEANCE” which was a successive work of the Judas Priest and became a monumental first appearance!
Take itself is the same as the final mix being released, but in this rough mix the base is rather large, part of the drum sounds, the parts with shallow reverb, counts of the songs, fade out are complete There are differences such as the end, etc. Mania is a necessity check.
In addition, seven songs have been added from the San Antonio performance on September 10, 1982 which was not included in the bonus track of the same 30th anniversary celebration, and it is an item that can be enjoyed with perfect sound quality together!

ジューダス・プリーストの出世作であり金字塔となった1982年発表の「SCREMING FOR VENGEANCE」のラフ・ミックスが初登場!

Screaming For Vengeance Rough Mix:
Recorded At Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain On January – May, 1982
1. The Hellion/2. Electric Eye/3. Riding On The Wind/4. Bloodstone/5. (TAKE These) Chains/6. Pain And Pleasure/7. Screaming For Vengeance/8. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’/9. Fever/10. Devil’s Child
Live At Hemisfair Arena Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, Usa On September 10, 1982
11. Metal Gods/12. Bloodstone/13. Breaking The Law/14. Heading Out To The Highway/15. Living After Midnight/16. The Green Manalishi (WITH The Two-Pronged Crown)/17. Hell Bent For Leather
Lost And Found. LAF2499

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