Judas Priest / Defenders Of The Faith In Sydney / 2CDR

Judas Priest / Defenders Of The Faith In Sydney / 2CDR / Non Label

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Live at Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia 24th February 2015


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This week’s gift that excitement also unexpected Yara shark steel God reincarnation is the audience album of a Japan tour just before “February 24 Sydney performances”!
Basic is similar to Japan tour, but is still “The Hellion / Electric Eye” is not set containing, encore “Living After Midnight”, “Defenders Of The Faith”. The configuration of the show is said to be not much different, regrettable and high-quality sound to ignore. Taper of Japan, but we aim to neat sound as possible captured by the intense near to ensemble of detail, here is the type you want to compete on the thickness and the dynamism of the core.
The difference is, the audience more than that. After all, chorus Nobutoi. Because it is English-speaking and singing pounding a While lyrics would be new song, chorus part is profusely many. On the other hand, how it is not clear whether Roku~tsu was the, I do not even that the individual’s voice Tobinukeru. A good song of glue in the venue jumped, almost crowd chorus occurs wound in solemn song. Almost approaching in Buatsu is like male chorus, is a heavy pole ball “Turbo Lover” …… once, heavy metal song, such as the lie of was making noise and what’s it’s pop.
Such Zubutoku pulling in wild cheers, yet cut through Scream of Rob. Japan in performance or the different gods of, downright metallic. Indeed, I of appearance of God preach the teachings of heavy metals in the large crowd. In the depth of love of one person alone to believe that Japan what the world, but this sense of scale, spectacle, such as a movie is not expected in Japan.

The feedback of steel God, How was Japan performances chest gets hot it without trying. And that was a trembling Such impressed, because I have gathered a metal Maniakusu, with the same feelings as well as gods. And, the feelings are spread all over the world beyond the sea. If you think it is a matter of course, but it is I make me feel as feeling like texture. The heat of the Japan tour, the spectacle, one that will spread worldwide. Iron thing to hit while hot. Only Japan tour excitement unexpected Yara wake up now, I will deliver a hammer of Todome that type to scorched impressed chest.


基本はジャパン・ツアーに似ていますが、まだ「The Hellion/Electric Eye」がセット入りしておらず、アンコールは「Living After Midnight」「Defenders Of The Faith」です。ショウの構成はあまり違わないとは言え、無視するには惜しいハイクオリティ・サウンド。日本のテーパーは、激近でアンサンブルのディテールまで捉えきる端正サウンドを目指しますが、こちらは芯の太さとダイナミズムで勝負するタイプです。
それ以上に違うのは、観客。何しろ、合唱が野太い。英語圏ですので新曲だろうが歌詞をガンガン歌い、合唱パートがやたら多い。その一方、どのように録ったのか定かではありませんが、個々人の声が飛び抜けることもないのです。ノリの良い曲では会場中が跳ね上がり、荘厳な曲ではほとんど群衆コーラスが巻き起こる。ほとんど男声コーラスのようなぶ厚さで迫る、重厚極まりない「Turbo Lover」……かつて、ポップだ何だと騒がれたのが嘘のような重メタル・ソングです。


Disc 1(46:12)
1. Battle Cry Intro 2. Dragonaut 3. Metal Gods 4. Devil’s Child 5. Victim Of Changes
6. Halls Of Valhalla 7. Love Bites 8. March Of The Damned 9. Turbo Lover

Disc 2(48:33)
1. Introduction 2. Redeemer Of Souls 3. Beyond The Realms Of Death 4. Jawbreaker
5. Breaking The Law 6. Hell Bent For Leather 7. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
8. Living After Midnight 9. Defenders Of The Faith

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